Empties Post! New Year, New Empties!

What better to do on a Monday morning than clean out your bucket of empties? I had a few makeup products in here which was exciting, as of many of you with ridiculous makeup collections know, it can be hard to get to the bottom of makeup products!
I did a separate blog for my empty mascaras. Truth be told, a few of them were definitely not empty, they were just so bad that they had to be retired early. Make sure you check out that blog post if you are interested in mascaras!

Let’s jump into the empties! (Disclaimer: I went a little crop crazy with the first picture, so excuse that!)


Biotherm Oil Therapy Baume Corps: I love this body lotion. This is probably my third or fourth bottle. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I can never wear this again, because the smell of it sends Sabah into an absolute emotional downward spiral. We haven’t quite figured out why yet, but I would be a pretty bad friend if I wore it anyway! I would recommend this lotion though, it’s great for dry legs!

L’oreal Elnett Hairspray (Unfragranced): Show of hands, who is tired of hearing me rave about Elnett!? Just for any new readers, this is what you need to know. This hairspray is amazing, you can use as much as you want, and can easily brush it through. Your hair never gets crunchy, and it holds my style really well. Always ALWAYS get the unfragranced version, because the other ones smell like the your grandmothers basement!

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Cleanser: I love this product. It smells great, plays well with my Clarisonic, and never makes my skin feel dried out. Benefit really did well with their cleanser and also their exfoliant. And packaging inspired by sea glass? Sign me up. Love this!


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mineral Balm: I have a seperate review for this product here. This product worked really well for me, and has been the only thing that really has kept my upper lip area from flaking. I haven’t repurchased, because I am trying out some new products, but this will be something I will use again. It’s a perfect barrier cream!

ROC Anti Fatigue Nourishing Cream: This was a cream I had thrown in my travel bag and it didn’t break me out, but it also didn’t wow me. I actually finished the tube moisturizing my legs after my boyfriend came home from a work trip a day early to surprise me, and a very quick, very aggressive leg shaving had to happen in a flash. Seriously, why do men think early surprises are a good idea? After two weeks, I had neglected shaving my legs, had a full face mask on, and was wearing a fleece onesie. I was horrified, but I pulled it together. Either way, even though this moisturizer was fine, I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation: I can’t say enough good things about this foundation. And it’s the first foundation I have actually finished in a long time. I got this in September, and have used it almost exclusively since then. It leaves a very natural finish, feels super light on the skin, and didn’t break me out at all. This isn’t available in Canada, so I won’t be repurchasing, but my next trip to the States, I will be buying this again!


No Dark Shadows: This concealer worked really well for me. It didn’t crease when set with a powder, and it was nice to use for highlighting as well. I went through it super fast, and when I used it one morning and I heard that click that tells you the product is gone, I was shocked. I am a bit of a concealer junkie, so I have already moved on to other things, but if you are looking for a new brightening concealer, give this one a try. It’s inexpensive, but harder to find. I got mine at Shoppers. The only thing I would change is the packaging. I’m not a fan of the twist up brush packaging.

Cover Girl Smoochies in Text Me 220: This product surprised me, I really liked it. The color was great, and it wore really comfortably on the lips. None of the other colors in the range really interest me, but if they ever launched some new shades, I would repurchase for sure!

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eyebrow Pencil in Brownette: This is the best brow pencil I have ever used in my life. And through the cosmetic grapevine, I have heard so many people switching from their HG Anastasia Brow Wiz to this pencil. It’s a little less expensive, and in my opinion, much nicer. Everything from the product, to the packaging, to the spooly brush. I’ve never lost a cap on either side of the product, (which always happens to me with brow pencils for some reason) and I have actually kept this empty product, just to use the spooly that’s on it. It blends your brows out perfectly, without removing too much product. I have already repurchased another one, which I am so glad for, because I’ve been trying lots of other brow pencils, and they just aren’t the same!


Cliniderm Gentle Cleanser: This was the absolute most boring product I have ever used. More boring than Philosophy Purity. But that being said, I still liked it. It did the job, didn’t have any fragrance, didn’t irritate my eyes, or sting my skin. If you have sensitive skin and want a very basic cleanser, I would definitely try this out!

Caress Passionate Spell Body Wash: I loved this product! It was such a warm spicy scent, unlike any body wash I have ever used. Of course I can’t buy this where I live, so I’ll have to do without until I can find it. It was the perfect winter body wash… I wish they made a more creamy version for dry skin. It was like having a bath or shower right next to a crackling fire.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Mask: This changed my hair. Seriously, over all higher end hair masks I have ever used, this made my hair smoother and softer. Even my boyfriend would mention how soft my hair was after using this. I got two of these for $6.00 USD and I am so sad that mine is gone. I’ve had people tell me I can find this in Canada at London Drugs, so I will have to get my sisters in Calgary on the hunt. Next time you hit the drugstore and see this, pick it up and try it!

Once again left with an empty empties bin. I can’t wait to get into some new products and start filling it up again!

Have an awesome Monday beauties!



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