How you Doin’ Origins? Sabah’s growing obsession.

I’m unsure what sparked my curiosity about Origins but I am happy that this brand came into my life. The first thing I jumped into was the mask, not surprising when you know me. I really just jumped in recently.

Origins Clear Improvements: I think I was interested because of the color of this mask. I went right in with the full size and never looked back. I use a lot of masks due to my addiction to exfoliating. This is a mask I can use really regularly without causing dryness and it nips pending breakouts.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream: This is great, I was actually about to throw it out after finally taking the picture for my empties. This is the first full size eye cream I’ve finished. I typically get bored and give it away if I don’t feel like the product is doing enough. This stuff is hydrating and has a pearl finish that really helps with my horrid dark circles.

Checks and Balances cleanser: Again something I salvaged from my empties, I love it and it feels really great on my skin. It doesn’t dry my skin out and doesn’t break me out.

Dr. Weil for Origins Mega Bright Day Cream: I just got this actually and so far I can only say that its doing a great job of keeping me hydrated, it feels good, smells great and soaks into the skin quickly.

Ginger Gloss Body Oil: I use a lot of body oil, my skin gets really itchy on the backs of my arms and my shins in I’m dry. This oil is awesome. It absorbs much faster than any other oil I have in my collection and the smell is divine.

Those are the five Origins products I’ve tried so far and all of them are superstars. I can’t wait to try out more of the brand. Knowing me there is likely an exfoliator in my future….

Any favorites from this brand I need to know about?