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Wish List: Four Products I Need In My Life!

With all the stress that comes the week before the Super Bowl, a girl has got to chill out. When I relax, I like to read reviews, watch videos, and browse for what’s new in beauty. And of course, that makes me want to buy everything. I have been doing these wish list posts for awhile now, and I find they help me actually narrow down what is important to me. These are some questions you need to ask yourself when looking at makeup/skincare. Do I have something like this at home? Is this something I will get good use out of? Is this even for my skin type? Those are three questions I always ask myself. It was really hard for me to not buy all of the GlamGlow masks, but the reality is, my super dry skin wouldn’t really benefit from the SuperMud. Luckily for me, the Thirsty Mud works amazing for me!

So, these are four things that I have decided need to be in my life. Some aren’t even available in Canada yet… (damn you internet for getting me excited for something I can’t have yet!)


Rimmel Apocolips Lip Velvet in Atomic Rose: I absolutely love this shade. I watched a girl on YouTube apply this, and I fell in love recently. As you maybe already know, I am having an obsession with peachy pink lips, and this has my name all over it.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio: This is something I want for myself, but also for my freelance kit. These sticks are crazy creamy, and don’t make the skin look heavy. Next time I see these in store, they are coming home with me. Perfect colors, with a slightly warmer bronzer, and more cool contour color. Smashbox has really been stepping up the game with their contouring products, and I am loving it!

Marc Jacobs VIB Rouge Lip Creme: Ok, ok… Before you all remind me that I don’t actually care for the Marc Jacobs lipsticks, just look at the red packaging. Look at it, and understand why I need this as a vanity piece. The packaging of this lipstick is so beautiful, I really don’t think it would matter what the formula is like. I need another red lipstick like I need a hole in the head. I am aware that this is a completely unnessacary product, but that will not stop me from buying it. I have been so responsible lately with my beauty spending, so it’s time for me to splurge a little bit!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask: I cannot WAIT for this to be available in Canada. I saw a You Tuber from the UK review this, and I immediately called my local Body Shop. She told me that this won’t be launching in Canada until about mid February, so with baited breath I will wait. The texture of this looks so interesting, that I can’t help but try it. And my GlamGlow Thirsty Mud is almost gone, so I will need a new hydrating mask for overnight.

Those are the four things I am lusting over lately … What do you guys have your eyes on?

Thanks for reading!


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