Haul Post

Drugstore Haul!

Rise and Shine everybody! I wanted to show you all some goodies I picked up from the drugstore! I found two lipsticks I am really excited about!


Stila Mile High Lashes Mascara: Ok, so technically this isn’t a “drugstore” purchase, but regardless, my drugstore carries a lot of high end brands. I have tried this mascara before, and I absolutely loved it so I am excited to have another tube in my life. If you want volume and length, with no smudging or flaking, give this a try!

Bourjois So Laquer Glossy! Nail Polish: I like the brush of this nail polish, it looks nice and wide. Similar to the Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen. I love the peachy pink color and I can’t wait to wear this a little closer to Spring.

Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous! Foundation: I have heard nothing but amazing things about this foundation. A lot of oily skin girls love it, so I am interested to see what I think of it on my dry skin. I have used this once, and I am happy with the color, the coverage, and the finish. And, my skin didn’t feel too dry underneath of it. Alas, I will continue to test it out, and review it for you guys soon!

Physicians Formula Super BB All in 1 Beauty Balm for Cheeks and Lips!: This was just too cute to pass up. It looks similar to an EOS balm, and I am hoping it delivers on it’s promise to be a sheer hint of color for cheeks and lips. This might turn out to be a perfect purse product. Time will tell!

Clinique Take the Day Off: This eye make up remover is great. This bottle is actually for my sister, but I have used this product before and loved it, so wanted to give it a little love. Most days, my trusty Bioderma will do the trick, but for days that I have a lot of eye makeup on, or a deeper colored lipstick, this always gets the job done!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Let’s get Naked!: I absolutely love this lipstick. Color, formula, even packaging. I used to be a huge fan of the old Moisture Renew lipsticks, so I was happy to see that these were just as good! This lipstick and the next one will both be swatched on the blog tomorrow!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Cognito: Another awesome shade. Not as hydrating as the Rimmel, but I have already used this a lot as a highlighting shade on my lips. It’s also great over a lip liner!

My oh my it feels wonderful to purchase cosmetics again. I am definitely going to go back for some more of those Rimmel lipsticks ….

What drugstore products have you bought lately?



Haul Post: Lush!

So the other day, Sabah took me makeup shopping. Just another day really, until we went to leave, and she said she wanted to go to Lush. Now, I never shop at Lush. Something about the overwhelming smell of the store usually turns me off. But after watching a recent Lush haul on YouTube, I was intrigued by their bath products. These are what I picked out, and if you are a Lush junkie, consider this my official cry for help! Leave me your favorite Lush products below so I can pick them up next time! I will leave the descriptions of each product from the Lush website below!


Rose Jam: (Pink product) “The Bubbleroon is our newest style of Bubble Bar inspired by delicious, handmade macaroons. Rose Jam is based on a decadent traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam that our Turkish rose absolute supplier shares with us every year, and is made with our sophisticated new rose perfume. Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they are also fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. The rosy fragrance paired with the coconut oil “icing” that sticks the two halves of this Bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak.”

Wow – this little beauty smells amazing. What made me pick this up, was the promise for hydration. Anything that can help my snake-like legs in the colder months, I will take.

Cinders – (Yellow and Orange) “Heat up your holidays with this sweet and spicy bomb inspired by fireside gatherings with family and friends. We combine crackling vegan candies with stimulating cinnamon leaf oil to recreate the warmth of the hearth. This spicy soak also has hydrating almond oil to keep your skin super soft and smooth – and with a bathtub fizzer so inviting, you can go ahead and skip the open fire and curl up with Cinders instead.”

Something about the sound of crackling made me want this. It sounds so holiday appropriate, and I can’t wait to use this on a cold stormy night. He was also only about $5.00, so I might stock up on these if I like the effect!

Butterfly Kit – “Transform your skin with this hydrating super-duo. The decadent, rose-scented Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner and the creamy, fruity Sultana of Soap are both packed with some of our most skin-softening ingredients. Start with Sultana to wash away troubles (and dirt) with its rich, creamy later, and then spread on a generous amount of Ro’s Argan. Rinse away and leave the shower feeling irresistibly soft and smooth. It’s two of our most popular products together in one gorgeous gift.”

I really wanted to try the Ro’s Argan, and Sabah pointed out a kit that had a smaller version of it to try first. (The big size is like $30.00!) this kit was $14.95 – and came wrapped so beautifully, it was hard for me to unwrap it!


The Comforter: “When life is getting you down, crumble The Comforter under hot, running water for passionately purple water and creamy, comforting bubbles. This massive slice of vibrant fruitiness gives you the feeling of being enveloped in a warm hug and gently consoled by the friendly fruity aroma of a blackcurrant candy. It was created to bring a real sense of comfort to people, just like a real comforter would. Snuggle in, and stay undercover until you’re ready to face the world once again. Even better, each bar creates two baths of fruity comfort.”

The lady at Lush told me that this would turn my bath into a purple party. For some reason, that’s something I think I would like! I have to bring up an awkward thing that I had to ask while shopping for all of these bath products. What about my lady bits? I didn’t get any products with glitter in them, because I just wasn’t ready. And even with these, I was concerned for my V health. To be honest, I was really concerned about UTI’s or a possible yeast infection (yuck!) but I was assured that these products can be used safely up to four times a week. The sales lady was super open and comforting about it, so my mind is a little bit more at ease about it. (Again, any tips or thoughts, please leave me some comments!)

I also have to say, I love the personalized stickers that show you who made your products. I don’t know about the bath products, but my butterfly kit was put together by Mai and her team! Thanks Mai!


Who do I need to call to get a sticker like that of me???


Haul Post! Clarins, Lise Watier and Benefit!

As the holidays creep up on us, most of us will be increasing our shopping habits. Both for other people, and ourselves. I am no different! October through January are definitely the most expensive months for me. I picked some goodies up lately, and wanted to show you guys what I got!

Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base: I am really hoping that this product will replace my Benefit Stay don’t Stray. Don’t get me wrong, I love that product, but there is just so much wasted product with the doe foot applicator. I really prefer squeeze tubes. The texture of this seemed to be quite similar, and I am excited to try it!

Lise Watier Smokey Kohl Velours Eyeliner (Noir Velours) : Lise Watier knows eyeliner. I put these liners up with other brands that are much more expensive. (And any reason to support a Canadian company works for me!) this liner is crazy black, and I’m sure I will get a lot of use out of it this season. (Does anybody else wear a lot more eyeliner in the winter?)

Lise Watier Rouge Fondant Supreme in Sandra: Okay, I LOVE these lipsticks. I already own Jennifer and Liz, and Sandra is the new chick on the block! These lipsticks are so creamy, so comfortable, and have amazing pigment. There are also five more of these launching soon (blog post coming on that!) and I couldn’t be more excited … I wish they would make a Sara shade …

Lise Watier Mineral Compact Powder in Neutre: This was recommended to me by a friend, as she knew I was on the hunt for a new powder foundation. I am dying to try the Laura Mercier one, but for some reason I cat get myself to buy it! So, we will see how this goes. I have used this a few times, and so fat I am happy. It does give me a bit of that tight face feeling, which I often get on my super dry skin, when I use powders. The cool thing with this powder is it comes with a 50 pack of blotting papers that is under the compact. Not that I need oil blotting papers, but I still appreciate the extra product!

Clarins True Radiance Foundation in 109 Wheat: Clarins does foundations really well. I loved Everlasting, Skin Illusion, and their BB cream. So when they launched this foundation that promises moisture, and a dewy finish, I knew I had to try it. I wish I would have picked the 107 shade, as I haven’t self tanned in forever, and this might be a little dark for me right now. Either way, this will be put to good use! Stay tuned for a review on that!



Benefit Sweet Tintations Set: This is one of many adorable Benefit sets that released for the holidays. And really the only one that made sense for me. I probably own more Benefit than any other line, so the kits of full sized products, and the blush palette didn’t really appeal to me, as I already have most of it. This kit caught my eye however, because I have finished a Lolli Balm already. Yup, you heard that right. I finished a lip product. This is rare for me. I love LolliBalm, and I can’t wait to try Benebalm. Plus, you get the two matching mini tints. (Which I have full size of, so these will probably go into a future giveaway!) This kit was $30.00 CAD which is a steal, considering that one balm is usually $22.00!

This is just the start of my holiday shopping!

What have you guys bought lately?


Makeup Haul from The States!

I love Canada. Don’t get me wrong, this country is amazing. But one thing I would change if I ran this place, is the cosmetic selection that we have. Our lives consist of lusting over things that we can’t buy at our Canadian retailers, and when you watch a lot of YouTube videos from American Guru’s, it’s hard not to feel that little sting of jealousy when they rave about something we simply can’t get our hands on here.

But of course, people travel. Almira and I recently went on a trip to Florida, and came back with so many things that we had our eyes on. We also met a wonderful waitress named Sara at an IHOP in Kissimmee. She made our whole trip. Turns out, Sara took her “h” off the end of her name in grade 4. (I took mine off in grade 3!) She is someone I will remember from the trip, and she was crazy nice. I told her that she was nicer than most servers in Canada, and that’s saying something! If you’re reading this Sara, thank you for being so awesome! Almira and I both loved you!

Now, into the goodies. Let’s just dive right in, and I’ll show you guys what I got.


Psssst! Dry Shampoo: This is a product that a lot of YouTubers rave about, and I am an absolute Dry Shampoo junkie, so this was something I knew I had to have. I found it at Ulta (Which is like a makeup lover’s wet dream …) It was my first time inside an Ulta and I am hooked now! I am almost out of my Batiste Dry Shampoo, so this is next on the list.

Jane Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner in Black: Another thing YouTube made me buy. (Honestly most of this stuff I have YouTube to thank for!) This eyeliner is supposed to be amazing in the waterline, and it was $6.00. I haven’t opened it up yet, but I will let you guys know what I think when I do!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation: This foundation is incredible. I already opened it, as I was just too excited to fully finish the foundation I was using before. I wear the shade Nude, and it is a perfect match. My only gripe with this, is the packaging. I always want a pump. But the coverage, the finish, and the lasting power is just what I was looking for in a foundation. This will be something I will stock up on everytime I go down to the States now.

Nivea A Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon: This lip balm has been such a pain in the ass for me. Sabah has been aggressively searching every store around here for this lip balm, with no luck. This was one of the things on her “You have to buy me this” list, and when I found it, I grabbed one for me too. Because if she loves it, I’ll never hear the end of it.

Aero Minerale Cosmetic Puff: I was looking for the makeup puff that Tati (Glamlifeguru) uses on YouTube, but I couldn’t find it. When I saw this little guy, he was on the clearance rack for $0.97, so I couldn’t say no. Hopefully this works just as well as the other one I originally wanted. On a side note, I was also looking for the Coty Airspun powder, and couldn’t find it anywhere. Any of my American readers know where I can get my hands on that?


Flawless In a Flash kit by Laura Geller Beauty: This set was too good of a deal to pass up. It comes with her Spackle Primer, The Real Deal Concealer, a baked foundation, and a brush. For $20.00. I wanted to try the concealer anyway, so when I saw this kit, it just made sense. The sizes of all the products are perfect, and I cant wait to try these out. I have never tried anything from Laura Geller, so I’m pretty excited!

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps: So Almira bought this not too long ago for me and Sabah, and I absolutely love it. I ended up picking this one up for my boss, who also loves a good body lotion. I regret not buying more, because I am already having to squeeze my bottle a little too hard for comfort. It will be gone in probably a week. I highly recommend this lotion!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness: This product gave me some anxiety. When I went into Ulta, I did all of Sabah’s shopping first, rang through, and then continued doing my shopping. I had one of the grey bags they let you shop with, and the orange Ulta bag with Sabah’s stuff inside of that. When I was throwing my stuff into the bag while I was shopping, this somehow went into the bag of stuff I had already purchased for Sabah. So when we got into the car and Almira was showing me everything we bought, we realized that I pretty much stole the Bye Bye Redness. It was a simple mistake, and of course I went back into the store and paid for it. The girl was so shocked that I came back in to pay for it, so she gave me an extra little sample of an eye cream I have been dying to try. Aside from the drama surrounding the purchase, I am so happy I got this, as redness is definitely an issue for me.

Beauty Blender Micro Minis: I have a feeling that these will be gimmicky. I LOVE my original Beauty Blender, but I have never really felt the need for a smaller one. But of course, they’re adorable, and I had to buy them. The lady that was helping me out, said that they are really nice from cream contour, so that will probably be what I use them for.


IT Cosmetics CC Cream: I got this in the shade Medium, and I can’t wait to try it. The coverage of this is supposed to be amazing, and I love the packaging. It reminds me of my beloved Marcelle BB cream. SO I am hoping this will make me just as happy, and provide a bit more coverage.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power: This was an impulse buy, picked up in the travel section near the cash. (Who else loves that section!?) Seriously, I can never get out of a store without buying something from those little buckets. I am still loving my Elizabeth Arden brow pencil, but I am hoping that this will be slightly lighter in color.

Dr. Jart HELP ME Skincare set: This was something that seemed like it would be perfect for my dry, reactive skin. It comes with the starter sizes of the Ceramidin Liquid, and the Ceramidin Cream. I am going to start using both of these exclusively very soon, and let you guys know what I think about it!

Lorac Pro Palette: I have been using this for about four days now … I will keep my thoughts to myself for now until I am able to do a full review on it. Regardless, I feel better being able to say that I now own this. This is a brand that Canada seriously needs to get involved with. This was a gift from friends, along with a Laura Mercier bath product you will see in a little while … And a Michael Kors watch! (I have the best friends don’t I!?)


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: We carry Aussie products in Canada, but this is something I can never seem to find. Again, something else that is raved about on YouTube. I will be opening this as soon as I finish my L’Oreal EverCreme mask.

Caress Body Wash in Passionate Spell: This was like $3.00 at CVS, took up the most space in my suitcase, and of course it leaked. I had to bring one back for me and for Sabah. But I think it was worth it. It smells so good, without being overpowering. It’s a perfect scent for Fall. All the YouTube girls always say it’s so hard to find. Almira and I had to go to three stores to track it down.

Freeman Facial Peel off Mask: This cucumber peel off mask is everywhere online. And I have used it already. And I LOVE it. I only put it where a biore strip would go, and it makes my skin so SMOOTH! And, I also love that it peels off all in one piece. I can’t stand facial peels that you need to pick off in a thousand pieces. I should probably stop using this nightly, but it will be a regular in my routine for sure.


Finally, my Laura Mercier Amber Vanille Honey Bath: I have used this a few times, and I am obsessed. It’s one of those products that I want to use all the time, but now I will hardly ever use because I don’t want to run out of it. The honey stick microphone is perfect for Beyoncé-esque singing sessions in the tub, and the smell of this is absolutely perfect. Next time I go down, I want the pistachio version.

That’s all I could bring back with me this time, but of course the running list keeps growing for the next time I visit the States.

Seriously though – does anyone know where I can get that Coty Airspun powder? That’s my only real regret …

Hope you enjoyed the haul!


High End Cosmetic Haul! Goodies for Sabah!

So I did something absolutely bat shit crazy. Almira was travelling recently, and went shopping for some high end makeup. I did one of the bravest things a beauty junkie can do. I told her to pick a bunch of things she thought I would like. We do (as a group of friends) spend a nauseating amount of time discussing our makeup collections and our preferences. I also gave her some vague ideas of things that I’ve been eyeing. Here is the haul of the wonderful things she picked for me:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy: I’ve been eyeing this shade for awhile because one of my favorite youtubers (fleurdeforce) wore it on her wedding day. Almira picked a great one. I already have some lipsticks from this formula and I adore them.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park: This is a spectacular shade. It’s a berry shade that borders nicely on a red. Considering I’ve been flirting with reds lately this is an awesome gateway to the true reds I’ve been playing with while still in the area of my current addiction to berries.

Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Subra: These have been all over the beauty platforms recently. I’m so excited to jump into this product and already have a plan of how to divide it while using it wet and dry. This was not a shade I would have gravitated towards, typically my default setting is bronze shades but I’m so excited because I have nothing like this in shade or texture in my collection.

Chanel Le Vernis in Provocation: Okay I straight up told her I wanted this. I don’t have any Chanel polishes and I’ve really rediscovered painting my nails recently due to an amazing top coat I’ve found (I’ll discuss this in another blog once I’m sure that it works with multiple formulas). Provocation is a wicked deep purple that will work in multiple seasons.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Tisse Vendome 204: I mentioned to Almira I didn’t have a Chanel quad…. This beauty is what she picked (apparently having a change of heart at the cash and switching it up from a brown one she had originally picked). She obviously has been listening to me waxing poetic over my Naked 3 and Marc Jacobs The Starlet because she picked something that has those pinky copper shades that I’ve discovered I love and work great with my blue eyes. This is definitely the one I would have picked if I had been with her.

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps: This is actually a gift from Almira. Sara, Almira and I are all working our way through a list of products you need to own before you die. She saw this mini and got one for the three of us so we can check it off our list. I don’t know much about this but if it makes it to a list containing everything from Le Mer to Lip Smackers I’m anxious to try.

Thank you to Almira for braving this mighty task. I knew I was causing her to go into a deep seated panic but she rose to the challenge. I’m really pumped to dive into these bad boys as soon as I get through some of my current almost empties. I’ve put myself on a mini project pan. This happens sometimes when I have some product guilt surrounding my collection.



Makeup/Skincare Haul!

I recently went out and picked up a few things. Some I needed, some I didn’t, and some were complete impulse buys! (Story of my life!!)


Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette: I love this movie, and when I saw how neutral and perfectly boring the shades were in this baby, I knew I had to have it. I’ll be doing a full review on this soon, but in short I can tell you, it’s everything I wanted the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to be. It swatches beautifully, and I have been getting a lot of use out of it!

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser: this stuff works amazingly to clean my Beauty Blenders, and brushes in general. It always gets them clean, and it is so easy to use, and travel friendly. This is my third one, and I will continue to repurchase!

Peter Thomas Roth Skinstant Mask Magic Trio: I have tried two of these masks at Sabah’s house, and I was pleasantly surprised, so naturally I had to have it. I have seen a big difference in her skin since she started using them (almost nightly! She’s a mask whore) and I am hoping to see the same results!

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask: This product has been out of stock for what seems like forever. They launched a champagne version, but I held out for the original. I have used it a few times, and I have to say it is really nice. My only irk is that it is SO hard to squeeze out of the tube. It’s seriously a pain in the neck. Have any of you guys run into this!?

Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner in “Pool Party”: I absolutely fell in love with the color of this eyeliner, and it was just something that I threw in my shopping bag without thinking about. I have yet to break it open, as I rarely wear color on my eyes, but this beauty was too pretty to pass up!!

That’s my small haul … I really am trying to cut back on what I spend on makeup and skincare … Clearly that’s going well!!

What new stuff have you guys been using lately?


Makeup Haul: A few new goodies for the collection!

I was out shopping the other day, and I just happened to pick up a few things. I thought I would throw them in a haul for you guys, as I always like to see what everyone else gets tempted by! Here is what I picked up!


Lise Watier Sensational Kiss lip treatment: This is my second tube of this product. I have a love hate with it, because I am never a fan of spin up brush packaging. Be it a lip product, or a concealer, I just don’t like the click up pen types. But, once I used this product, I really noticed a difference in my lips. It really hydrates them, and makes them look amazing, and that’s really all I want from a lip treatment at the end of the day.

Milani Brow Shaping Clear Wax: YouTube made me do this one. I have heard nothing but rave reviews for this product, and almost everyone has said they prefer this one to the cult favorite Anastasia. For $4.99 CAD, I couldn’t say no. I am so excited to break into this one.

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation: There was a sale on Physicians Formula, and in a very rare coincidence, there were testers at the store. This foundation applied beautifully on the back of my hand, and I have big hopes for it. It is a serum type fluid foundation, and it comes with it’s own brush. I can see this being a dupe contender for the new Bare Minerals foundation. I actually quite like the brush that came with it too. I will keep you guys in the loop about this stuff!

Physicians Formula Super BB Compact Foundation: This was another foundation that pulled me in. I blame Sabah for this one, as she is ALWAYS looking for the perfect compact foundation to throw in her purse. She hasn’t found one yet, and I think I got this in hopes that I would love it, and be able to take the prize of finding her the perfect product. Me personally, I love compact foundations as well, I just hope it gives me enough coverage to keep me happy! Here’s hoping …

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow: Longest product name. EVER. This was one of those things that just looked different enough, to make me want to buy it. I got the shade in Metallic Dusty Rose, and I am trying to think of an event that I will actually wear this. I feel like with some winged liner and tons of lash, this would look amazing. I have to keep it on my vanity to remind me to use it, or else I will fall into my neutral eye phase, and it will never be seen again. If anyone has tried these shadows, I would love some feedback!

I also picked up some other things that aren’t pictured … I got a Revlon lipstick in Fuchsia Shock, a St. Tropez Mitt, some Shiseido Cotton, and the new L’Oreal Casting Sunkiss Gloss for hair. (Can’t wait to review that for you guys!)

What are some new things you’ve picked up lately?


Haul: The Balm Cosmetics!

So…The Balm had a 50% off sale a few weeks back. Logically I needed to partake. It wasn’t even my fault really, and a sale like that just can’t be ignored. I managed to keep my order under control though and only got five products.
Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette: I’ve been flirting with wearing matte shadows lately. I prefer shimmer but due to my struggles with snake eye (flaky dry eyelids) and aging, it is best for me to learn to adapt. I got this palette in the hopes of filling that hole in my palette collection. I haven’t used it for long so I can’t give a true opinion on it yet, but after a few runs with it I can say the colours have mad pigment, almost too much. There is minimal fallout if any, which is huge for me. There is a lack of a good highlight color, the light shade is a bit yellow for me but I can work with it.

Instain Blush in Lace: Yeah, that’s a pink blush ladies. It’s possibly the pinkest blush I own and that is saying something. It’s awesome and survives on my cheeks that have a tendency to eat blush.

Brow Pow: This is obviously a brow powder, I love it. I have already abandoned all my other brow products. This might be more a reflection of my love for the shade than the product itself. I tend to gravitate towards shades that are a bit too dark for me, but this one matches my brows perfectly.

Put a Lid on It Eyelid Primer: I don’t have any opinion on this yet as I haven’t even opened it yet. I purchased it because I’m always on the hunt for one that doesn’t irritate my snake eye.

How Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Palette: This is the product I really questioned. I had watched some online reviews that weren’t that favorable but…. It’s a blush palette and I’m a blush addict. I am so happy I purchased. The pigmentation is incredible and they are super creamy without being sticky like some cream blushes. In the summer, I like a cream blush because it adds to the dewy look I’m after. Admittedly I’ve only put these on my lips when I was just playing with it but I was happy with the colour and texture. So there it is, I am confident that some of these will become regulars in the rotation. I’m happy with my order and my only dissatisfaction lies in the products I didn’t order.


What do you guys love from The balm?


MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection!

So… it finally happened. The MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection launched in stores, and is finally in my life. This is the kind of collection that makes me unable to sleep through the night. And let me tell you, MAC knocked it out of the park. The packaging, the names of the products, and from what I have had the chance to try so far, the products themselves are amazing. Needless to say, I picked Almira up super early, and before we even had our morning lattes, I was pressed up against the gate at MAC, anxiously waiting to get my hands on this stuff.
I picked up two lipsticks, two eyeshadows, a blush, and two of the bronzers from the collection. My regrets so far include the other eyeshadows, the nude lipliner pencil, the other blush shade, and maybe another lipstick. Those might be things I will have to go back for, assuming that they aren’t sold out. (there was seriously a crowd there that morning!)

Items I chose:
Cremesheen Lipstick in Mystical
Cremesheen Lipstick in Goddess of the Sea
Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Lorelei
Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Fathoms Deep
Extra Dimension Blush in Sea me, Hear Me
Bronzing Powder in Golden (This purchase hurt, because I have this exact bronzer in the box unopened … it was simply a packaging purchase!)
Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder in Aphrodite’s Shell

So I have had the chance to test everything out with the exception of the Golden bronzer (I already know I like it – like I said, it was a packaging purchase!) and I have to say, I am satisfied with all of my purchases. What really blew me away unexpectedly, were the eyeshadows. I’m not usually a single shadow girl, but these babies were so smooth, and so pigmented, I found myself swatching them over and over in store. I am also loving my Goddess of the Sea lipstick. It’s one of those shades that seriously make blue eyes POP!
I will someday bring myself to throw away the boxes that this collection came in, but until then, on my fragrance vanity they shall sit. Greeting me every morning with their beauty.

You guys SERIOUSLY have to get at least a piece from this collection before it’s gone. I can feel that the regret from not getting this will be worse than missing out on a Benefit Box Blush until after it’s been discontinued. Save yourself the agony. Get to MAC!


Sephora Haul!

I am both happy and disappointed to say this haul is smaller than most. Only four items, but I am so excited for what I picked up. Two things were from my local Sephora, and two things were bought online. In store, I purchased a new rollerball from TOCCA in the scent Guilietta. The notes are as followed …
Top Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Ylang Ylang, Green Apple, Pink Tulips. Middle Notes: Lily of the Valley, Iris Pallida, Vanilla Orchid, Lilac, Heliotrope.
And the bottom notes: Cedarwood, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood. If you read my blog about a week ago, you know I have been lusting over Sabah’s new Atelier rollerball, so it was nice to find something I liked (almost) as much as that. The smell isn’t too strong, but it does hang around on the skin for awhile.
The other thing I was really looking at were the Too Faced melted cream lipsticks. I instagrammed a picture of the swatches and asked you guys for help picking a shade, and I honestly was going to go with the red. Until I went up to the cash register and saw the small size of Hourglass’s famous Icon red lipstick. I swatched it next to the Too Faced, and actually preferred the color and the staining quality of the Hourglass. And for $12.00CAD I couldn’t say no. For me to get out of Sephora spending less than $50.00 happens rarely. I was feeling a little disappointed at the register before I checkout out, but while Sabah was paying for her purchase (Blog coming on that soon – hint, its something that sounds like Bark Bacobs) we noticed that they had a 500 point gift from Laura Mercier. Now normally, I reserve my points no matter what, but it’s kits like these that make me spend. It is ADORABLE. Check out the photo below!
Included in this kit is a 15ml foundation primer, a 14.7ml tinted moisturizer in Nude, a mini of my holy grail highlighter (Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight-01) a 2.8g Lip Glace in Rose, and a 11.3g Face Polish.

Now, from the online world … I heard through the grapevine that Hourglass was releasing their Ambient Lighting Palette again online. This was available in stores over the holidays, and for some reason, I took a pass on it. So reeling from my retail regret, when I saw this was available online again I jumped on it. I am hearing that it will now be a permanent product, and should be available in stores sometime. These powders give such a glow to the skin without looking heavy or cakey. Sabah has been using hers for months, and she still can’t say why she loves it. Just that her skin looks better when she uses it. I can’t wait to see if they release a blush palette this year.

That honestly was the only thing I needed, but in order to get free shipping, I had about another $8.00 to spend. I chose one of the Urban Decay BB creams, in a smaller travel size. It looks like it will be okay, I will keep you guys posted on it. The last thing in my box was the three free samples that you get with any order online. I got the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Oil, a mini Buxom lip cream, and a Prada Candy L’eau sample. I was disappointed with the Prada, as I chose the GlamGlow eye mask, but they sent me the Prada instead, so they must have been out. I have a full size bottle of the Prada already, but I do like the smell so it will be good for my purse I guess.

That’s my mini haul for you guys, what new products have you bought lately?


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