Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Line!

Just in time for trips to warmer climates & other vacations, Shiseido has launched a trio of new skincare products. I would be lying if I said I was a fan of Shiseido’s suncare in the past – but these three products looked too good to not try. The Urban Environment line consists of a UV protection cream (SPF 40) for face and body. An oil free protector (SPF 42) for face, and three shades of a tinted UV protector (SPF 43).


The tinted creams and the Oil Free Protector are both 30 ml, and retail for $35.00 CAD. The cream for face/body is a 50ml and retails for $40.00 CAD.

These products (especially the Oil Free Protector and the Tinted UV Protectors) are super light, and could easily be added into your daily routine.

Now, you may or may not know about my love for the Clarins UV40 products, both the original and the tinted. After using both of these, I have noticed some clear differences between them. The Shiseido Oil Free Protector, provides a much more matte finish than the Clarins. And it is designed to absorb excess oil throughout the day. Me being a dry skin type, this doesn’t mean much, but if you have an oily skin type, I would definitely choose the Shiseido.

Shiseido also wins in the shade selection department. Clarins UV40 comes in two shades (light and medium) and the light can tend to run a little yellow, especially on very fair skin tones. Shiseido shade 1 is great for fair skin tones. These tinted creams finish to quite a dewy finish, while the Clarins tints will be more appropriate for an oilier skin. Below are the swatches for Shiseido shades 1, 2, and 3.


Another clear difference between the two different tints is the coverage. The Clarins provides a similar coverage as a foundation, yet feels as light as air on the skin. The Shiseido creams definitely sheer out a little more, but are still a great product for those who want a little coverage along with their sunscreen.

All of these Shiseido products are meant to be used as your last step of skincare, before your first step of makeup.

All in all, I am very impressed with this line. To be honest – it’s January, so I haven’t been able to test these in absolute sunny conditions, but these will definitely be in my summer rotation!

What are your favorite suncare products?



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