Review: Stila Nude Interlude Color Balm Lipsticks!

Spring. The word just makes me happy. Flowers will bloom, colors will be brighter, and I’ll finally be able to go out in public with something lighter than a duvet on. Spring also brings us new makeup launches, and Stila has started with a collection of Nudes from the Color Balm line. For those who aren’t familiar with the Color Balm line, this is all you need to know. The lipsticks are (obviously) balm like, very hydrating, and very pigmented. They have a minty scent and feel cooling on the lips. Each lipstick is named after a woman, so be sure to see if your name shows up on the shade list. (They haven’t made a Sara, which irks me, because it’s a crazy popular name… I had like 6 Sara’s in my school growing up!)

The newest ladies to join the collection are Elyssa, Sophie and Meg.




The first thing you will notice about them, is the change in packaging. These ones are rose gold instead of the traditional silver, and I love them. I love when companies switch up their packaging. I wish they had kept the letters on the tube the same color as the lipstick inside, like they did with the old ones. It made of easier to grab the right one. These ones you need to look at the name, or open the tube to see what color you’re holding. Not a huge deal, but it could have been avoided. Below are the swatches:



My favorite one is definitely Elyssa. It gives me a total Marsala vibe, which as we know is completely on trend for 2015.

My only issue with these lip products is the sheer size. I love the formula, the shade range is beautiful, and they wear really nicely. The only thing that bothers me, is the circumference of the lipstick bullet is so wide, that it makes it a little tricky to apply. Unless you’re blessed with beautiful full lips naturally, you might need to grab a lip brush to get some precision.

Do you think one of these will be your new perfect nude? Do you have the same name as any of these lipstick shades?!




  1. this packaging is gorgeous and the balms sound great. I have smaller lips though so I can definitely appreciate a bullet that’s not too large!

  2. These look gorgeous! i love the shade “meg” especially 😀 such a pretty nude
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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