Some of my Favorite Radiant Orchid Products!

Ever since the year 2000, Pantone has been launching a Color of the Year. People (usually makeup junkies) wait on edge for the news to be launched, and in the blink of an eye, stores are filled with the color. Everything from beauty, fashion and home décor … you are enveloped in a color, and this year is no different. The down fall of this, is if you aren’t a huge fan of whatever color the Pantone gods choose. Luckily this year, I am a huge fan! Radiant Orchid was chosen, and as expected, you can find almost anything in this shade right now.

For a list of all the Pantone colors of the year CLICK HERE!


Benefit Loli Tint- This cheek/lip stain is awesome, and was originally meant to be called orchid tint. (I bet Benefit is kicking themselves for switching it to Loli right before the Pantone color was released!) I find it looks quite different on everyone, but flattering on so many skin tones. Word of caution if you are new to the Benefit Stains, work fast! Make sure you blend quickly with them, to avoid little stain dots on your cheeks!

Royal Beauty Blender- This one is self explanatory. I loved the Beauty Blender, and when I saw that they made one in the color of the year, of course I had to buy it!

Quo Blotting Sheets- These are something I always carry around with me, and again, I just had to buy them when I saw the shade of the packaging!

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum- I love the lip butters, and this is one of my favorite shades. It borders on pink for me (like everything else) but I still get my fix of that purple undertone!

Maybelline Lipstick in Mauve Mania- This lipstick is a true Radiant Orchid on my lips. Probably the closest one I have in my collection. I find it makes my blue eyes pop, and I am glad I have been reaching for it more often!

Benefit Hervana- This is the perfect blush to top up your Loli Tint with. Used alone, it gives such a beautiful color on the cheek. I was totally overly obsessed with this when it launched, and I got away from it for awhile, but now we are continuing our love affair, and I think its getting serious 🙂

MAC Sakura Blush- This was part of a limited edition collection (story of my life) and this is the blush that I get complimented on the most. I remember a lady I used to work with like four years ago, kept asking me what I had on for a blush because it wasn’t too pink and it wasn’t too orange, and the finish looked so natural. Everytime she asked me what I was wearing, it was this!

What are the best Radiant Orchid products you guys have? I saw a Pantone Blush palette at Sephora that I am lusting over. Sabah would buy it, but we have put her on blush lockdown. I’m sure you guys will hear all about it … She has to hit pan on a blush before she can buy another one. And I am sure as I am typing this she is at home standing over the garbage can, going at one of her blushes with a kabuki brush… I’m going to go call and check on her!!

Have an awesome day guys!



Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Facial Cotton!

This FvsFF has a love/hate product in it for me. I was introduced to this stuff about 6 years ago when it still retailed for $6.00 CAD. It has since been growing in popularity, and now retails for $11.00 CAD, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the raised the price again. I cannot live without this stuff. I had been using cotton that fell apart on my lashes, and ended up irritating my eyes more than actually helping to take my makeup off. When I got my hands on my first pack of Shiseido cotton, my world changed. It is so soft, it never falls apart or rips on my skin, and it gets the job done every time. It also can take off all of my nail polish on all 10 toes, using just one pad. I remember the day at work when the memo came down that Quo was going to release their “Luxury” cotton pads. They were square, they were 100% cotton, and they retail for $7.50, but unlike Shiseido, these go on sale here and there for as low as $3.99 CAD. The very first say they were shipped, I bought a pack and immediately used a Quo pad on one side, and a Shiseido pad on the other side of my face. I was kind of smug, and disappointed at the same time when I realized very quickly that Quo was just not going to live up to the Shiseido. It tore a little bit, and it just didn’t hold up to my mascara. After that, I did a test, I placed a clean dry Kleenex down on my table, and put three pumps of Bioderma on both cottons. After about 30 seconds, I lifted the pads up, only to see that the Kleenex was completely dry where the Shiseido cotton was. And underneath of the Quo, was a massive puddle. The product went right through it, and I know with my pump style Bioderma, the product would end up all over my hands instead of in my cotton.


I tell people everyday that if you buy Shiseido cotton once, you need to be mentally prepared to spend $11.00 or more on cotton for the rest of your life. Consider yourself warned. The girls at work and I have agreed that we would probably buy it until it hit $15.00 CAD. That’s where we have drawn the line.

Fancy wins this week! In my opinion, nothing beats Shiseido cotton. Absolutely nothing.