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Best of the Brand: Lise Watier and Cover Girl!

Sabah and I were talking the other day, and thought it might be a good post idea, to think of two brands at a time, one drugstore, and one high end. Then pick our favorites from the line, and also guess what the other would choose. This is something we will be doing here and there, so if you have any brand requests, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments!

For my Lise Watier pick, I chose their Sunsmart SPF 30. It is an incredible mineral sunscreen, that you can easily swap in as a primer. Applied after your day cream, and before your foundation, this stuff is so silky and powder smooth. No greasiness, and it has never broken my skin out. I can even top up with this throughout the day on top of my makeup, and it doesn’t move anything around. It’s so amazing, and although I am loving my new Clarins UV40’s, this is still one of my must have sunscreens for the face!

For CoverGirl, I hardly had to think about it. The 3 in 1 Stay Fabulous foundation. This is one of the rare products that Sabah and I disagree on. It gives me wonderful long lasting coverage, all while looking super natural and not looking heavy on my skin. I love to apply this with a Beauty Blender, I love that it has SPF 20, and I love that it has a pump!

Keep reading to hear about Sabah`s favorites from these two lines!

From Covergirl, I would have to pick their Olay Concealer Balm stick! I love this product, I originally bought this because I was self-tanned and away from home. My purse concealer didn’t match me, and I had a horrific blemish that needed to be addressed immediately. Long story short, I ended up cracking this bad boy in my car. It is super smooth and the coverage is amazing while still blending easily and perfectly. This is definitely the best of the Cover Girl line.

My choice from Lise Watier would have to be the Portfolio Concealer. This little wheel is brilliant. There is a purple shade and a green shade that are excellent to cover my redness as well as my under eye darkness. There are a lot of all-star products from this Canadian gem but this concealer wheel is definitely my favorite, I’d be using it daily if my sister hadn’t hijacked mine…


Now for the results …
Sara`s guesses for Sabah: Lise Watier Sun Smart and Cover Girl Concealer Balm.

Sabah`s guesses for Sara: Lise Watier Sun Smart and Cover Girl Concealer Balm.

Too funny … but that mean`s it`s a tie, we both guessed one correctly!

Did you guys like this post? Any brand requests for the next segment?

-Sara and Sabah