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Review: Physicians Formula All in 1 Beauty Balm Cheek and Lip!

Happy Monday beautiful readers. How was everyone’s weekend? Did anything interesting happen?

I bring you a review today on the new All in 1 Beauty Balm for Cheeks and Lips from Physicians Formula. Let me break this down for you the best way I can. I buy a lot of products. Some work, some don’t. It’s all for the better of the blog. But … sometimes I come across a product that is just so horrible, that I will return it. This is usually more with higher end products , as I know the money could be better spent on something else. But in this case, the product was $6.49 CAD (on sale!). And I returned it. That’s how bad it was. Before I get into specifics, let’s take a look at the product! I got the shade Berry Pink which was all my drugstore had … I have seen a coral shade online though!

This was just too cute not to pick up. It looked like an EOS balm! I am a sucker for those balms even though to be honest, I really don’t like them much. (The lure of packaging is real… Trust me!)

Anyway, upon swatching, I was satisfied with the color payoff. It was sheer, but that’s what it claimed to be, so no hard feelings there. See the swatch below:


This product claims to have 10 Beauty Benefits. Moisturizing, Smoothing, Protecting, Soothing, Hydrating (which is the same as moisturizing) Conditioning, Glow-Boosting, Perfecting, Line Smoothing and Long Wearing.

I can tell you, pretty much all of those are complete lies. With the exception of protecting (this product has SPF 20 in them, but it isn’t being claimed on Canada, more than likely due to DIN issues) this product did nothing like it said it would.

First of all, I am not huge on using the same thing on my lips and cheeks. Especially something like this that gets applied directly. But – in a pinch, I can see how it would be helpful. I tried this on my lips first, and it was such an awful experience. They made my lips feel like someone had dripped hot wax on them, and I was left with the thickest, waxiest residue ever. It made every single line and flake look more apparent, and it just felt awful to wear. Fair enough I thought. Maybe this would work well on my cheeks. I tried the product on and was again disappointed. It dragged on my skin, and left me with a sheer wash of color. As soon as I tried to blend with my fingers, I ended up taking whatever color I had just put down off, and in the process, messing with my foundation. Super unhappy with this! It looked waxy on the skin, and the product itself just wasn’t creamy enough to glide on smoothly.

So, a lip and cheek product that is awful on both the lips and cheeks? Not okay in my books. I decided to brave the judgement, and return the product to the drugstore.

I consider this a public service announcement. This is a less expensive product for Physicians Formula, and the packaging is adorable. But, be forewarned that a Venti Flat White from Starbucks will cost you a little less, and it is much more satisfying. I have scrubbed my lips with the tongue cleaner on the back of my toothbrush (which works so well!) rinsed, and applied my Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, and my lips still feel like waxy slugs. Not cute.

What is the last product you used that really disappointed you? Let’s help eachother out here!


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5 Mascara Empties with Reviews!

Mascara is something that I go through really quickly. Normally I stick with my HG Hypnose by Lancôme, but being a beauty blogger, I am constantly being asked my opinion on different mascaras.

So, going through my empties, I realized that I had 5 mascaras to throw, and thought I would separate these into their own post.

Let’s get into the reviews!


Essence Get Big Lashes: So you know that feeling when you see a $3.99 mascara, and you think … What if this could be my HG? What if it wasn’t a dry, flaky mascara that I would regret purchasing? This my friends, is sadly the negative part of trying new things. I am not too upset over it since it was so inexpensive, but this mascara did nothing for me. Large brush, dry formula, and flake city. If you want to try an Essence mascara, I’d recommend the Extreme Crazy Volume in the pink tube.

Lancôme Grandiose: I have a full review on this mascara, and I have to say, I love it. The packaging is just divine, and the wand really does make application super easy. I thought it we gimmicky at first, but this mascara fans out my lashes, gives me length and volume, and doesn’t flake on me. Totally worth the splurge for a tube of this.

Rimmel ScandelEyes Rockin’ Curves: I don’t get this mascara. I don’t like the formula, it flakes all over my face through the day, and I just don’t understand the wand. I appreciate when companies come out with new wands, but the shape of this one doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make it easy to get close to your eye, let alone the smaller lashes in the corners. If the formula was great, I would give it some credit, but this one just didn’t work for me.


L’oreal Telescopic: I have mixed feelings for this mascara. I know it’s a lengthening mascara, and it does give me length, I just wanted more from it. How I ended up using this was layered underneath a more volumizing mascara to get my desired look. It flaked on me a little bit, but nothing that was too bad. If you are blessed with thick full lashes, and just want something to comb them through and add length, if give this a try. If you’re like me and prefer drag queen lashes even on a Tuesday morning, I would skip this one!

Maybelline Lash Discovery: Oh how sad I am that this is gone. This isn’t available where I live, so I don’t know when the next time I’ll be able to get my hands on one is. I originally got this for my bottom lashes (and it worked amazing for that!) but I progressed to using it on my top and bottom lashes until the tube was gone. The teeny tiny brush was just so easy to work with, and it never ever clumped on me. Zero flakes by the end of the day. I love this product and will be stocking up the next time I see it!

What mascaras have you been using lately? Has anyone tried the new Cover Girl Bloom mascara?


Product Fails: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick!

There were a lot of disappointments in 2014 beauty (for me). The Narsissist Palette, the YSL shimmer glosses, the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask … I could go on and on. But one that really disappointed me, was a product by Stila that I really wanted to work for me. I have this in full size, and before I even used it, I was turned off of the product simply because how much of it comes out on the applicator. With such a high pigment product, you really need a precise applicator. An overly saturated doe foot, is just not going to cut it.

Then when I was shopping through my collection, I came across a mini version of the same product! Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso. I opened it up, and the product seemed like it would be easier to use because obviously the applicator was much smaller, and less messy than the full size.

So, while getting ready for a Christmas party, I put this on. It went on smooth, it is so full color and really looked beautiful. I did only a thin layer, as that was all I needed to get the look that I wanted (which was an intense, bold red lip). I felt the product was super drying, but I didn’t want to put a balm or a gloss on top, because I really like to test products as they are. What good is a $30.00 lipstick if you need to top it with a second product?

On the drive to the party, I was complaining to Sabah that my lips were so dry, but by the time we got there, they seemed okay. I started drinking our holiday drinks when we arrived, and was surprised at the super offensive red ring this lip product left on my glass. (I have a thing about lipstick marks on glasses … It drives me insane!)

Finally, the last straw for me was after several awkward stares from people at the party, I ran into Sabah, who promptly told me to go to the bathroom, pull my shit together, and get the lipstick that was all over my face off.

I ran upstairs, and was horrified to realize that the lipstick was everywhere. Under my nose, on my chin, on my cheeks. How could you do this to me Stila!? I know I don’t have a ton of favorites from your line, but I’ve been talking non stop about your Spring 2015 collection. I thought we were friends? None the less, some Bioderma, and Shiseido cotton, took this right off. It had no staining effect, and hardly any lasting power. For something that dried down to a matte finish upon application, I was shocked how much this moved outside my lip line (and apparently all over my face!)

Definitely makes it to the 2014 Wall of Shame for me.

Do you guys have any embarrassing cosmetic stories? Lipstick on teeth, false lash stuck on your face? I hope this stuff doesn’t happen to only me!


You can’t win em’ all: Three products that didn’t work out for me!

Perfect timing to follow two empties posts. I love to finish my beauty products. That last pump, or that last swipe of product gives me a feeling like I could conquer the world. And it helps with the guilt that I’m sure all beauty bloggers have. When you have a ridiculous amount of product that one person would never need in a lifetime, and you actually finish a product, it makes you feel like you’re making a dent in your collection.

Alas, sometimes I start to use a product, and I just know that it is not for me. They have no chance to get to an empties post, because the thought of having to finish them, makes me want to pull my hair out. These are the products that I will take with me to work, and try to find them a home. These three products did not work for me at all, and I’m going to tell you all about why.


Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion: I am not wonderful at using a toner. Beauty confession #1. I have yet to find one that works for my skin, and I thought I had the issue solved when I picked this one out. Wrong. This toner felt nice on my skin, but it was so fragrant, that I couldn’t stand to put it on my face any longer. The scent lingered for way too long, and it made my eyes water when I put it on. I am talking super strong scent. Liquid fragrance on a cotton pad strong. I didn’t even get a chance to see if this helped my skin out, because I couldn’t stand to use it for more than 5 days. This is my official cry for help, tell me if you have a favorite toner for dry skin!!

Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer: The reason I picked this up, was because it claims to cut your blow dry time. That’s a legit lie. I actually timed my blow dry with and without this product several times, and every time I applied the product first, it took me longer to blow dry, because my hair felt like an oily mess. I didn’t overuse it, and I’m not someone who is scared of oils in my hair, so I was really disappointed with this. I’m using an Alterna leave in cream now, and I have a back up of my favorite Keratase heat protectant lined up for after that. Hopefully whoever I give this product to likes it more than I did!

Garnier Deconstructed Beach Chic Texture Spray: Another hair product that didn’t work for me. Unlike the Deconstructed Texture Tease spray from this same line, this product did nothing for me. It smells nice, and didn’t make my hair crunchy which was nice, but it just didn’t make my hair wave, or really do anything to it. I work with a girl who recently chopped a lot of her hair off (for Locks of Love!) so I am going to pass this off to her and see if she has better luck.

Did you guys try anything recently that didn’t work for you? Let me know about it!


Review: It Cosmetics Brow Power Brow Pencil!

I’ve reluctantly started to use a new brow pencil this past month. I picked up this It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil at Ulta, in those dreaded/lovely cubes of smaller product near the cash registers. This was $15.00 USD, and you get 0.07g of product. The shade is Universal Taupe, and is meant to be an appropriate color for everyone, no matter their hair color. For those with light hair, use a light touch and for those with darker locks, simply use a bit more pressure.



This brow pencil is double sided, and comes with a spooly on the end. It applies alright, but I find the product a little dry. Everytime I pick this pencil up, there is always at least one brow hair stuck in it, which means the pencil is so dry, it is literally pulling my brow hairs out. Not cool. As if that wasn’t enough, my next issue is the spooly brush. Once the product is laid down, it is absolutely necessary to brush it through. This spooly grabs the product and instead of softly blending it, it drags it all around the brow area. Every single day that I have used this pencil, I have had to take a qtip, and wipe all around the edges of my brow, because this spooly makes them look way over smudged. The formula is also not the best. If you’re someone who fears losing a part of their eyebrow midway through the day, this product will make that fear come true. A slight wipe with your hand or a tissue will completely take this product off, and in the rain, this product doesn’t stand a chance. The third strike for me was a couple of days ago when I opened this brow pencil, and the entire bullet of product fell out into the floor. I have put this in my travel makeup bag, that I don’t use very often, and replaced it with my lovely Elizabeth Arden Brow Pencil in Brownette, which I highly recommend over the It Cosmetics.

This was the first of three It Cosmetics products that I bought when I was at Ulta, so I hope that the other two work out much better!!

What is your holy grail brow product?


Review: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask!

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and enjoying buying all of the makeup that I’m not allowed to buy. (If you read my blog regularly, you know I am on a cosmetics purchasing ban!)

I have a review for you guys today, for a product that people ask me about all the time. Now, I consider myself a serious lip treatment junkie. My lips (like everything else) get super dry, and in the dead of Winter, I pretty much shed my skin similar to a snake.

The amazing reviews on this product lured me in, and I have loved everything from Bite that I have come into contact with. But this product my friends, is glorified Vaseline.


First of all, I need to talk about the sheer frustration of the 15g packaging. It is a decent amount of product, but it is so bloody hard to squeeze out of the tube. I literally brought this product to Sabahs house, so she could feel how hard you need to squeeze to get some of the product out. While I appreciate the reminder of how weak I am, and how badly I need to go to the gym, I don’t need the embarrassment from a lip balm on the daily. When the product finally does come out, you need the smallest amount. This has the texture of what can only be described to me as melted car tires. It is thick, and goopy, but the uncomfortable feeling soon goes away after you apply it , and your body heat warms the product. This is definitely not a lip balm/treatment that you throw in your bag, or top up your lipstick with. This was exclusively a nighttime product for me. I would apply it before bed, and wake up with dry lips that didn’t have the remains of any hydration. I get much better results with my trusty Aquaphor, which is so super cheap! This 15g tube retails for $30.00 CAD, and I will more than likely pass this off to one of my sisters to try.

If you are someone who likes a higher end fancy lip balm to apply, I would definitely stand by the Christian Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, but if you’re on a budget, simple Aquaphor will do the trick.

This one stings me, because I could have purchased something amazing with $30.00. A classic case of money directly down the drain.

Like I said, this product gets amaZing reviews online, what did you think of this product?


Product Fails! Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper!

How is everyone feeling after Halloween? Are we all still in a candy coma? I have been slowly trying to get my diet back on track (right before the holiday season comes in and ruins it again!) I drew this morning for the winner of my Instagram giveaway and would love to congratulate @caileanrae on Instagram! She won all the awesome goodies I was giving away!

Now onto a product rant. This is a product that gets super nice reviews, and I’m not sure why it hasn’t worked for me. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper.


I’m not someone who wears eyeliner on a daily basis. But I love the look of a winged liner. Stila has worked well for me, and the Benefit They’re Real liner worked as well… (Once I figured out how to work with it!)

This eyeliner is absolute garbage for me. I’ve worn it on several occasions (to work) which is by no means a strenuous work out, or an overly humid environment. I can wear drug store liquid liners that won’t budge on me through a whole shift. I’ve taken a few pictures of the result of 8 hours of wear.




As you can see, it just completely fell apart on me. To be fair, I didn’t set this with a black shadow, but I never do that with any of my liquid liners, and I especially think that I shouldn’t have to do that with a liner that is this expensive.

Sabah and I split a set that had a full size mascara, and this eyeliner in it, and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t buy this full size. I am so disappointed, and I’ll be sticking to my other trusted liners from now on!!

Have you guys tried this? Did it work for you or no?


Marc Jacobs gave disappointing Lip Service …

Some of you die hard beauty lovers may remember this 1000 point set by Marc Jacobs. As soon as I saw the two full sized Marc Jacobs lippies, I jumped onboard, and gladly handed over my points. In this set I received a Lip Vinyl in 316 Shooting Stars, and a Lip Gel in 146 Cabaret. Both of these have some pros and cons – but let me say in short, I am glad I didn’t actually pay money for these.


(I actually ended up switching my Lip Vinyl for a different shade, because the one that came in my kit was cracked, and leaked everywhere, so the shade pictured here is called Boom Boom.)

Let’s start with the Lip Gel. First of all, the packaging of this is incredible. Total purse proud product. And the shade is absolutely stunning. My issue with the product is the wear time, and the texture. As soon as I applied this product, I felt the need for a lip balm. It was crazy drying on my lips. Fair enough – pairing a lip balm under a lipstick isn’t enough for me to totally snub a product. The wear time of this as what really turned me off. I got maybe 25 minutes out of it before my colleagues were warning me that I had the dreaded lipstick ring of color around my mouth. And with it being a stronger color – let me tell you – it was not pretty. I had to constantly reapply, and that made my lips completely dry out. I pulled out all the stops. Apply, blot, reapply … I used a tissue with some loose powder, but this stuff avoided my lips like Lindsay Lohan avoids Rehab. Expensive products should not be this high maintenance – and I will not be purchasing anymore of these.

Now for the Lip Vinyl. First off, the color range of these are very limited. Some have sparkle and some are a cream finish. Almira found a perfect shade for her with a cream finish and she loves it. Unfortunatly, my experience wasn’t the same. I get maybe 40 minutes of wear time out of this, but all I am left with at the end of it, is a mouth full of glitter in my dry flakes. And, the glitter travelled all over my teeth as well. Rubbing glitter off of your teeth with a tissue is not something I am prepared to deal with, when using a super high end product. I also had trouble with the package leaking, but after looking closely, I saw that it was cracked, and I was able to switch it for another color of my choice. (I was really pleased with the service!) The new color is still just OK on me, however it is a cream finish and I definitely prefer these to the shimmer finishes. These do feel nice on the lips, they are slightly cooling and minty. However, other companies do better with these types of products. Shiseido Lip Laquers, and Rimmel Apocalips to name a few. These are just not worth the price in my honest opinion, but I will be keeping the beautiful packaging in my collection for sure.

So far the Marc Jacobs line has just been so-so for me. I do want to try the Genius Gel Foundation though …


Review: Lorac Pro Palette!

I have been mentally preparing for the backlash of this post since mid September. The second item from my previous haul that I have been playing with, is the Lorac Pro Palette. This palette has a cult following and boy oh boy are people passionate about it. When Girl met Blush was born, I vowed myself to honesty. Never would I promote a product that didn’t knock my socks off, and frequently products turn out to be just “okay”. I won’t love or hate them- and I just become kind of indifferent. After a few weeks, I bravely say, this palette is not worth the hype. There are lots of pros to this Lorac Pro Palette, so let’s start there. First of all, amazing sleek packaging that can be easily stored and doesn’t take up too much space. The colors are beautiful, and I appreciated the mix of mattes and shimmers. They swatch beautifully, and feel like icing sugar to the touch. What could go wrong right? This palette retails for $38.00 USD and seemed like the bargain of the year. Almira bought one, I bought one for myself and for Sabah, and we brought one back for a coworker of ours. I broke into this immediately, dying to know what the buzz was about. The first time I used it, I paired the shadows with the Lorac Eye Primer that comes with the palette. I opted for an all matte look, as day to day I do a fairly basic look. By the end of the day, I was a creased mess. Slightly brown lids, with dark brown creases all over the place. I know what you’re thinking – Sara, this is all your fault! Clearly you applied too much primer, or you went to hot yoga with your makeup on! Nope. Sorry folks. I had an eight hour seminar on Clarins that day – and oily eyelids are something that I have never experienced. This coming from a girl who wore Urban Decay’s Buck and Naked shadows everyday with no primer for over a year. Never one crease. Must have been a fluke right? I continued to use the shadows with no primer, and also tried several other brands of primers, but at the end of the day I was always dealing with creased eyelids. After a week and a half of doing nothing but matte looks, I thought I would try my luck with the shimmers. I did different combinations of colors daily, and I will say that these were a breeze to blend, and the ceasing really didn’t seem to be as bad with the shimmer shades. What I did notice, is the darker colors really blended together, and ended up looking like one muddy mess. I consider myself quite capable when it comes to applying eyeshadow, and I have tons of palettes that don’t do this to me. It’s almost like they blend so easily, it’s impossible to go in with a clean blending brush and soften up the edges, without mixing everything into one big shade. I know people go crazy for this palette, but I am just not a fan. I would never recommend this over the original NAKED palette- even though I love the large selection of matte shades that Lorac provides.




This palette definitely makes it into the 2014 disappointment list. Move over Narsissist Palette, now you have a buddy to hang with whip I dig out my NAKED palette again.

What did you guys think of this palette? Am I totally alone in my disappointment?

Mascara Review: Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara!

Another mascara fail coming at you folks. Let me start by saying this might be the perfect mascara for someone, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Clinique lash power feathering mascara boasts “out to there length” and a feathered look, with separation and definition. What the package should really say, is “This will paint your lashes black, and give you an extra 0.01 millimetre of length.” Everytime I try this mascara I am disappointed. I love the Clinique High Impact mascara, and like I have mentioned before, mascaras are one of the most personal things when it comes to makeup. I will say this did not flake on me, or irritate my eyes in the least, and it was easy to remove with my beloved Bioderma. It has a strange stringy formula, that I have learned I am not a fan of ( any “tubing” mascara has never worked out for me.

If you are someone that is looking for very natural lashes and need zero help in the length department, you might actually like this. I would love to hear some more opinions on it, as I am always open for new tips and tricks.

On a better note, the New England Patriots got slaughtered in last nights game … Nothing could really ruin my mood at the moment, not even this completely non event mascara.

How was everyone’s weekend? Any fun stories to tell??