Welcome to Girl Met Blush. This is the story of two girls who just happened to meet because of a shared addiction to cosmetics….

My least favorite part of writing a blog is writing the bio about myself. I find they usually sound stiff and impersonal. I’ll try to keep this quick, sweet, and somewhat witty. I love makeup. I live, breath, and sleep for beauty products. Some may say that’s a shallow thing. I say, you’re probably not using enough products. Or you haven’t yet found the right ones. I have been working in cosmetics for almost 5 years. I have met some of my dearest friends in this industry, Sabah being one of them. (You will meet her a little later!) Together we enable, justify, and swatch everything we can get our hands on. I am the brunette half of this power beauty duo, and you will be meeting a lot of our mutual beauty fanatics on this journey we are all on together. Get a cup of tea (or preferably a bottle of wine) settle in, and enjoy the blogs! We would love to hear your feedback, and also about all of your favorite products! Read below to meet the blonde half of the blog 🙂

Happy Reading!

I’m not sure what I had on in this picture, but my desert dry skin is looking awfully glowy. Interesting …

Unlike with puberty, I am a cosmetic late bloomer. Cosmetics for me is like the old couple who gets married in the retirement home. You’re sad they just found each other and missed so much time but are happy that they will spend the time they have left together. That’s me, I am the blue haired bitty who missed Georgia blush from Benefit but waited on edge for Rockateur. I have become a girl who has a closet that is over flowing because I turned a chest of drawers into a cosmetic storage solution. I am an addict, a zealot, a maniac and a believer. Cosmetics can change a crap day into a survivable one. I’m a girl who lines up for new MAC launches, a girl who monitors her Sephora points with more attention than her banking and a girl who is has built true friendships based on mutual product love. My name is Sabah (well Danah actually but that’s another story for a another day) and I have a cosmetics addiction and I’m proud of it and I’m going to tell you all about it, with Sara (my enabler).

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Happy Reading!


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