Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Benefit Gimme Brow vs Maybelline Brow Drama!

This is a different kind of Fancy vs Frugal that I wasn’t going to do, but I’ve gotten so many requests from people, and so many people asking me about these two products and if they’re comparable, that I decided to just do it, more as a cautionary tale.

Benefit Gimme Brow and Maybelline Brow Drama are two very different products. I wouldn’t even put the two in the same category. Let me give you the pros and cons of both, and hopefully give you all some clarity between these two.


Gimme brow is a tinted brow fibre gel, meaning if you look close, you can actually see tiny fibres that will stick to brow hair, and even the skin as well. This makes it a great product for people who have extremely sparse brows. It comes with a micro mini mascara like wand, that makes it super easy to brush through your brows, or simply place the wand and deposit product where you wish your brows would be. It will make the brow area look more full, provide some color, and help to hold the brows in place.

Maybelline Brow Drama is a tinted brow gel. No fibres, no volumizing properties, and no micro wand. For some reason, Maybelline opted for a thicker wand, with a massive ball on the end of it. Which makes it near impossible to get a precise application, especially near the tail of the brow.


The Maybelline product can be useful if you have already filled your brows, and you simply want a gel to place on top for some hold. And if you have a thicker brow, the big ball on the end might not be such a problem. But for most people, application will prove to be frustrating.


So, Fancy definitely wins for this week, but like I said, these products really shouldn’t even be compared. I just started using a new product that is very similar to Gimme Brow however, so I will use it for awhile longer, and update you guys! I also wish that Benefit would launch an auburn shade for the Gimme Brow, as I have a lot of redhead beauties complaining about it!

Have you guys tried either of these? Tell me your thoughts!




  1. Great fancy versus frugal Sara! I’ve used both and I found with the Maybelline one if you cut off the big ball on the end the product works a lot better. I definitely prefer the gimme brow I just dislike how often I have to replace it. About every 2 1/2-3 months. Love your blog!

    1. Het Stephanie! The Gimme Brow really does finish quickly! Make sure you read the blog on Friday, because there are two more products that are going up against it 🙂 and so smart to cut that ball off!

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