Review: Stila Nude Interlude Color Balm Lipsticks!

Spring. The word just makes me happy. Flowers will bloom, colors will be brighter, and I’ll finally be able to go out in public with something lighter than a duvet on. Spring also brings us new makeup launches, and Stila has started with a collection of Nudes from the Color Balm line. For those who aren’t familiar with the Color Balm line, this is all you need to know. The lipsticks are (obviously) balm like, very hydrating, and very pigmented. They have a minty scent and feel cooling on the lips. Each lipstick is named after a woman, so be sure to see if your name shows up on the shade list. (They haven’t made a Sara, which irks me, because it’s a crazy popular name… I had like 6 Sara’s in my school growing up!)

The newest ladies to join the collection are Elyssa, Sophie and Meg.




The first thing you will notice about them, is the change in packaging. These ones are rose gold instead of the traditional silver, and I love them. I love when companies switch up their packaging. I wish they had kept the letters on the tube the same color as the lipstick inside, like they did with the old ones. It made of easier to grab the right one. These ones you need to look at the name, or open the tube to see what color you’re holding. Not a huge deal, but it could have been avoided. Below are the swatches:



My favorite one is definitely Elyssa. It gives me a total Marsala vibe, which as we know is completely on trend for 2015.

My only issue with these lip products is the sheer size. I love the formula, the shade range is beautiful, and they wear really nicely. The only thing that bothers me, is the circumference of the lipstick bullet is so wide, that it makes it a little tricky to apply. Unless you’re blessed with beautiful full lips naturally, you might need to grab a lip brush to get some precision.

Do you think one of these will be your new perfect nude? Do you have the same name as any of these lipstick shades?!



Review: Physicians Formula All in 1 Beauty Balm Cheek and Lip!

Happy Monday beautiful readers. How was everyone’s weekend? Did anything interesting happen?

I bring you a review today on the new All in 1 Beauty Balm for Cheeks and Lips from Physicians Formula. Let me break this down for you the best way I can. I buy a lot of products. Some work, some don’t. It’s all for the better of the blog. But … sometimes I come across a product that is just so horrible, that I will return it. This is usually more with higher end products , as I know the money could be better spent on something else. But in this case, the product was $6.49 CAD (on sale!). And I returned it. That’s how bad it was. Before I get into specifics, let’s take a look at the product! I got the shade Berry Pink which was all my drugstore had … I have seen a coral shade online though!

This was just too cute not to pick up. It looked like an EOS balm! I am a sucker for those balms even though to be honest, I really don’t like them much. (The lure of packaging is real… Trust me!)

Anyway, upon swatching, I was satisfied with the color payoff. It was sheer, but that’s what it claimed to be, so no hard feelings there. See the swatch below:


This product claims to have 10 Beauty Benefits. Moisturizing, Smoothing, Protecting, Soothing, Hydrating (which is the same as moisturizing) Conditioning, Glow-Boosting, Perfecting, Line Smoothing and Long Wearing.

I can tell you, pretty much all of those are complete lies. With the exception of protecting (this product has SPF 20 in them, but it isn’t being claimed on Canada, more than likely due to DIN issues) this product did nothing like it said it would.

First of all, I am not huge on using the same thing on my lips and cheeks. Especially something like this that gets applied directly. But – in a pinch, I can see how it would be helpful. I tried this on my lips first, and it was such an awful experience. They made my lips feel like someone had dripped hot wax on them, and I was left with the thickest, waxiest residue ever. It made every single line and flake look more apparent, and it just felt awful to wear. Fair enough I thought. Maybe this would work well on my cheeks. I tried the product on and was again disappointed. It dragged on my skin, and left me with a sheer wash of color. As soon as I tried to blend with my fingers, I ended up taking whatever color I had just put down off, and in the process, messing with my foundation. Super unhappy with this! It looked waxy on the skin, and the product itself just wasn’t creamy enough to glide on smoothly.

So, a lip and cheek product that is awful on both the lips and cheeks? Not okay in my books. I decided to brave the judgement, and return the product to the drugstore.

I consider this a public service announcement. This is a less expensive product for Physicians Formula, and the packaging is adorable. But, be forewarned that a Venti Flat White from Starbucks will cost you a little less, and it is much more satisfying. I have scrubbed my lips with the tongue cleaner on the back of my toothbrush (which works so well!) rinsed, and applied my Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, and my lips still feel like waxy slugs. Not cute.

What is the last product you used that really disappointed you? Let’s help eachother out here!


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Review: Smashbox Try it Kit!

Confession: I get a small huge rush when I see deluxe sized samples of products. I understand that I have mild hoarding tendencies when it comes to makeup. But, I am a Beauty Blogger and it is what it is. I need to review new products, I need to compare and try different things so I can hopefully in the long run, save you guys some money and help you make good choices. And the bloggers among you help me do the same!
So when I see that a product I wanted to try comes in a mini size, or even better, in a kit FULL of mini sizes, I will break out into the running man. This is what I did when I saw the new version of the Try it Kit by Smashbox.


Full Exposure Mascara, 24hr Eye Primer, Photo Finish Primer, and the cutest mini Eye Shadow trio you will ever see in your life. For $22.00 CAD.
This is an amazing deal.


First off, I can say I would never buy the large size of the eye primer that comes in the kit. The large size is 12ml, and the one that comes in the set is 4ml. So, it’s a third of the size, but anyone that has used this primer knows how little you need. Even if you are “all about that base”, I would be surprised if you could finish a full sized one before it dried up, or the formula changed. I would much rather buy the Try it Kit, and benefit from the other three products, if I was keeping them for myself or for gifts, those other three products are totally worth it.

This kit is totally worth the purchase. I thought we would end the blogging week on a positive note. I am signing off for the weekend and I will talk to you guys again on Monday! I have a big weekend coming up, so make sure to follow me on Instagram and keep up with what’s happening! (@girlmetblush)


Review: Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Palette!

So the cosmetics ban that I took part in from early October 2014 to January 1st 2015, is officially over. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be was horrible. There were so many launches, not to mention all of the limited holiday sets. Lucky for me, Sephora dropped the ball this year with their Superstars kit. That was my biggest fear. But, it was so similar to last years kit, I had no angst about not picking it up.

This palette however, has been taunting me. Sonia Kashuk was never available where I live, until Target came to town. (And that worked out really well – they will be closing down their stores and getting out of Canada soon. Which is truly sad for a multitude of reasons!)

When I heard the news that Target would be closing, I had to jump on this ASAP, because they were always sold out when I was there. Luckily there were two palettes left. One was opened and swatched. Which on a side note, infuriates me. And there’s no way somebody swatched this, and decided not to take it. They swatched it, fell in love, and then took a new one home with them. Seriously, I could vent my retail pet peeves all day. If you see something that you want to try and there is no tester, just BUY it. If it’s not your cup of tea, bring it back. That way at least the stores inventory stays current, and they can properly order the stock. If there are 6 open swatched lipsticks, the stores computer won’t automate an order for that if it shows there are 6 on hand. Leaving other customers super frustrated that they can’t get the product they want.

Anyway- rant over. Let’s switch to a more positive tone. Hello Palette…


This palette includes 12 shades. All neutral. All matte. (Talk dirty to me!)

I don’t care how much makeup you have. If you don’t have this, find it immediately, and bring it home.


I wouldn’t change a thing about this palette. I love all of the shades, they swatch beautifully, blend easily, and do not crease on my eyes. I’m actually having anxiety about only having one. When I find a product like this, I will completely use it up. This palette gave me exactly what I was expecting from the Lorac Pro shadow palette. (The matte shades at least!) I think I am the only person in the world who doesn’t like the Lorac shadow palettes.

I can mix these colors up, to work in my brow, and the matte black is amazing. I love the sleek packaging, but of course, I wish the large clear window was a mirror.

This palette was $19.99 CAD, and worth every penny. When Target starts marking their stock down, Sonia Kashuk and I are going to have a reunion. And it will be serious.


This palette would provide you with endless looks, from super basic, to a beautiful smoked out eye look. Light shades, dark shades, transitional shades… They are all here.

Thank you Sonia Kashuk. Truly. Thank You.

Who else loves this palette?


Things I’m loving: Soft Peachy Pink Lips!

Hi everybody! How’s it going? I often have people ask me if I ever get tired of makeup. It’s my full time job, and my hobby, so I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe makeup. My answer is always no, I never get tired or bored of it, because if you ever find yourself in a rut, there are always a multitude of new products coming your way.

Other things that keep me constantly occupied are shades. Neutral shades, bright shades, rosy shades … I could go on and on. Lately my makeup obsession has been fuelled by Peachy Pink lipstick shades. These are 5 of my current favorites.



We will start from the top and work our way down to the bottom.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Cognito: I love this shade. I just picked it up at the drugstore, and I mainly use this to layer on top of some darker coral shades that I have. It gives the perfect highlight on the bottom lip, and works well with my other lipstick formulas.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Smooch: I absolutely adore this color. My only gripe is the packaging. The top falls off sometimes in my makeup bag, and as you can see in the picture, the bullet has taken a beating. I get compliments on this lipstick all the time, and it was crazy inexpensive. I like the formula, but you need to be sure your lips are very well exfoliated and moisturized. These types of shades tend to show flaws on the lips, so a good lip care regime is an absolute must.

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Rebel: The name of this really doesn’t fit. When I think Rebel, I don’t exactly think of a soft pinky peach color. However, this is stunning. These have a minty smell to them, incredible shine, and feel great on my lips. This formula is the perfect amount of stickiness for me. If it makes a gloss last longer on my lips, I’m okay with a more sticky formula as long as it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I wouldn’t wear this in a wind storm with my hair down, but in general, this is a wonderful product.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Let’s Get Naked: I wonder if I will ever be able to pick up this lipstick without shaking my booty around, and repeating “Let’s get Naked” in a high pitched semi- creepy voice. So far, no luck. It happens everytime. This was another newer purchase, as clearly I am stalking every brand for their version of this color. These lipsticks are absolutely amazing. The formula is wonderful, and they are definitely the most hydrating lipstick from the drugstore that I have found.

Wet n Wild 903C Just Peachy: Ahh the one that started it all. This was the first color I tried that sparked this borderline unhealthy obsession. I have a YouTube Guru to thank for this find. These are super inexpensive as well, and I won’t lie, the formula can be a hair drying. I usually top this with a gloss, or layer a lip balm underneath of it. I feel like this color would look amazing on lots of different skin tones.

I could go on and on, but for right now, those are my top 5 picks.

What is. Your favorite shade to wear on your lips? Do you guys go through phases with your color choices as well?


Drugstore Haul!

Rise and Shine everybody! I wanted to show you all some goodies I picked up from the drugstore! I found two lipsticks I am really excited about!


Stila Mile High Lashes Mascara: Ok, so technically this isn’t a “drugstore” purchase, but regardless, my drugstore carries a lot of high end brands. I have tried this mascara before, and I absolutely loved it so I am excited to have another tube in my life. If you want volume and length, with no smudging or flaking, give this a try!

Bourjois So Laquer Glossy! Nail Polish: I like the brush of this nail polish, it looks nice and wide. Similar to the Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen. I love the peachy pink color and I can’t wait to wear this a little closer to Spring.

Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous! Foundation: I have heard nothing but amazing things about this foundation. A lot of oily skin girls love it, so I am interested to see what I think of it on my dry skin. I have used this once, and I am happy with the color, the coverage, and the finish. And, my skin didn’t feel too dry underneath of it. Alas, I will continue to test it out, and review it for you guys soon!

Physicians Formula Super BB All in 1 Beauty Balm for Cheeks and Lips!: This was just too cute to pass up. It looks similar to an EOS balm, and I am hoping it delivers on it’s promise to be a sheer hint of color for cheeks and lips. This might turn out to be a perfect purse product. Time will tell!

Clinique Take the Day Off: This eye make up remover is great. This bottle is actually for my sister, but I have used this product before and loved it, so wanted to give it a little love. Most days, my trusty Bioderma will do the trick, but for days that I have a lot of eye makeup on, or a deeper colored lipstick, this always gets the job done!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Let’s get Naked!: I absolutely love this lipstick. Color, formula, even packaging. I used to be a huge fan of the old Moisture Renew lipsticks, so I was happy to see that these were just as good! This lipstick and the next one will both be swatched on the blog tomorrow!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Cognito: Another awesome shade. Not as hydrating as the Rimmel, but I have already used this a lot as a highlighting shade on my lips. It’s also great over a lip liner!

My oh my it feels wonderful to purchase cosmetics again. I am definitely going to go back for some more of those Rimmel lipsticks ….

What drugstore products have you bought lately?


Review: Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer!

Hello Everybody. Happy Monday. Yes it’s still Winter, and still cold. Le Sigh.

So, on a positive note, let’s talk about concealers. There is nothing better than a product that can make you feel more confident about yourself instantly. For me, concealer is one of these things. I have been testing the new Maybelline Master Conceal (Shade Light) and here are my thoughts!


The texture of this concealer is quite fluid, and I am happy with the blendability. The shade “Light” definitely has a yellow undertone, and I have read on other blogs that the shade “Fair” has quite a pink undertone, so choose accordingly.


I love the packaging of this, I have a soft spot for squeeze tubes. You can really control how much product you use, and it’s much more hygienic than a doe foot applicator. You get 12ml of product for $12.99 CAD.

When I first applied this, my first impression was “That was fine…” And to be honest, as I continued to use this, my opinion stayed the same. The color works for me, it blends like a dream, the coverage I would say is medium, but can be built up, and I really didn’t experience any creasing throughout the day. Word of caution: this concealer dries super fast. I mean, super fast. And if you’ve waited too long to blend, the product will roll off of your skin. If you are someone who places your concealer all over your face and then blends everything, you will have to rethink your application. This is a one eye at a time, one blemish at a time kinda deal. It seemed to have checked all of my requirements, but for some reason it just isn’t wowing me. I will say this though, I would recommend this to someone looking for a drugstore concealer. I think I have concluded that the reason it hasn’t absolutely knocked my socks off, is because it doesn’t have any brightening properties. I prefer the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in the “Brightening” shade.

All in all, this is a very solid concealer. I give it bonus points for packaging, as it is much more hygienic than the applicators of L’oreal True Match or Maybelline Fit Me. In a perfect world for me, they would launch another shade that resembles the brightening shade from the Age Rewind line. Now that I think about it, maybe I would prefer the “Fair” shade.

Do you guys ever just feel lukewarm about a product? I didn’t not like it, but it’s by no means a Holy Grail product.

What did you think of this concealer?


Fancy vs Frugal: Brow Showdown! Round Two!

Fibre-Gel brow products are all the rage right now. Actually, fibre everything seems to be the rage. Fibre brows, fibre lashes, fibre hairsprays to fix your uneven hairline or to camouflage sparse areas on your scalp. The world is truly mastering the ability to fake it. Unlike fibre lashes, these brow products can look very natural and be super flattering. (I don’t care how many people try to get me to endorse or sell these fibre mascaras – I’ll tell you straight up, your lashes look like fuzzy spider legs!) Last Friday, I talked about Maybelline Brow Drama and Benefit Gimme Brow. Maybelline really missed the mark with that product. No fibres, it’s simply a tinted gel with an obnoxious ball on the end that makes it near impossible to use. Benefit remained queen of the brow.

I have since tried two more of these kind of brow products, and have had much more luck!

Hard Candy Brows Now! was the first product to really spark my interest. This is a gel-fibre formula, and definitely has more fibres in it than the Gimme Brow.


With a very similar brush to the Gimme Brow, but a slightly more wet formula, the Hard Candy combs through the brows super easily, and lasts all day. The wand is small enough to work even on the tail of the brow, and this provides both color and volume to your eyebrows. I have it in the medium/deep shade, and I do find it a little dark. I might take it back and try the lighter shade instead… On the flip side, a brow highlight, that contains a little too much shimmer for me, but I love to use it on the inner corners of my eyes and on my Cupid’s bow. The only complaint I have with this product, is because there are so many fibres in the formula, the wand can get messy, and you can end up with wonky looking brows. A clean spooly is definitely needed to comb through at the end of application. I got this at Wal Mart for $5.98 CAD, and I could purchase four of these for the same price as one Benefit’s Gimme Brow. Benefit Gimme Brow comes in a 3.0ml tube, and the Hard Candy is 4.1ml.

Just when I thought I was finished with this brow search, L’oreal launched their newest brow product that promises more volumized brows. L’oreal Brow Stylist Plumper comes in three shades. Transparent, Light/Medium, and Medium/Deep. I have the Medium/Deep shade, and again it is just a hair too dark for me. I can make it work though, and I don’t hold it against the product.


Benefit Gimme Brow on the left, and L’oreal Brow Stylist Plumper on the right.


This formula is awesome. I wanted to make a before/after picture but since the product is a little too dark for me, I asked Almira to try it so you guys can see what it can do. Her left brow has nothing, and her right brow has only the L’oreal on it!


Isn’t she gorgeous? Anyway, as you can see, this product makes a big impact. And I can tell you, out of every one of these brow products, this one is my favorite. The formula is more wet than Benefit Gimme Brow, and the fibres are much smaller, resulting in a more natural look. I also find this really holds your brows in place, so if you have unruly brows, I would definitely try this. The wand is small enough to work with ease through the brows, and the product lasts all day on me. Also, the sheer size of this is way bigger. 8.0ml in the L’oreal, versus the 3.0ml of the Gimme Brow.

So, I haven’t chosen the cheapest, or the most expensive. L’oreal retails for $14.49 CAD, which is in the middle of the other products. Since this is a more wet formula, I feel like it will last longer than the Gimme Brow and the Hard Candy, as they tend to dry out quicker. I also feel like since the formula is wet and the fibres are smaller, this provides a more precise application.

Phew – that was a long post. I am dying to know, which one of these brow products do you love the most? Now I am stuck with so many brow products, but I just had to try them all and see what one worked the best for me. Thumbs up for L’oreal for me!


Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Line!

Just in time for trips to warmer climates & other vacations, Shiseido has launched a trio of new skincare products. I would be lying if I said I was a fan of Shiseido’s suncare in the past – but these three products looked too good to not try. The Urban Environment line consists of a UV protection cream (SPF 40) for face and body. An oil free protector (SPF 42) for face, and three shades of a tinted UV protector (SPF 43).


The tinted creams and the Oil Free Protector are both 30 ml, and retail for $35.00 CAD. The cream for face/body is a 50ml and retails for $40.00 CAD.

These products (especially the Oil Free Protector and the Tinted UV Protectors) are super light, and could easily be added into your daily routine.

Now, you may or may not know about my love for the Clarins UV40 products, both the original and the tinted. After using both of these, I have noticed some clear differences between them. The Shiseido Oil Free Protector, provides a much more matte finish than the Clarins. And it is designed to absorb excess oil throughout the day. Me being a dry skin type, this doesn’t mean much, but if you have an oily skin type, I would definitely choose the Shiseido.

Shiseido also wins in the shade selection department. Clarins UV40 comes in two shades (light and medium) and the light can tend to run a little yellow, especially on very fair skin tones. Shiseido shade 1 is great for fair skin tones. These tinted creams finish to quite a dewy finish, while the Clarins tints will be more appropriate for an oilier skin. Below are the swatches for Shiseido shades 1, 2, and 3.


Another clear difference between the two different tints is the coverage. The Clarins provides a similar coverage as a foundation, yet feels as light as air on the skin. The Shiseido creams definitely sheer out a little more, but are still a great product for those who want a little coverage along with their sunscreen.

All of these Shiseido products are meant to be used as your last step of skincare, before your first step of makeup.

All in all, I am very impressed with this line. To be honest – it’s January, so I haven’t been able to test these in absolute sunny conditions, but these will definitely be in my summer rotation!

What are your favorite suncare products?


Review: Benefit Puff Off!

Chime the Bells – and stop whatever you are doing. Benefit has launched a new product, and that means that nothing else matters for the next 10 minutes.

You had every intention of getting eight hours of sleep last night, but instead settled for three. You thought for sure you would stop after that second glass of wine, but it was almost like there was a wine fairy filling your glass when you weren’t looking. (My fairy is named Sabah!) You eat lunch off of your lap, and barely have time to make sure your socks match in the morning. If this describes your lifestyle, you must keep reading.


Puff Off! Is the latest product from Benefit that promises to smooth out and de puff that dreaded undereye area. This product can be used underneath or on top of makeup, and can also be layered underneath another eye cream.

The delivery system is effective, and as always when talking about Benefit, super cute. The applicator tip looks just like a clothes iron, which is not only cute, but makes it super easy to apply around the eye area. I’ve always had an issue with de puffing rollerballs around my eyes, because I could never get the metal applicator close enough to the inner corner. I would end up applying the product around my eye, and blending with my finger. The pointed shape of this applicator allows me to get into the deepest corners of my eyes. It feels immediately cooling, and doesn’t tug on the skin at all.

The product itself has a peachy pink tint, that will neutralize when applied to the skin. The formula boasts peptides, and light diffusing particles to help blur and smooth the appearance of fine lines. The product is .34 fl. oz, and retails for $35.00 CAD.


Now for the good stuff. The results. I have been using this product for about a week, and have a pretty solid opinion on it. I will be completely honest and say that puffiness is not really something that I struggle with. Fine lines however are the enemy. I’ve applied this over and under makeup, and I think for me, over makeup will continue to be the application method of choice. It does not move your makeup around, but you do need to be careful and tap the product in, not rub it all over the place. The magic for me happens about 15 minutes after I apply this product. I used it only on one eye since I’ve gotten this, and the smoothing effect is crazy. It makes my undereye area look completely flattened out underneath. And although baby soft undereyes are not something I consciously lust for, this product makes that delicate skin under my eyes feel like baby skin.

If you suffer from severe puffy eyes, I would keep this in the refrigerator, to maximize the coldness of the applicator.

As mentioned before, this can be layered underneath of another eye cream. I like to use it under my Shiseido WrinkleResist24, as I need more hydration around my eye area. But the Benefit absorbs super well into the eye area, so no need to worry that layering will feel heavy on the skin.

It leaves you with the brightened effect from the peachy color, but doesn’t leave you with glitter or sparkles anywhere.

Overall, I think this is a really nice product, and mine has made it’s way into my purse for a touch up throughout the day. I love using this if I find my concealer is starting to crease mid day, it refreshes my eyes, and resets my look for the rest of the night!

What do you guys think of this product? Isn’t the marketing for it adorable? I will have to try my hardest not to tell people to “Puff Off!” from now on. This might be my new curse word …