Review: Physicians Formula All in 1 Beauty Balm Cheek and Lip!

Happy Monday beautiful readers. How was everyone’s weekend? Did anything interesting happen?

I bring you a review today on the new All in 1 Beauty Balm for Cheeks and Lips from Physicians Formula. Let me break this down for you the best way I can. I buy a lot of products. Some work, some don’t. It’s all for the better of the blog. But … sometimes I come across a product that is just so horrible, that I will return it. This is usually more with higher end products , as I know the money could be better spent on something else. But in this case, the product was $6.49 CAD (on sale!). And I returned it. That’s how bad it was. Before I get into specifics, let’s take a look at the product! I got the shade Berry Pink which was all my drugstore had … I have seen a coral shade online though!

This was just too cute not to pick up. It looked like an EOS balm! I am a sucker for those balms even though to be honest, I really don’t like them much. (The lure of packaging is real… Trust me!)

Anyway, upon swatching, I was satisfied with the color payoff. It was sheer, but that’s what it claimed to be, so no hard feelings there. See the swatch below:


This product claims to have 10 Beauty Benefits. Moisturizing, Smoothing, Protecting, Soothing, Hydrating (which is the same as moisturizing) Conditioning, Glow-Boosting, Perfecting, Line Smoothing and Long Wearing.

I can tell you, pretty much all of those are complete lies. With the exception of protecting (this product has SPF 20 in them, but it isn’t being claimed on Canada, more than likely due to DIN issues) this product did nothing like it said it would.

First of all, I am not huge on using the same thing on my lips and cheeks. Especially something like this that gets applied directly. But – in a pinch, I can see how it would be helpful. I tried this on my lips first, and it was such an awful experience. They made my lips feel like someone had dripped hot wax on them, and I was left with the thickest, waxiest residue ever. It made every single line and flake look more apparent, and it just felt awful to wear. Fair enough I thought. Maybe this would work well on my cheeks. I tried the product on and was again disappointed. It dragged on my skin, and left me with a sheer wash of color. As soon as I tried to blend with my fingers, I ended up taking whatever color I had just put down off, and in the process, messing with my foundation. Super unhappy with this! It looked waxy on the skin, and the product itself just wasn’t creamy enough to glide on smoothly.

So, a lip and cheek product that is awful on both the lips and cheeks? Not okay in my books. I decided to brave the judgement, and return the product to the drugstore.

I consider this a public service announcement. This is a less expensive product for Physicians Formula, and the packaging is adorable. But, be forewarned that a Venti Flat White from Starbucks will cost you a little less, and it is much more satisfying. I have scrubbed my lips with the tongue cleaner on the back of my toothbrush (which works so well!) rinsed, and applied my Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, and my lips still feel like waxy slugs. Not cute.

What is the last product you used that really disappointed you? Let’s help eachother out here!


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