Eye concealers

Showdown: Undereye Brightening Pens!

I struggle with dark circles. They aren’t particularly dark compared to others but they are wildly hard to conceal for some unknown reason. Anyone who has ever glanced at my makeup collection will likely notice my blushes first (this is an addiction I have no thoughts of abandoning) and my concealers. I realized I’ve been focusing on a lot of under eye pens recently and I thought I’d share some notes.

Smashbox BB Eye: This is the newest of the batch; so far I really like it. It has great coverage that doesn’t result in a monumental amount of creasing. Stay tuned for further updates but I really like this so far. Not quite Holy Grail contender but no complaints.

Maybelline Dream Lumi: For the price tag this stuff is amazing, I have it in the shade radiant. I even use this to highlight. I have heard that this is a dupe for the YSL Touché Éclat. I don’t own the YSL……yet, so I can’t speak to the dupe status, but I really like this. This is my third one of these and that is a huge statement for someone who doesn’t stay loyal to many products due to curiosity.

No Dark Shadows: This is by the same company who makes No Bleeding Lips. The marketing of this product is non-existent from what I’ve seen which oddly appeals to me because I was forced to make an opinion completely without notions of others. I like it, great to cover but not so great in my lines. It would be a good choice for someone who doesn’t have the lines that I do.

MAC Prep and Prime in Radiant Rose: Shall we leave on a negative note? This stuff is garbage. There, I said it. It doesn’t happen much with MAC products but I hate this stuff. It doesn’t conceal and it does crease. I keep it because I use it to highlight on my nose and other features not around the eye.

Has anyone found any Holy Grail status undereye concealers?