Empties: What you need to know about my trash!

Empties. A constant stream of empty products leaving my vanity. A lot of different emotions come with empties. Happiness, relief, pride, fear, anger, disgust … (We’ve all found that overly expired product in the back of our collection every now and again!)

I’m here to give you all the important details on everything that I have used up lately. Let’s get started!

Glam Glow Thirsty Mud: I loved this product. I am sad that it is completely gone, because it is pricey. I loved the smell of it, and I frequently used this as a night cream. I have some other masks I have to try out, and I honestly don’t think I will repurchase this again, even though I loved it. It is just expensive! I have seen that they make the smaller size of it now, so I will definitely buy one of those sometime soon!

Stila Stay all Day Primer Balm: This product was … Underwhelming. I feel like the texture was too creamy for what it was. Honestly, the reason I actually finished this was because there was so much wasted product. Everytime you dipped your sponge in to get some product, you were left with a massive gob on the sponge that ended up being thrown in the trash. The product worked well enough, but the Cover Girl version was so similar there is no way I would tell someone to buy this. Apparently Mally has a wonderful product like this that I would love to try.

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser: BETTER than any other brush cleanser I have ever used. Period. For sponges, for brushes, whatever you have, this is the best stuff to clean them with. I have gone through several of these, and am currently having a small heart attack because I have misplaced my brand new one. I will repurchase this over and over!

Korres 24 Hour Wild Rose Moisturizing and Brightening Cream: Another underwhelming product. The jar is gone, it was fine. I won’t repurchase. I saw no difference in my skin while I was using this, and my dry flakes were there every morning when I woke up. Pass!

Avene Trixera Emollient Cream: I only got about halfway through this before it expired. I didn’t even try to push the expiry, because this cream did nothing for me. I never expect to be changed because of a body lotion, but this one was just boring. I wasn’t excited to use it, and I was thankful when it expired.

Clarins Wonder Length Mascara: Clarins has discontinued this mascara, and I think I know why. Although I love the very small wand (very Maybelline Lash Discovery-esque) the formula did nothing for me. It pretty much made my natural lashes darker, and flaked throughout the day. Discontinued and I have no hard feelings about it.

Lise Watier Feline HD Eyeliner: By far, my favorite liquid eyeliner that I have ever tried. The longer style felt tip makes application an absolute breeze, this is a super black liner, and it never moves around on me. I cannot complain, and I am happy to say that LW has finally launched a brown version!

Caviar CC Cream 10 in 1: This hair product was okay, but I was really looking forward to finishing it so I could get back to my Kerestase. My hair has been so tangly lately, that I am really looking for a product that will help. (Suggestions below please!) For the price of the full size, I won’t be repurchasing this!

Nivea a hint of Olive Oil and Lemon: By far my favorite lip balm from Nivea. This is the only one that ever seemed to heal my lips. I dug into this with a qtip and it is truly empty. This is not available in Halifax, so next time I travel to the States, I will bring back multiple tubes of this!

Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment: I am so glad this was a small packet and not a full size product. This did absolutely nothing for me. My hair was still so rough feeling and tangled after using it. I have used cheap conditioners that have made my hair feel better than this. Definite pass!

Avene Thermal Spring Water: I love this product. This brand in particular is my favorite. I find others leave a mineral like cast on my skin – and I hate it! The Avene water feels so refreshing and crisp, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. I repurchase this over and over!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: I actually really liked this! I am currently going through moisturizers like crazy. I use them for a week or so, and if they burn my skin, or they give me some sort of a reaction, I move on. I got through this whole tube with no issue. My face was so hydrated and never felt like it was burning or irritated. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the smell, but it wasn’t offensive enough to make me not want to use it again. If I have to get rid of another moisturizer, I very well might break down and buy another one of these!

Another round of empties gone. It feels so good to clear this stuff out of here! I have been working on a new vanity area for my products, so I will keep you guys updated on Instagram about that!

Thanks so much for reading!


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Empties Post! New Year, New Empties!

What better to do on a Monday morning than clean out your bucket of empties? I had a few makeup products in here which was exciting, as of many of you with ridiculous makeup collections know, it can be hard to get to the bottom of makeup products!
I did a separate blog for my empty mascaras. Truth be told, a few of them were definitely not empty, they were just so bad that they had to be retired early. Make sure you check out that blog post if you are interested in mascaras!

Let’s jump into the empties! (Disclaimer: I went a little crop crazy with the first picture, so excuse that!)


Biotherm Oil Therapy Baume Corps: I love this body lotion. This is probably my third or fourth bottle. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I can never wear this again, because the smell of it sends Sabah into an absolute emotional downward spiral. We haven’t quite figured out why yet, but I would be a pretty bad friend if I wore it anyway! I would recommend this lotion though, it’s great for dry legs!

L’oreal Elnett Hairspray (Unfragranced): Show of hands, who is tired of hearing me rave about Elnett!? Just for any new readers, this is what you need to know. This hairspray is amazing, you can use as much as you want, and can easily brush it through. Your hair never gets crunchy, and it holds my style really well. Always ALWAYS get the unfragranced version, because the other ones smell like the your grandmothers basement!

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Cleanser: I love this product. It smells great, plays well with my Clarisonic, and never makes my skin feel dried out. Benefit really did well with their cleanser and also their exfoliant. And packaging inspired by sea glass? Sign me up. Love this!


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mineral Balm: I have a seperate review for this product here. This product worked really well for me, and has been the only thing that really has kept my upper lip area from flaking. I haven’t repurchased, because I am trying out some new products, but this will be something I will use again. It’s a perfect barrier cream!

ROC Anti Fatigue Nourishing Cream: This was a cream I had thrown in my travel bag and it didn’t break me out, but it also didn’t wow me. I actually finished the tube moisturizing my legs after my boyfriend came home from a work trip a day early to surprise me, and a very quick, very aggressive leg shaving had to happen in a flash. Seriously, why do men think early surprises are a good idea? After two weeks, I had neglected shaving my legs, had a full face mask on, and was wearing a fleece onesie. I was horrified, but I pulled it together. Either way, even though this moisturizer was fine, I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation: I can’t say enough good things about this foundation. And it’s the first foundation I have actually finished in a long time. I got this in September, and have used it almost exclusively since then. It leaves a very natural finish, feels super light on the skin, and didn’t break me out at all. This isn’t available in Canada, so I won’t be repurchasing, but my next trip to the States, I will be buying this again!


No Dark Shadows: This concealer worked really well for me. It didn’t crease when set with a powder, and it was nice to use for highlighting as well. I went through it super fast, and when I used it one morning and I heard that click that tells you the product is gone, I was shocked. I am a bit of a concealer junkie, so I have already moved on to other things, but if you are looking for a new brightening concealer, give this one a try. It’s inexpensive, but harder to find. I got mine at Shoppers. The only thing I would change is the packaging. I’m not a fan of the twist up brush packaging.

Cover Girl Smoochies in Text Me 220: This product surprised me, I really liked it. The color was great, and it wore really comfortably on the lips. None of the other colors in the range really interest me, but if they ever launched some new shades, I would repurchase for sure!

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eyebrow Pencil in Brownette: This is the best brow pencil I have ever used in my life. And through the cosmetic grapevine, I have heard so many people switching from their HG Anastasia Brow Wiz to this pencil. It’s a little less expensive, and in my opinion, much nicer. Everything from the product, to the packaging, to the spooly brush. I’ve never lost a cap on either side of the product, (which always happens to me with brow pencils for some reason) and I have actually kept this empty product, just to use the spooly that’s on it. It blends your brows out perfectly, without removing too much product. I have already repurchased another one, which I am so glad for, because I’ve been trying lots of other brow pencils, and they just aren’t the same!


Cliniderm Gentle Cleanser: This was the absolute most boring product I have ever used. More boring than Philosophy Purity. But that being said, I still liked it. It did the job, didn’t have any fragrance, didn’t irritate my eyes, or sting my skin. If you have sensitive skin and want a very basic cleanser, I would definitely try this out!

Caress Passionate Spell Body Wash: I loved this product! It was such a warm spicy scent, unlike any body wash I have ever used. Of course I can’t buy this where I live, so I’ll have to do without until I can find it. It was the perfect winter body wash… I wish they made a more creamy version for dry skin. It was like having a bath or shower right next to a crackling fire.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Mask: This changed my hair. Seriously, over all higher end hair masks I have ever used, this made my hair smoother and softer. Even my boyfriend would mention how soft my hair was after using this. I got two of these for $6.00 USD and I am so sad that mine is gone. I’ve had people tell me I can find this in Canada at London Drugs, so I will have to get my sisters in Calgary on the hunt. Next time you hit the drugstore and see this, pick it up and try it!

Once again left with an empty empties bin. I can’t wait to get into some new products and start filling it up again!

Have an awesome Monday beauties!


Empties Post: Part Two!

Yesterday I showed you guys some recent skincare empties, and I wanted to follow up with some makeup products that I have finished as well!


Lancôme Hypnose Mascara: I continue to love this mascara, it is definitely HG status. Volume, length, separation… Seriously this stuff does it all and doesn’t smudge on my eyes. I already have several back ups of this, and plan to keep using it!

Strivectin Extreme Cream: This is my second jar of this cream, and while I liked it, I had to use so much of it to make my skin feel hydrated. I went through two jars of this cream in just over one month, and at over $100 CAD a jar, it just wasn’t worth it for me.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream: I am so glad this product is finished, because it really did nothing for me. It didn’t reduce my lines, or even really hydrate my eye area. I won’t be repurchasing, I’ve already gone back to my HG Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24.

Quo Brush Cleaner: This brush cleaner does the job. It’s inexpensive, and I will continue to repurchase. It’s great to have on hand just when you need to spot clean your brushes!

Benefit Porefessional: This must be my fifth tube of this product. I absolutely love it. But, as a makeup primer, it does nothing for me. Wonderful as a touch up product, but my favorite way to wear it is on days that I wear no makeup. It makes the skin look super smooth, and finishes my redness. I am currently trying out some other products, but I am sure I will go back to this soon!

Benefit LolliBalm: Yes I actually finished this entire tube. And I have already repurchased another one. Of all the balms, this one is my favorite. It gives a subtle hint of color, but is one of the most hydrating lip balms I have ever used!

Vichy Essentielles Lip Balm: This was a great lip balm. I loved it under my lipsticks, and it was nice on it’s own as well. Lip balms are something that I like to try, so I won’t repurchase this, but I would recommend it to somebody for sure!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: Another one bites the dust. I absolutely LOVE this lip product. Everytime I wear it people ask me what I have on. It has been discontinued in Canada and I have three back ups left. The anxiety is real.

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait: I was surprised that I actually finished this, because I didn’t really like it. It had too much glitter in it for me, and when the color was gone, I was left with dry lips full of glitter. I highly recommend the lip butters, but would avoid this shade!

Maybelline Color Elixir in Caramel Infused: So sad that this is gone. I will repurchase for sure. This is a perfect “your lips but better” color for me, and the formula is truly amazing. The tubes must be colored, because you never know when you will run out of this! I scraped the sides for a good two weeks before deciding it was time to move on! Highly recommend these!

Phew – that was a lot of empties! A few duds and a few true favorites. But, the only way to know, is to try them right!

Thanks for reading everybody!


Empties Post! Part One!

Hello Everybody! Who has been panicking about the holidays? It’s all I’ve really had on my mind lately, and thankfully I have a basket full of empties to distract me for a little while! Before we start, I would like to take a second to recognize Almira! She posts blogs on here randomly, and is truly one of my besties! It is her birthday today so everybody send her some love! Happy Birthday Almira, can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Let’s get into the empties! This first segment will be mostly skincare products, and tomorrow’s post will be more heavy on the makeup side. I get super excited when I finish a makeup product! Sometimes I feel like it takes me forever to see the bottom!


Psssst! Dry Shampoo: This was an okay product. Nothing I would repurchase, as I definitely love the Batiste dry shampoo a lot more. You can’t buy this in Canada so Id be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that it didn’t really knock my socks off …

Bioderma Micellar Water: I’ll save my raves about this product as we all know by now how I feel about this product. It is liquid gold and I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s one of my rare staples that I will never be caught without!

Vichy 2 in 1 Aqua Destock: This is a cellulite product that I tried in hopes of finding a cheaper alternative to my Clarins High Definition Body Lift. I will say, this product felt nice, and definitely helped me on those days when my legs were feeling heavy, but as far as helping cellulite, this did nothing. I wouldn’t repurchase, and I will be going back to my Clarins for sure!


Vichy Cellu Destock Expert: This was another product that didn’t work for me. I loved the packaging, it dispenses itself and allows you to massage it in with a triple ball roller head. But it didn’t give me any tightening feeling at all – and absolutely no improvement in my cellulite. I’m glad I tried it, but again, the Clarins worked much better for me!

La Roche Posay Toleraine Cleanser: I loved this product. I was actually really surprised how fast I went through it. Everytime I used it, I felt like the product was getting lower and lower in the bottle. Not until the end of it did I realize there was a huge crack in the bottom of the bottle, and most of it had dripped out of my shower caddy and down my drain! This worked well all over my skin, and didn’t irritate my eyes at all! I would repurchase this again, it was great for those times I jumped in the shower and forgot to Bioderma my makeup off first.

Aveeno Eczema Care Hand Cream: This is a drugstore must have for me. It works just as well as the Kiehl’s hand cream and I got mine on sale for $6.99 CAD. Anyone who has dry hands, or in my case Eczema, should have this on hand, especially in the colder months!!

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps: This lotion was amazing, and I am really upset that it’s gone! It’s not something that’s easy to find in Halifax, so I won’t be repurchasing this anytime soon, but the next time I can get my hands on it, I will be buying the largest bottle I can find!

That’s it for the skincare portion of the empties … I do have two other skincare products that I will talk about tomorrow!!

What have you guys emptied out lately?


Recent Empties: Take a peek in my trash!

It’s a wonderful time. That joyous moment when you realize your empties container is full, and you get the satisfaction of seeing all the products that you’ve used up. Such a good feeling to see some of these products go! Some were great, some were uneventful, and some were absolute garbage. Read on if you’re interested!


Elnett Hairspray: This is the fragrance free version. Let this be a life lesson for everybody. Fragrance Free, with the green stripe. Always. The other Elnetts smell like a 97 year old rug, that’s been stored in Youth Dew fragrance for years. Yuck. But this version is amazing. I can spray as much as I like, and once it’s brushed out, the hold remains, but my hair is super touchable and never crunchy. Have already repurchased!

Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio and Magnolia Body Wash: I also love this stuff. The smell is divine, and these body washes are thick enough to shave with. I will continue to buy these over and over. There is an almond scent that is also amazing!

Clarins Men Smooth Shave: I know this is a product made for men. I honestly was curious if I thought a $22.00 shave foam would be any better than my $2.99 shave foams. The short answer- it definitely isn’t worth the money. The only high end shave foam that I love is the Biotherm (also for men) because I find that one very moisturizing. This was a total waste of money, so if you’re curious, save your money!

Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam: I love this cleanser. I really love all of Shiseido’s cleansers. You need such a small amount, they foam up like crazy, and they are the perfect companion for my Clarisonic. They never leave my skin feeling dry, however they do burn my eyes a little bit if I accidentally get some too close. I have a ton of cleansers to get through first, so I won’t be repurchasing, however I would definitely recommend these!


Strivectin Extreme Cream: I have mixed feelings about this product. It is meant for people with dry skin, and it does help with that for sure. My issue was, I needed so much of it to make my skin feel hydrated. So much so, that I went through this entire jar in 16 days. That’s right. 16 days. This was given to me by Strivectin, and although I do love it, I can’t justify repurchasing a $109.00 cream that will last me 16 days. Almira got one as well, which she gave to me, so I am on my second jar, but after this one I will move on to something else!

Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: Another mixed feeling about this guy. The smell is divine, it is SUPER hydrating, and while I was using it, I didn’t aggressively scratch my legs. This is huge for me. It was weird to use a body conditioner, I have never used anything like this before. My complaint was while rinsing, your hands felt like you just washed them in vegetable oil. It leaves a thick residue on the skin, but once I got out of the shower I really didn’t notice it. I think I will repurchase this, because anything that can make me stop scratching, is worth it’s weight in gold. If you have dry skin, give this a try!

Clarins Double Serum: I left this product for awhile, and I don’t know why. I love everything about this. The texture, the smell, the glow it gives my skin… I could go on and on. I already have a back up, and would recommend this to anyone, regardless of your skin type!

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm: This lip balm was okay. I wouldn’t repurchase based on the scent and the taste. It smells like old plastic! It did definitely hydrate my lips, but I just can’t stand the feeling or smell!

Kerestase Nectar Thermique: This heat protectant is killing me. It’s so expensive, but I haven’t found anything comparable that’s any cheaper. I have already purchased the full size, so I am set for awhile. But – if anyone has any suggestions for a cheaper cream heat protectant, please throw them my way!!

Bioderma Micellar Water: I won’t bore you all with this again. It’s better than anything else. If you haven’t tried it, buy it. If you have tried it, buy it again. If I could buy stocks for Bioderma, I would invest all my savings.


Korres Quecertin and Oak Serum: I liked this stuff. I wouldn’t repurchase as I saw no real difference in my skin, but I know that Sabah absolutely loves this stuff. It was an okay serum for me, but it didn’t wow me. Save your money, pass on this one, and invest in double serum!!

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream: This was another okay product. I used it in conjunction with the Ceramidin liquid, and it helped my dry skin, but I still would wake up with flakes on my skin, and it smelled really funny. It’s a hard product to find here in Halifax, so it’s for the best that I wasn’t crazy about it!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: I loved this concealer. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that Sabah and I argued about wether or not this was empty. I gave it a good 6 months, and I started getting the empty streaks up the tube. For someone who likes to have minimal product open at the same time, it was just time to move on. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a great brightening concealer. Blends out amazingly with a beauty blender!!

Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara: Saved the worst for last. I have a full review on this “mascara” and let me save you the time by telling you it is absolute rubbish. It pretty much just paints your lashes slightly black, and does not much else than that. If you must stick with Clinique, I prefer the High Impact mascara, but honestly, I’d skip them completely and go to Lancôme if you’re looking for an amazing mascara!


Last but not least, Bioderma Wipes. The first few I used were a little dry, but once I got through those, the wipes were really nice. Didn’t sting my eyes at all, and removed most of my makeup. I prefer the water for sure, but when travelling, these work great. I finished off the pack scrubbing the yellow away from my Marge Simpson costume, and they held up. The cloths themselves are very sturdy, and never ripped on me once!

Well, that’s my garbage! So excited to say goodbye to these things and start using some new stuff!!

What have you emptied recently?


Recent Beauty Empties!

So before I started writing this post, I realized that somehow I have lost the list of shades for the makeup part of this, so bear with me, I’ll try my best to remember what I can, but we are just going to have to go by the photos for most of this … I recently did a massive cosmetic clear out, so I have a lot of empties to show you! (And a few products I’m just getting rid of that didn’t work for me!)

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Tropical) – I love Batiste dry shampoo, I’ve talked about this before. I prefer the regular version, but this one was on super clearout. I still have one can of this left, and I will continue to use Batiste.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser – This has become my go to cleanser. I rotate between this one for normal/combo skin and the one with Shea Butter for dry skin. You need a tiny amount, it foams like a dream, and it plays well with my Clarisonic. Will definitely repurchase!

Aquaphor – I can’t believe I actually emptied this. But I guess, this stuff is great. Dry lips, dry patches, cuticle cream, this is an all over beauty product, and I will be picking another one up before the colder months for sure.

Quo Nail Polish Remover- Nothing fancy here, it does the job, and I will repurchase as it’s what’s available to me. Does anyone really find a difference between nail polish removers?

L’oreal EverCreme Nourishing Masque – This masque is now discontinued, but oh my lord I love this stuff. I stocked up when it was on clearout, and this was my last jar. I recently purchased the Aussie 3 minute moist mask, and I’m still deciding what one I like best!

Bourjois Eye Makeup Remover – Solid product. It comes in a huge bottle, and is fairly inexpensive. I used this on days when I had a lot of eye makeup or liner on, and it never let me down. Bioderma does the trick for me on a daily basis, but I will probably repurchase this when holiday makeup starts. Glitter is no joke to remove.

La Roche Posay Ceralip- This product didn’t really do anything for me. I am still searching for a Holy Grail lip balm, and I won’t repurchase this, as it didn’t deliver the results I wanted.

Biotherm Aquasource Nuit- I liked this stuff, but on days when my skin was irritated, or a little red, it did sting a little. I finished it, but I won’t repurchase. I actually had to use this as a serum as it wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin.

Phyto PhytoBaume Express Conditioner- Another blah product. It was nice, but didn’t give me any results I couldn’t get from a drugstore conditioner.


And now for the makeup. Again, I apologize for the lack of shade names, but I’m sure us beauty junkies can figure out what is what!


Lancome Juicy Tube in Spring Fling – This gloss was great for topping off dry feeling lipsticks, it had the slightest tiny, but really came off as clear. Great shine, but it was a little too sticky for my preference.

Chanel Lip Gloss – I LOVE this lip gloss, and I don’t know why I haven’t sought out more of them. Whatever color this was (I honestly can’t remember, but I think it was shade 69) was beautiful, and I loved the way these felt on my lips! Total thumbs up for this prestige gem.

Clarins Rouge Prodige Gloss in Nude – I also love these glosses, I have several colors, and I really am going to miss this nude one. I am currently playing around with some other brands, but it’s only a matter of time until I come back to this. They smell soooo good!

Rimmel Lash Accelerator in Blackest Black- I thought I liked this mascara at first, but about two weeks into it, it was flake city. Maybe because I wear contacts and touch my eyes a lot, and this is a fibre mascara so we just had to break it off. No bad feelings, I think this might work well for somebody who isn’t an obsessive eye rubber.

Stila Forever your Curl Mascara – I did not like this mascara one bit. Honestly, I have never ever liked any of Stilas mascaras (until Mile High came along, that stuff is amazing!) I didn’t notice any curl with this, and while I appreciated the small wand that could grab my tiniest lashes, it did nothing for me. Barely any length, and zero volume. Will not be going back to this one for sure.

Essence Lash Mania Mascara- Another one that flakes on me. To be fair, this costs like $3.99, so I’m not too disappointed with the purchase. Interesting though, this has the exact same wand as the new Stila Mile High lashes. I’ll stick to my I love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara when it comes to Essence.

Sephora Liquid Eyeliner in Pool Party – I wore this eyeliner honestly once. It was so dry and by the end of my work shift, I had flakes of cobalt blue all over my face. It was horrifying. Lancôme makes a similar shade, and that one worked so much better for me. I will not use these eyeliners again!

L’oreal Le Gloss Lip Gloss – This is an oldie but a goodie. As you can see, the packaging has worn off, and for good reason. These are awesome, affordable, non sticky glosses, and I wish they would launch some more colors.

Vichy Aqualia Eye Roller – Another non event product. This felt amazing, I kept mine in the fridge and it was nice to use in the morning, but I need more hydration from an eye cream, and puffiness isn’t one of my main concerns with my eyes, so I won’t be going back to this again!

CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara (water resistant) – You may have remembered my travel post on this. I took this to Florida with me, and it did not hold up to it’s water resistant claim. I was in a hot tub (not even underwater) and the product was all over my face. As soon as I got back from my trip, I threw this in the empty bin.

Smashbox Duo Blush – This was a limited edition blush that came in a kit from Smashbox years ago. I used it and used it and used it, and it was finally time to say goodbye. I loved the two colors because you could use the deeper one near the hollows of the cheek, and the lighter one on the apple. It have a beautiful dimensional cheek, and this will me missed for sure!

Urban Decay Lip Junkie Gloss in Naked – I liked this product, but I wasn’t a fan of the squeeze packaging. I prefer a wand as I get more control, and I think I would purchase the NAKED glosses over this formula.

Phew – that was a huge amount of empties. Thanks for sticking through it with me! Will I ever get tired of the satisfying feeling of making my collection smaller? Now I have room to start picking up the holiday sets! 😉

Thanks for reading!


Sabah’s Recent Empties!

And here are some products I’ve used up folks!

No7 Beautiful skin Quick Thinking Wipes: I’m aware that it is kind of discouraged in the beauty world to be a makeup wipe addict but I am! I’m sorry if that offends you but my skin seems okay with it. I at one point made a list of all the wipes at a local drug store and made an effort to try almost all of them. Crazy? Obviously. What is crazier is that I have bought these wipes at least 15 times in the last two years. They are awesome. They do a great job removing my makeup. They have a snap closing that prevents them from drying out. They have the perfect level of dampness without being kinda gross and drenched. If you’re a wipe junkie then do yourself a favor and pick these guys up.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive: Okay, I probably shouldn’t even be reviewing this. I used it a few times a while ago. I liked it, I wasn’t overwhelmed with it and I wear lashes so rarely that it isn’t really empty so much as it freaked me out that I couldn’t remember when I bought it, therefore, it was going nowhere near my eyes.

YSL Shocking Mascara: Oh Shocking, I waited for you to come into my life for so long and now we part like people who realize they are better off as friends. This could definitely be someone’s Holy Grail, just not mine. I like this mascara a lot. It could be wonderful on some days but not so much on others. There was also some issues with flaking. There was some awesome volume that came with this puppy so if that’s your objective than this might be worth the money. I likely won’t buy this one again but will try different formulas from YSL.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner: I don’t use a lot of traditional conditioners. I typically use a variety of hair masks pretty well every time I was my hair. I keep this one on hand at almost all times though. Like the shampoo of this line my hair really likes it. After using this product my hair is almost as soft as when I use some high end masks. I’ll definitely repurchase.

Cake Milk Made Hand Cream: Gross, won’t make this mistake again. I hated this stuff. I went through a brief phase recently where I wanted to smell like baked goods? I have no idea what I was thinking. I hate vanilla scented fragrances. Anyway aside from the gross smell it left a film on my hands. The film would then turn kinda itchy. Oh and the packaging broke making it unusable in a purse. A hand cream that can’t travel? No thank you, I’ll stick to Cauldalie, Clarins or really any other hand cream I’ve ever tried.

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse: Meh, I don’t get any colour out of this line of St Tropez (I have had much more success with the express). I bought this mini to try. I used it a few times but went back to my Clarins cream. I will add that later when I found this in my stuff I used it again pretty heavily to try and get through the product and I did have a lot more colour but to get that much tan I used a ton of product. I would also add that it has no sick self-tan stench and it dries so fast that it’s a dream. IF this gave me the colour my Clarins does I would jump ship but alas it does not.


What have you guys empties recently?


Product Empties: Mini Reviews and would I repurchase?

So, recently while in Florida, I brought back a ton of cosmetic products. Luckily when I got back, I was happy to see that my empties bucket was fairly full. Full enough to do a post! Meaning I can finally get rid of these things, and make room for my new items! (Haul post on the way!!)

Let’s jump straight in. Thoughts, and would I repurchase?


Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner: Dandruff isn’t something that I deal with, but after listening to a YouTube guru say that this made her hair smoother than anything she has tried before, I knew I needed to try it. It smooths my hair, leaves it so soft, and also helps with breaking down product buildup on my hair. I have already repurchased the Shampoo and the Conditioner and will continue to use it!! Super affordable, and it leaves my hair looking and feeling better than a lot of high end shampoo and conditioner duos.

Bioderma Micellar Water: This doesn’t need to be spoken about too much. This is the best cleansing water you will ever use, end of story. I always have a back up, and I will repurchase until the end of time!!

ROC Multi Regenerating Body Lotion: I liked this when I first starting using it, but it just wasn’t enough hydration for me. I used about 2/3 of the bottle, but got tired of the scent, and just needed to move on. I wouldn’t repurchase this. A big bottle like that is almost a turn off for me, as I get bored of products (especially lotions!) so fast.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara: Again, you are all probably tired of me raving about this. It makes my lashes look better than anything I’ve ever used. Length, Volume, Separation ….. It’s just a euphoric feeling when I use this mascara. It gives me the feeling that I get when I watch Beyoncé perform. I get excited, emotional, and a little turned on … I went through two other mascaras since (which will be in an upcoming empties post) and wasn’t impressed at all. I just opened the Hypnose limited edition shade in Extra Black and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara: This was another thing that I was talked into by a YouTube guru. Unfortunately, it did not work for me at all. It smeared all over my face, and it was impossible for me to put it on without getting it on my eyelids. I did not like the formula at all, and I only used this for about a week before I chucked it. Would not repurchase at all.

Aveeno Ultra Calming Face Wipes: I bought these in one of my “maybe I’d like something different than Bioderma” phases. When will I learn? These appealed to me because they are meant to be for sensitive skin, and very calming. As soon as you open the package, there’s an overwhelming fragrance that hits you. And sure enough, these really sting my eyes, and burn my skin. I kept them to remove swatches, and to clean my NAKED palette with. (Makeup wipes clean that Velvet packaging like no other!)

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo: I LOVE dry shampoo. I am a junkie. When this launched and I saw that it went on sale for $2.99 CAD at the drugstore, I was thrilled. And the scent? Mint and Grapefruit? I was sold. This product leaves no white cast on my hair, but my issue is, it makes me feel like my scalp is crawling. I don’t know if it’s the tapioca powder in it (I’ve never seen that ingredient in dry shampoo before) but it’s awful. It’s like an ant hill escaped in my hair. Thankfully, the nozzle clogged about halfway through the bottle. It was fate, and I didn’t even try to run the nozzle under hot water to fix it. Would not repurchase this for sure, even though it’s so tempting at the $2.99 sale price …

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo works a lot better for me. The original Batiste is still my favorite, but I bought four cans of the tropical version because it was on crazy clearout. I spray this in my hair outside, because it creates a cloud of coconut smell wherever I am, and it is quite strong. But, the product works really well, and doesn’t make my hair feel gross or gritty. I will continue to purchase Batiste, but I’ll go back to the original.

Good Riddance Empties! It’s time for the new kids to move in. I’m excited to show you guys all the goodies I got in the states!


Product I’ve used up! The good, the bad, the ugly!

I have a ton of empties that have added up, and I finally have finished some makeup products up! (Being a beauty blogger, this is a huge deal!)
I will start with the makeup products, because I am just that excited about them!
Physicians Formula Sexy booster sexy glow blush in Natural: This blush was actually really nice. I did go through it fairly quickly, because the formula is a little powdery, and the fall out was pretty extreme. You definitely don’t need a highlight with this blush, and it is something that I would repurchase if I was in need of a super glowy blush. It lasted a decent amount of time on the skin, and the packaging was super cute.

Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm: I have a love hate relationship with this. Sometimes it really heals my chapped lips, and sometimes it does absolutely nothing. I wouldn’t repurchase, although it’s not sticky, and gave a nice shine to the lips.

L’oreal Lineur Intense Liner: I love this liquid liner, it doesn’t smudge on me, or look overly shiny, and it is so easy to control. I would recommend this to anyone, and would repurchase.

Quo “The Bold” mascara: Another mascara that just made my lashes look darker, but did absolutely nothing. And it also was super hard to take off. Would definitely not repurchase this!

Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant Stick in Blush: I have a thing for lip products with SPF that give me a hint of color. This did exactly that. I love the feel of it, and I would definitely repurchase another one. Probably in the berry shade 🙂

L’oreal Miss Manga mascara in Blackest Black: Again, a love hate thing. This mascara was super nice, but it did have the tendency to flake a little bit on me after a few weeks of wearing it. I have already repurchased another one in the turquoise shade, and since I don’t have a drug store holy grail yet, I would repurchase the black if I was in a pinch!

Maybelline Dream Air Foam in Natural Beige: This was something I had hanging around unopened for way too long. To free up some space, I opened it and used it once, so technically it’s not an empty. But it was so bad I just threw it in the bin and never looked back. It was sticky and didn’t blend at all. I think it’s now discontinued … For clear reason!

Vaseline Lip Therapy (Cocoa Butter): The packaging drew me in for this. It is so adorable. For my actual lips, I wasn’t a huge fan. It just seemed to coat them with a waxy feeling but didn’t actually heal them at all. I wouldn’t repurchase!

NYC liquid concealer in light: This was another product that I broke up with before it was finished. I found this concealer sticky, and it wouldn’t set. I hated it under my eyes, and no matter what I did, powder products really clung to it. Would not repurchase this either!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: Oh my love affair with this continues. This must be my sixth empty. Of course, it has been discontinued, but I have three back up tubes that will hold me over for awhile. This is the only Baby Lips that has ever really rocked my world …



Now for the skincare/body care …

Vichy 3 in 1 Cleansing Water: I’m not sure how this got into my collection, but it was absolutely nothing compared to Bioderma. I finished it reluctantly, but will not repurchase. Bioderma is still the reigning king in my world.

Neostrata Insta-Tan: I actually didn’t hate this product. It was a little different since I am so used to my St. Tropez, but it applied nicely, and gave me an awesome color. It wasn’t sticky, and dried quickly! I would repurchase if I found myself in a situation where St. Tropez wasn’t available!

The Body Shop Shower Gel in Satsuma: I have nothing bad to say about these body washes. And I love the smell. I think I would prefer a creamier texture (which may be available…) but I really enjoyed this. I will repurchase, but I like to bounce around on the scents!

Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Peeling Gel: I loved this product. It made a big difference in the size of my pores. You apply to dry skin, and you will start to notice little balls of skin rolling off of your face. It’s a little gross, but so satisfying. I was sad when this guy was empty, and the full size is I think around $50.00 CAD, so I haven’t repurchased yet … But I would be tempted, that’s for sure. Everything I have tried from this line I have really liked, so I can’t wait to get some more of his products!

Redken All Soft Conditioner: This was okay. Not life changing enough to repurchase, but it didn’t weigh my hair down, so that’s a plus!

L’oreal Elnett hairspray (unfragranced): This is probably my tenth can of this. I never use any other brand of hairspray. I can go to town with this stuff, brush through my hair, and still have soft, touchable hair with hold. But a caution to only buy the unfragranced, as the regular ones smell like a 95 year old sofa pillow.

Those are my empties! I can’t wait to throw these out, and start working on some other products!!

What have you guys finished up lately?


Empties: Sabah’s latest garbage day!

And here is some garbage ladies…..

Benefit Cream Shadow in R.S.V.P.: This isn’t so much empty as it is dried out. I let this dry out because sadly it was the first product I really related to my continuous battle with snake eye. The shade is beautiful and it applied like a dream but…Snake eye is a huge issue with me and no product is worth incurring the wrath of dry painful patches on my eyelids.

MAC Fix Plus: I’m sure all of you have used this product at one point in time. It’s pretty standard, my only issue was this travel size seemed to want to be a water gun with small direct shots instead of a mist.

Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream: Besides the oddness of the name delicious in the title of a self-tanner I love this product. I have been around the block when it comes to tanner due to my alarming shade of whiteness, but I always come back to Clarins. The color this gives me is amazing, great amount of pigment in one application, lasts awhile and no nasty orange color. I wore this tanner for a wedding. This is big for me. I was so trusting of Clarins that I applied the night before the wedding that I was in, and I was wearing a really pale pink dress. Awesome stuff, I am even willing to overlook the sticky and smelly side of the cream the night of the application.

Herbal Essence Naked Shampoo: My love affair with Herbal Essences continues. This was a good shampoo, it didn’t give me build up and seemed to cleanse my hair of the wild amount of product I use. Honestly I probably won’t buy it again, I will go back to my Colour Me Happy that I have been using for about 15 years.

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder: I finally finished this powder, I had put it aside and kind of forgot about it for a while. Not because I don’t love it but because I wanted to try some other things. I digress, I really like this powder, might be my favorite from the drug store. It has a pretty good amount of coverage, paired with a tinted moisturizer or bb cream and I would be totally confident leaving my house. Oh and it feels like icing sugar. I will totally buy again.

Lancôme Le Crayon Kohl: This is crazy, Lancôme pencils are crazy long and I rarely finish an eye pencil. They usually get lost or damaged way before they hit this point. I like this pencil, it was smooth and the color didn’t bleed. I’d likely buy again, not for a while because I’ve recently discovered some other pencils that are rocking my world but I would get this again.

Origins Mega Bright Day Cream: This is a really lovely cream. It smells really fresh and the gel like texture is so lightweight. It feels really great on the skin. I didn’t notice my skin being brighter enough for me to really focus on that feature of the cream but it was a great base for my makeup. I’m not sure this cream would work for those dry skin ladies out there as sometimes I wanted a bit more hydration. I might buy again for a summer cream.

MAC Extended Play Mascara: I found this mascara boring. I told the MAC associate I liked definition, and it does define but that’s about it. It has a really narrow wand that didn’t do anything in terms of volume. Won’t repurchase.

Lancôme Definicils: I have been wearing this mascara probably since 2000. This was my favorite mascara until Hypnose Star came into my life but I still really like this mascara. There really isn’t anyone who does mascara like Lancôme. Though I am still on the hunt for my HG mascara my top two mascaras are Hypnose Star and Definicils. I will absolutely purchase again…. Assuming I ever get through all the unopened mascaras I have now.

That’s it for now … What have you guys emptied out lately?