You Tube is happening! 

Hi everybody! I know you’re probably thinking “why am I reading this on WordPress?” As I am sure most of you know, I am currently blogging on my website Girl Met Blush, so I haven’t uploaded anything on here for awhile. I wanted to let you guys know in case you haven’t followed me to my new location, that I am FINALLY doing YouTube videos. Makeup Haul! Girl Met Blush and March Favorites! Girl Met Blush are my first two videos, and I am still getting used to being in front of a camera instead of being anonymous behind a screen! Check out the videos and make sure to leave me a comment with your feedback! 

Talk soon guys (over on my website Girl Met Blush ) 



Change is coming .. (Actually, it`s here!)

Alright Everybody. Change has happened. Those who know me well, know that I deal with change very quietly, with a lot of deep breaths. I have decided to stop using WordPress as my blogging platform. This choice was difficult, because I will admit, it is one of the easiest blogging platforms I have ever used. However, I pay for, and maintain a website for my freelance work, and doing both is just getting to be too much. Girl Met Blush started as a passion project, and it still is. But, I feel like having everything in one place will be easier to handle, and I also feel like www.girlmetblush.com looks more professional than having the added .wordpress.com tail on the end of it.

So what does this mean for us? To be honest, not much. You will have to type in a different link to find me, and hopefully will follow me at the new URL. (I think you can follow the new blog … I am new to the settings!) This is more of a warning that I have not dropped off the face of the earth, and also a huge thank you to all of my followers. Bear with me while I get through the transition phase of this, as my new website is much more intricate to work with, and I am still getting used to it.

While my head has been clouded with all of the new information, I have been drawing blanks lately for post ideas. I also wanted to see if you guys could let me know what you want to hear about in the near future. I purchased the new Smashbox Contour Trio Set, and I am still playing with those before I bring you a full review.

Stop by the new blog location, and leave me a comment if you want! Any feedback on the way the site looks would be greatly appreciated … Keep in mind I am not a technology person (Irony!) and I do everything on the website myself!

That’s my update guys! I’ll see you at the new location!

Talk Soon!


Review: Maybelline Matte Lipsticks!

Hey everybody! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have been a little MIA on social media and on the blog, as I have had a death in the family, and spent all weekend in the hospital. That along with trying to get myself back in the blogging groove has just proved to be too much.

None the less, I did want to get a review up today, as these lipsticks have been around for awhile now, and I don’t want to be too far behind. These Maybelline Matte Lipsticks come in 8 shades, even though some blogs I have read say they have 10 shades. Maybe Canadians didn’t get sent the full line? Either way, there really is something here for everybody.


Shades from left to right: Ravishing Rose, Lust for Blush, Daringly Nude, Mesmerizing Magenta, Faint for Fuchsia, Touch of Spice, Craving Coral and Siren in Scarlet.

My favorites in the bunch are definitely Touch of Spice, Lust for Blush, and Faint for Fuchsia.

These lipsticks provide a matte finish, but their formula does have an oil base so they are very comfortable on the lips. Upon first application, you will have the slightest sheen on the lip, however a quick blot from a tissue will take care of that if you are after a true matte finish.

The wear time on these is definitely acceptable, however if you plan on having a meal, or drinking excessively, I would definitely bring your tube with you for some touch ups afterwards.

These lipsticks are really rivalling if not beating my higher end lip products, and for the price ($10.99 CAD) you can’t go wrong. Definitely try these out, if you are on the hunt for a matte lip color that won’t completely dry your lips out!

And as always folks, this is a drugstore item. Never ever, under any circumstance, pay full price.

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? What is your favorite shade?


Where have I been? Updates and holiday stress…

Hey everyone! I wanted to check in with everyone and just let you know I am still alive! I took a short break from blogging because the holidays are seriously consuming me. I have officially finished my holiday shopping, and all of the wrapping is done too! The dog is not enjoying his stocking very much, as he just wants to rip everything apart, so waiting for Santa Clause is never easy for him.

I went to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on the weekend. Indulged in a lot of holiday festivities, and came out with a picture of me and Sabah that I love!


I am spending my day doing laundry and trying to get the house back together, then it’s back to work tomorrow. Christmas when you work retail means pretty much no change in your schedule, if not more hours. I managed to get Christmas Day off, so my holiday vacation will be an absolute blissful one day of relaxation.

I am reflecting a lot today. I watched The Family Stone today and that movie gets me everytime. As some of you know, my grandfather is very sick right now, so of course he is constantly on my mind, especially this time of year.

Anyways, I wanted to jump on here quickly and let you know that things will be going back to normal very soon for the blog.

How is everyone’s preparation going!? Is anyone going to brave the malls on Christmas Eve?


So are the days of our lives … Fragrances that trigger memories!

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write since Halloween. I shouldn’t even call it a post, it’s more of a story that I wanted to talk about, and get some feedback from you guys.

So as some of you may remember, I was Marge Simpson for Halloween. It was an awesome costume that required a lot of work, mostly due to the fact that I had to paint myself bright yellow with acrylic body paint. Sabah and I were going to a party at our friend Ursula’s house, and before we started getting our costumes together, we had go get groceries and a hostess gift. I jumped in the shower, exfoliated the hell out of myself, and slathered myself with a generous amount of a favorite body moisturizer. Biotherm Baume Corps to be specific. I figured I would let it sink in while we ran to the store, and I could start my painting when I got home.

We must have been in the car about 30 seconds and Sabah was in tears. To this day, we don’t know what set her off, but the smell of that moisturizer brought her sad memories that completely overwhelmed her. I felt bad making her sit in the car the whole way there and back, but it got me thinking… Smells really can transport you to different times in your life. Good and bad memories can come flooding in like a tsunami as soon as your nose picks up the slightest scent in the air.

My question to you guys is, what scents take you back to a certain time in your life, good or bad?


Sabah’s thoughts on Kat Von D Immortal Lash 24hr Mascara!

Sara and I recently split a kit from Kat Von D, I wanted the mascara and she the liquid eyeliner. I really wanted to try this because the wand was so bizarre. As many of you know I am always itching to try new mascara. I sometimes feel that my hunt for HG mascara may be a life long journey of the proportions of Homer’s The Odyssey. Back to the mascara. The first time I used this mascara my first thought was “How long do I have to use this before I can throw it out without feeling guilty?” I HATED this mascara the first time. I’m shocked that it ever got beyond a first use, like truly shocked with myself. Upon the second try I paired it with my Cils Booster from Lancôme, Cils makes everything better. And with this it did too, but only just barely. Eventually I managed to determine that with multiple coats I could get a decent lash out of it. The issue I had with the multiple applications was that if I wasn’t completely careful they would totally look spidery and deformed. The weird wand that had so intrigued me to begin with also is super frustrating. The wand seems flimsy somehow, like I may be bending it to get it back into the tube? It does now have a funny angle that I don’t think it had when I got it. The one redeeming quality of this mascara is that it comes off really well. Sad state of affairs when the best part of a product is the speed in which you can remove it.


Will I ever find a mascara that just works for me? What is your HG?


Cosmetic Lockdown: The challenge begins!

How is everybody? I am coming off of a very relaxing hour, drinking tea and watching cat videos on You Tube. Seriously, it’s the small things. I felt like I needed something light hearted to prepare me for the monster news I am about to share. I have made a very difficult decision, and I am hoping with your support I can muddle through this somehow.

I have vowed not to purchase any cosmetics until January 2015.

Take a minute and let that register …

You must be thinking … “She’s crazy!! She’s a beauty blogger who is refusing to buy cosmetics during the PEAK retail season for holiday sets!??” I know I know, and those are all valid points.

Something strange happened to me the other day. I went to the mall, during a VIB Rouge 20% off event, and I left EMPTY handed. I am talking not one single thing in my hands. And believe me when I say I tried so hard to buy something. Sabah and I must have done 25 laps around the store, and I just couldn’t bear to bring home any more cosmetics knowing what a ridiculous stash I had at home waiting for me. It doesn’t matter what I picked up, I knew I had plenty at home to open up and try. And to be honest, I’ve already picked up the holiday sets that really attracted me. I wasn’t too overwhelmed with the sets this year. NARS and Tarte were disappointing for me, and I already have the Too Faced A few of my favorite things palette, which came with so much I feel like I will never need another Too Faced product again … And let’s not even get into the disappointment of the Superstars kit. It is so similar to last years kit, that it just wasn’t worth the purchase. I’ve just hit a point that I need to focus on getting through what I have, before I bring new stuff in. I have boxes and boxes of product that I was so excited to try at one point, but somehow they have just gotten put to the side and forgotten about! Does anyone else ever feel like this??

Anyway – of course there have to be loopholes. And these are mine:

1.) Bioderma, Shiseido Cotton, and Elnett Hairspray. These are three things that I use daily, and I will never be without them. Ever. No exception.

2.) Gifts: Things given to me by companies, friends, family will not count, as this is also a financial decision, to help me save some cash! If I don’t have to pay for it, it doesn’t count!

3.) Optimum Point redemptions: As all Canadians know, there is nothing better than the Optimum program. With my ridiculous point balance, and redemption events happening over the holidays, I may need to break down and get some stuff using my points. (In which case I only pay the tax!)

4.) If NARS magically relaunches the Danmari cheek palette, the bet is off. Chances are slim, but I need to cover all of my bases.

5.) A zombie apocalypse: If those nasty flesh eaters take over Halifax, and I need to be in hiding for awhile, I’m going to need to purchase everything left on the 50 things to buy before you die list, from Allure magazine. (Looking at you Mason Pearson brush and La Mer cream…)

I hope you all understand! The blog will continue as normal, reviews, favorites etc. This will be a great way to discover some products that I haven’t yet tried! And Sabah will still be here to review things that she picks up over the holidays!

What do you guys think? Is anyone interested in taking the challenge with me? I feel like I need to start a support group.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone!

So I’ve been on the hunt for the powder version of this for what seems like eternity. It was like this far off product that people dream about. Like the great Library of Alexandria, you know it existed but will it ever be found again? When I saw this liquid version I had to have it, obviously. I actually put down my Pulp Fiction red lipstick and opted for this instead. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but still pretty awesome. I usually prefer powder highlights because they look a bit more natural but I love this product. It looks really good on me. I recently stopped Sara in the middle of the street and said “Stop! Look at how good my highlight looks!!” It wasn’t one of my most modest days, but this highlighter really discourages anything less than full blown egotism. It adds so much. I have the shade Moonstone and it adds so much dimension to the face. When paired with Soft and Gentle, you could stop traffic. ust go get this, the only choice you have in the matter, is if you want Moonstone or Opal.
Do you guys prefer cream or powder highlighters?


Benefit Starter Kit! Our top 5 Products!

As self-proclaimed beauty addicts, we have decided to start giving you the top five products of different makeup lines, guiding you only to the best. If you are new to a brand, this is your go to. For our first segment, we have chosen the Almighty Benefit Cosmetics. If you are a newcomer, an honorable Benebabe, or if you’ve been hanging with Gabbi for years, this is your road map to success with the brand.

Refined Finish: Being the exfoliating junkies that we are, we have tried more than our share of exfoliators but continuously circle back to Refined Finish. The beads are circular so they prevent shredding your skin. The smell is wonderful, admittedly not as nice as the cleanser but still better than any exfoliator we have tried to date. This is primarily a manual exfoliator, but there is hit of Glycolic Acid which will provide mild chemical exfoliation as well.

Erase Paste: Though the colour range is not ideal, if you can find a match this is a game changer. The key to this product is less is more, apply with your finger tips and set with a powder. When dealing with true undereye darkness this is my first stop. Totally worth the cost as it will last you at least a year with daily use. If you experience creasing it’s not their fault, it’s yours. Again less is more.

Hello Flawless Powder: I’m alone in this one because Sara gets a fire beard of red bumps when she uses this product but I managed to still get it on this list because of my reliance on the product. ello Flawless is a powder that can double as a foundation with the help of a bit of concealer. If you have really dry skin I would consider trying something else because this does cause some minor tight face even for me.

They’re Real Mascara: As we all know, Sara’s holy grail mascara is Lancome Hypnose. I am still on an aggressive hunt for mine, however we can both agree that this mascara is something you need to try. I have recommended it to plenty of friends and family, all with rave reviews. The not so hidden secret about this product, is it is a bitch to take off. Benefit heard our cries, and have since launched a They’re Real remover, so we digress. If you have a problem with flaking or smudging and you don’t mind an extra few hours minutes to remove your mascara, pick this up next time you need to replenish. It gives a shiny black finish, and really holds curl well.

Box o’ Powders: This is kind of a cheat, but you can’t ask us to pick just one. You need to treat your Benefit blushes like your children, and try your best to not dwell on the favorite. (Lookin’ at you Bella Bamba. RIP!) There is something in this blush family for everyone, and they should come with a warning. Something like, CAUTION: MAY CAUSE HOARDING TENDENCIES! When you get one, or a couple, you just can’t stop. Both of us have blushes that aren’t necessarily perfect for us, but how do you break up family. They’re a package deal. These blushes are pigmented, last on the cheeks, blend like a dream, and come in what seems to be indestructible packaging. If you haven’t already, go get you some.


If you were introducing someone to Benefit for the first time, what would you recommend?

-Sara and Sabah

Makeup finds at Winners! Sabah’s guide on how to find what you want!

Winners is a place where cosmetics go to die. If you find out your favorite blush has been discontinued the first place you should check is winners. They have crazy cosmetics, granted most are fairly disgusting. Never buy anything that isn’t in one of those bio containment boxes that keep dirt bags from swatching everything. Winners really gets me. I get into the zone, I can’t help myself.

Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray: Like wow, if you see this buy it for me. When my hair is freshly washed I can’t do anything with it. This stuff is like spraying second day hair into it. It gives me awesome volume. This also adds texture which helps give my hair some depth. When I find this it is usually under $10 and worth every penny. I have about three back up cans.

Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Nude: I actually got a few of these at winners. They were literally half the price they are everywhere else. It isn’t just discontinued products you can find there.

Nars Blush in Golden Gate Bridge: This is the best demonstration of Winners Vision I have. I can’t imagine what I was thinking when I bought this. Oddly it is one of my favorite pieces in my collection mostly because it is ridiculous. It is the colour of electric urine.

Burberry Nude Radiance No 1: This is competition for one of my favorite highlighters. It smells divine. I did some research and it seems that this was part of a limited edition collection.

Burberry Nude Radiance Luminous Fluid Base: I actually haven’t used this yet. I’m under the impression it is very similar to my Dior Glow Illuminator. I’m already in love with this, the packaging… oh the packaging. Burberry does it right.

Tokidoki Love From London Palette: Yea…. This one is a bit embarrassing. I bought it for the small little toy with the hat… I’m ridiculous. This actually swatches quite nicely to be honest and I want to give that cobalt blue a serious go at some point.

Nars Shadow Pencil in Empire: This was part of the Andy Warhol collection that disappointed me so much. I have a thing for Andy, that’s why I bought this. The packaging just didn’t wow me. This is a true black so that’s always a solid purchase.

This is a pile of ridiculous stuff, I’m aware of that. In my area there are quite a few Winners and all of them have varying degrees of cosmetics. You need to shop around, go regularly and make sure it isn’t opened. There are a lot of gross people around who go to town on products. If your favorite product is discontinued this is a good place to check to see if you can snag a few before they’re gone.