Review: Smashbox Try it Kit!

Confession: I get a small huge rush when I see deluxe sized samples of products. I understand that I have mild hoarding tendencies when it comes to makeup. But, I am a Beauty Blogger and it is what it is. I need to review new products, I need to compare and try different things so I can hopefully in the long run, save you guys some money and help you make good choices. And the bloggers among you help me do the same!
So when I see that a product I wanted to try comes in a mini size, or even better, in a kit FULL of mini sizes, I will break out into the running man. This is what I did when I saw the new version of the Try it Kit by Smashbox.


Full Exposure Mascara, 24hr Eye Primer, Photo Finish Primer, and the cutest mini Eye Shadow trio you will ever see in your life. For $22.00 CAD.
This is an amazing deal.


First off, I can say I would never buy the large size of the eye primer that comes in the kit. The large size is 12ml, and the one that comes in the set is 4ml. So, it’s a third of the size, but anyone that has used this primer knows how little you need. Even if you are “all about that base”, I would be surprised if you could finish a full sized one before it dried up, or the formula changed. I would much rather buy the Try it Kit, and benefit from the other three products, if I was keeping them for myself or for gifts, those other three products are totally worth it.

This kit is totally worth the purchase. I thought we would end the blogging week on a positive note. I am signing off for the weekend and I will talk to you guys again on Monday! I have a big weekend coming up, so make sure to follow me on Instagram and keep up with what’s happening! (@girlmetblush)



Review: Smashbox Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation!

Hello lovelies! I have for you today, a review that makes me super happy. I feel ready to say, that I have found a compact powder foundation, that works wonders for me. If you are looking for a quick, medium to full coverage powder foundation, that doesn’t make your skin feel like it’s being sucked into a vacuum cleaner, than keep reading. (Does anybody else get crazy tight face from most powders?)

Now, let’s get into the claims for the product. This is what the company says about the product on their website.

“An eight-hour wear, powder foundation formulated with Light Filter technology and long-lasting photoset polymers that acts as a photo filter for your face.”

“Smashbox Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation provides two filter effects in one portable compact. It features a double-sided sponge, and it lets you create a buildable and customizable, sheer or full finish. The Light Filter Technology acts as a photo filter to leave skin looking flawless: transparent particles diffuse light in various directions, blurring imperfections while still keeping the subject in focus. Non-drying, non-caking, and non-settling, the particles in this oil-free foundation are translucent so that the pigment’s true color always comes through.”


Upon first swipe, I immediately said to Sabah, “I hope this doesn’t give me tight face!” The coverage was serious. The first day I tried this was New Years morning, so it’s safe to say that my skin was by no means in great shape. Sabah and I were rushing to the theatre and I didn’t even make myself put a moisturizer on. I won’t lie, with no moisturizer on, I did start to feel my skin tighten up a bit after application. Alas, it was my own fault. I know better than to not moisturize my skin every day and night religiously.

I wore this product alone, no concealer, no blush… Nothing. And let me tell you, my skin looked awesome. It didn’t overly cling to my dry patches, and when I went to wash my face that night, I still had coverage. I agree with the eight hour wear time, and I was also surprised to see that the double sided sponge actually made a difference. When you see the sponge for the first time, you can see that one side is slightly more fluffy, providing more sheer coverage, and the flip side is more of a traditional sponge that will provide more coverage. That being said, as soon as both sides of the sponge have powder on them, it gets hard to tell which side is which. And honestly, I’ll use the sponge for about a month, and then I’ll throw it out and replace it with a new one anyway.

After using this with a moisturizer underneath, and realizing that it completely took away my sensation of dryness, I have given this my stamp of approval.

My only word of caution for you, is the colors seem to swatch much darker on the skin than they look in the pan. Originally when I saw the full color line, I picked up shade 4 for myself. I have a talent for being able to judge what color I need for a foundation without actually having to apply it. But when I tried shade 4 it looked so much darker on my skin. I ended up with shade 2, and that’s a great match for my un-self tanned skin. I always find that Smashbox foundations run darker, so I guess that is no surprise.

This product retails for $48.00 CAD and in my opinion, is totally worth it. Like I said, get yourself to a counter if you can, and match yourself, rather than guessing your shade online.

Will you be trying this new foundation?


Sara’s November Favorites!

It’s December. How did that even happen? I had to take a break from decorating the Christmas tree, to let you guys know everything that I loved this past month!


First of all, the background. Plaid. Some of you might be surprised to know that I am a total country girl. I love plaid, and I usually drink everything out of a mason jar. Anything that has a black and red plaid pattern on, I need to have it. Anyway, the point of the story is, if anyone finds a massive blanket scarf in this pattern, please let me know. And I mean big. Like Lenny Kravitz big. Check out this scarf!!


Seriously, a scarf that big sounds perfect to me. I think I’ll need to start looking into couch blankets!

Back to the favorites. The first one is the Essence Silky Touch blushes. I have several shades, and I love all of them. They blend super easily, and they last throughout the day on my skin. The shade pictured here is 20 Adorable. They are so affordable, which just makes it easy to have the whole collection!

Maybelline Lash Discovery: This mascara isn’t available to purchase in Halifax, but the next time I go to the states, I will be bringing back several tubes of this. I started using it only on my lower lashes, but quickly started using it on my top and bottom lashes, and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t flake, and it really defines my lashes. It’s a different look, as it doesn’t give as much volume as my beloved Lancôme mascara, but I am really enjoying it!

Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24 Eye Cream: This eye cream is magical. I’ve raved about this before, but I recently finished a Clinique eye cream (That did absolutely nothing) and a few days after switching to this, I’ve noticed my eye area much more smoothed and hydrated. You can apply this day and night, and when applied at night, you can wake up hours later, and still feel the hydration around your eyes. It is absolutely fantastic.

Garnier Texture Tease: This texture spray is a wonderful product for the price. It smells amazing, and gives awesome texture. My only gripe is that it tangles my hair pretty badly. I started using this early November and my can is almost gone!

Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb: This fragrance is amazing. The funny thing is, everyone always puts it in the same sentence as Angel. I don’t know if I’ve ever broadcasted my distaste for Angel on this blog, but I just can’t handle it. It’s way too strong, and just gives me such a headache I can’t deal. Flowerbomb however, is beautiful. I literally press the rollerball to my wrist, and that’s enough for me. The scent lasts for hours, and my boyfriend always compliments me when I have this on. (Which is huge – he’s not exactly one to notice things like that!)

Clarins Fix Makeup: I opened a new bottle of this for Halloween, to spray myself down after painting myself yellow to be Marge Simpson. I continued to use it, and I am always surprised at the difference it makes in my makeup wear time. It’s beautiful! And also really helps for those days that your skin looks a little overdone. It subtly gets rid of the powder look, and pulls everything together.

Elizabeth Arden Brow Pencil in Brownette: This brow pencil was a favorite of mine awhile ago, and when I started using another pencil, this got put to the side. I put it in my travel bag, and I pulled it out awhile ago to use and remembered why I loved it in the first place. The spooly brush is perfect, and the formula is amazing for brows. Highly recommend this!

Smashbox Master Class III Palette: I bought this in the Summer, used it a few times and then forgot about it. I saw it in a You Tube video recently, and got inspired to pull it out and use it again. The contour shade is amazing, and the eyeshadows are just like icing sugar. If you have been thinking about this, but we’re on the fence, you definitely should take the jump and get it. I’ve had zero regrets.

Those are my favorites for November! What have you guys been loving?


Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Color didn’t hang around for the party …

Lip Laquers are huge right now. Every company seems to be jumping on the bandwagon … Stila… Shiseido … Rimmel.. I could go on and on. When these lip products came out, I was so excited to see them. They were so beautiful, and came in so many different colors. The swatches were beautiful as well, pigmented and shiny, and they definitely seemed more hydrating than some of the other drier formulas I have used. And I was right, but these are not something that worked for me. Everytime I try to wear one of these, Sabah is yelling at me to wipe my chin off. This stuff transfers so easily, and because of it’s more fluid texture, it makes if easy for it to travel outside of your lip line.



You can see from the swatches how beautiful these shades are. The issue all comes down to texture for me. I got about a 25 minute wear time from these. Truthfully, I removed the product before it was totally worn off. I can’t stand lip products that move around, and I have lip glosses that last longer than these. Overall, a disappointment for me.

What did you guys think of these “Laquers?”


What a lovely surprise … Smashbox Hydrating Undereye Primer!

With a birthday of mine looming very soon, it is with a heavy heart that I write this blog post. I have eye wrinkles. I’m not talking barely there lines, I’m talking pretty deep, noticeable lines around my eyes. All of my girlfriends joke about them, but they are a serious issue, and when Sabah gets really upset with me, she will tell me to go put an eye cream on. (And she means it too!)

That being mixed with my astonishing dry skin, is just an absolute disaster for my eye area. When I first saw this product, I was a bit skeptical, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

This eye primer is meant to be applied under the eyes before makeup application (or worn alone!) It promises to hydrate, plump, and brighten the undereye area, and give a smoother application for makeup.

I have been using this for about a month now, and I really see a difference. Not only do I see it, but I feel it. Mid-day my eyes are no longer flaking, or feeling tight because of dryness. And when I skip this product for a day, I miss it. It’s become one of those makeup products I apply when I don’t wear makeup! (Like my Benefit Porefessional)

As for the brightening claims, I don’t notice a huge difference when using this product, but I am more in it for the hydration anyway.

Le sigh. This will be another step put into my routine. I always complain about how many steps a full makeup routine can consist of. Especially when you get into primers. Face Primer, undereye primer, lid primer, lash primer, lip primer … Like a girl has got to sleep at some point!

What primers do you think are worth the extra step? Tell me your favorites!



Review: Smashbox Master Class Palette III – Color & Contour


It’s a big day folks. I have been playing with this palette for the last couple of weeks, and I am finally ready to give my opinion on it. I am absolutely obsessed with palettes, and this one drew me in right away.

It contains two separate palettes, which in total, contain 32 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, a contour shade, a bronzer, and a highlight. The eyeshadows are divided into neutrals on one side, and brighter colors on the other. I did swatch this palette, and as you may have noticed about me, I am one of the worst swatchers in the world. I promise no wine was consumed before this, but it sure looks like it …


I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of the shadows. Smashbox has always had a stellar eyeshadow formula in my opinion, and I have never felt like the quality you get in the palettes are any different than the original formula. They are so smooth, and they swatch like butter.


The palette comes with a few blank face charts, for your inner artist, and several different look cards, which tell you step by step how to achieve said look. I never usually go to these often, but as a makeup artist, I really like that they included some blank face charts.

The palettes themselves snap out of the case, so if you were travelling and only wanted to bring one side, that’s possible. I love that the covers on the shadows are hard plastic, and not a plastic sheet. They will be much more protected for travel. Oddly enough, the lime green eyeshadow was what pulled me into this palette. For some reason it was calling me, and I just had to have it in my life. I have also tried using the shade “Peony ” (Fuchsia color on the bottom right corner) as a blush, and it turned out really nice. As long as you are careful to not pick up the other colors, you’re fine.

The contour color works perfectly on my fairly pale skin, and it doesn’t look too orange, which is a huge thing for me. The lasting power of the shadows works really well on my eyes, even without a primer. And I haven’t experienced any creasing. Mild fallout, but I am willing to forgive that, since they are so beautifully pigmented.

My only gripe about the palette, is I wish it was a little more sleek. To be fair, it does have so much in it, but I wish it was slightly more flat, and not so bulky. Overall, for $72.00 CAD, I think this is an amazing palette.I would recommend it to anyone, and I am still trying to decide if I will buy another one for my freelance kit. I give it bonus points for not including any cream products, such as lip creams, or cream eyeliners … (Am I the only one who hates those in palettes? They always dry out … )


Did you guys pick this palette up?


Where is the Love? Products that need more recognition!

As all of you know I’m a junkie. I have a full blown cosmetic addiction and as such, I am constantly using different products and sometimes I’m completely shocked that as far as I can tell I’m the first person to ever use said product. There are so many amazing products that I just never hear anyone talking about.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polish: It isn’t this particular shade that I’m attached to, though it is an excellent toe colour. This is an amazing formula that nobody as far as I can tell, is talking about. The brush is a great size, the finish is smooth and the colour collection is pretty good, kinda on the neutral side but I’m cool with that. I am hard on nail polish, I find it frustrating to apply and then it chips within hours. This formula surpasses OPI, Essie, Formula X, all of them. Definitely worth checking out ladies.

Laura Mercier Lid Primer: So I have blind faith in Laura. I will go to this line without research and be relatively comfortable that I’m going to love the products. I was in need of a lid primer because most of them aggravate my snake eye. I love this primer. It has pigment, and covers my dark lids. It also comes in multiple shades to help match your skin tone. My shadow doesn’t move, doesn’t crease. The only thing I would change is to put it in a pump. Everything is better in a pump. Everything.

Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer: This is the closest you’re going to get to applying industrial car paint to a blemish, and I mean that as a selling feature. This stuff is serious, covers everything. I don’t have any tattoos but if I did I would use this concealer to cover them. You do need to move quickly though I will warn. This might not be the direction to head in for your under eyes, like a lot of really powerful concealers its thick and almost without exception it’s going to crease under there, I know you’ll try to use it for your dark circles. I know I did even though I was warned not to.

Smashbox Halo Blushes: Has anyone ever swatched these? I feel that if you had you’d own one and be as obsessed with these as I am. They are beautiful. It is like working with a loose pigment that is actually user friendly. Like the Halo Powders it comes in a great container that you need to shave off pigment so they minimize waste. Do yourself a favour and just swatch them, that’s all it’s going to take for you to fall in love too.


What are some products you guys love, but just don’t hear enough about?


Products on my wishlist! High End Edition!

Everyone has a wish list. If you’re anything like Sabah, you actually have a mental and hard copy list ready at all times, in case you ever find yourself in a situation that you just need to buy something for yourself, or someone needs a quick gift idea. Not saying that I will be purchasing all four of these, but I can definitely say I will be looking into all of them aggressively, and making my choices soon!


1.) Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick ($35.00 CAD) These little sticks look so freakin’ cute, I can’t even stand it. The color range looks amazing, and I have been happy enough with everything Marc Jacobs, which makes me want this even more. Seriously, how cute are these lippies!?

2.) GLAM GLOW Power Mud Dual Cleanse Treatment ($76.00 CAD) I have also been very impressed with everything I have tried from GLAM GLOW. Combine that with my obsession for facial oils of all kinds, and this looks like a match made in heaven. I pick this up everytime I see it in stores, and I am impressed that I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I am still working through my Thirsty Mud GLAM GLOW mask, so maybe when that one is gone I will cave!

3.) Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush No 12 ($94.00 CAD) I can almost hear Sabah shuddering when she reads this. I have been lusting over this brush for over a year. Every single time I see it I have to go visit it, and feel it, and make her feel it. It’s so beautiful, but $94.00 for a brush is taking me a little while to get used to. It’s not helping that all of the You Tube gurus that I watch are raving about it, and with my birthday coming up soon, I might just have to treat myself. For $94.00, it better apply my bronzer like a dream, clean itself, and unload the dishwasher for me.

4.) Smashbox Master Class Palette Color and Contour ($72.00 CAD) The next time I see this, it’s mine. I realize it’s limited edition, and I have to move on it fast. I might even buy two of these. One for me, and one for my freelance kit. It is so compact, and gives you so many colors, blush, highlight, contour, bronzer … It’s like a face in a box. No wasted space on cream liners, or lip products (I hate those so much in palettes!) And, it provides you with awesome plastic covers for either side, which will really protect them from breaking, and reduce any fallout between shades. This is something every makeup junkie should own. Everyday that passes, I get more and more upset that I don’t own it yet. (UPDATE: I actually purchased this before this blog post went up… I couldn’t get it off of my mind, and my retailer only had 12 left! I panicked and made an emergency trip to buy it!) Review coming soon!!

What things are on your wishlists?


Review: Smashbox Cherry Smoke Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette!

I really can’t be held accountable. It was so pretty and wearable. Smashbox shadow palettes are as close to a sure thing as you’re going to get in cosmetics. I bought it blindly because they had no testers (yet) and I have no self-restraint. Anyway the moral of the story is this is a beautiful palette. The palette is called Cherry Smoke and comes in a compact that is slightly larger than the Naked Basics. It has a great little magnet that automatically snaps shut when you close the palette. This will come in handy during travel, and hopefully demolish the chances of it shattering. It includes eight shades with a surprising favorite in Unadorned, the bottom left shade. So here’s the quick and dirty. Keep reading for pictures and swatches.

• Pigmented Shades
• Easy to blend formula that play well with each other
• Versatile for all eye colours
• It’s a neutral palette that is different enough to justify the purchase.
• It’s a comfortable size to hold while doing your eye makeup, and the mirror is the perfect size.

• Fallout is pretty significant. Not a huge deal if you start with your eyes during your routine.
• It is lacking a colour appropriate for the brow.
• No matte transition shade.
• Dark Cocoa and Ebony are so similar when swatched that I’d prefer one be replaced with either a brow or transition shade.

Application went very smoothly, the fallout wasn’t too much to handle, and I was happy with the pigment from the shadows, without using a primer. As always I was satisfied with the results, and Smashbox again delivers with the eyeshadows. Also included in this small collection were two lipsticks, Bing and Cherry Copper. They weren’t shades for me, but I am super happy I bought this palette. The packaging is a great addition to the collection, and it packs enough of a twist to make me feel justified in having another neutral palette. I can’t wait to keep trying different looks, and perfect this baby by the time the leaves start to turn.


Smashbox Telephoto 3-IN-1 Face Brush!

Normally when I write this blog, I set myself up in one of two prime locations. One, on the deck overlooking the ocean, where all I can hear are waves and my own thoughts. Or two, at the dining room table, looking out at the trees and the wildlife. (When I say wildlife, I mean tons of different birds, gophers, squirrels …) Just in case you were picturing a safari jungle. At the moment, I happen to have a squirrel right on my window ledge, happily feeding on some bird seed that we left out. I can’t help but think of my old favorite Smashbox brush. It’s made from squirrel. (Before any of you try to cut my head off for animal cruelty, know that Smashbox has a farm specifically for the animals that they get their brush hair from. They are groomed and clipped (not shaved) twice a year, and they are treated 100% humanely!) Needless to say, once Smashbox sells out of a brush, it’s usually quite the wait before the stores get them in again …

But as always, things we love get discontinued. And this brush was no exception. You can’t buy it anymore, but it has been replaced with a newer, more futuristic looking brush. The Telephoto 3-in-1 Face brush.

As you can see from the picture, this brush has three different settings, to provide three different coverage’s. The first setting is Full Coverage. This stops the brush at a pretty dense setting, which allows you to use the brush like a kabuki. Whether it be powder or liquid foundation, this setting will buff the product into the skin, giving you the best coverage possible.

The middle setting is for Medium Coverage. This one is great for again liquid and powder foundations, and also works for blush application, if you are travelling and need to do double duty.

The third setting is for Sheer Coverage. This setting is great for finishing powders, or powder foundations. I don’t recommend using this setting with liquid however, because it really just moves the foundation around, and ends up eating most of the product into the bristles.

This brush is super soft, however I still find myself reaching for the old one from time to time. This brush retails for $45.00 CAD, and I love that it comes with a cap. Super travel friendly, and it can stand in for your Foundation, Powder, Blush and Bronzer.

This will be an awesome brush for the Summer Time, when everything always just gets thrown into a massive tote bag, and brought all over the place. The beach, the cottage, the city … everywhere!

Pack it up, and pack light for your trip! 🙂

Have an awesome day guys!


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