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Tag Wednesday: Leibster Award Questions!

Hello Everyone! Those who read my blog know that I was recently nominated for a Leibster award. It’s an awesome thing for a blogger to hear, and I have been nominated a seond time by another blogger! Starr Shyne over at nominated me, and I loved the questions that she asked. I already have my nominations in the past Leibster award post, but I wanted to answer her questions for me! Here we go!

1. What is your holy grail makeup product?
Something that I don’t like to find myself without is Bioderma, and something to fill my brows in with.

2. Favorite Lipstick of all time?
My YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks are my favorite. Number 09 is probably my favorite, but the formula and the packaging of these lipsticks cannot be beat!

3. If you could only use on make-up brand what would it be?
This is one of the hardest questions I get from people. I am inclined to say Clarins because their foundations work really well for me, and foundations very often break me out.

4. What is your most purchased make-up item?
Bioderma. I have bought SO much of that over the years. And Shiseido Cotton.

5. Which of your makeup brushes could you not live without?
My Precision Cheek Brush by Lancôme, my angled liner brush for my brows, and my Icing powder brush.

6. Falsies or no? Individual or Strip?
Yes for special occasions. And I usually do individuals. I find if you lose one or two its not a big deal, but if a full strip of lash falls at the corner, you can look like you have a lazy eye in pictures.

7. What store do you purchase most of your stuff from?
Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques. The optimum program cannot be beat by anything, and the only time I shop at Sephora, it’s for things I can’t get at the Boutiques. Butif I ever travel to Toronto or Montreal, I will go to Murale. They have more selection and also accept the optimum card.

8. What is your favorite moisturizer?
I haven’t found one that I am married to yet. But I will say, The Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Night Cream has been rocking my world for awhile now.

9. Favorite Make-up remover?
Third Mention. Bioderma.

10. What is your favorite thing to talk about on your blog?
I love doing haul posts and empties posts. And I also love doing Top 5 posts!

Thank you again to Starr for the nomination. You guys should check her blog out, She’s amazing!