Review: Smashbox Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation!

Hello lovelies! I have for you today, a review that makes me super happy. I feel ready to say, that I have found a compact powder foundation, that works wonders for me. If you are looking for a quick, medium to full coverage powder foundation, that doesn’t make your skin feel like it’s being sucked into a vacuum cleaner, than keep reading. (Does anybody else get crazy tight face from most powders?)

Now, let’s get into the claims for the product. This is what the company says about the product on their website.

“An eight-hour wear, powder foundation formulated with Light Filter technology and long-lasting photoset polymers that acts as a photo filter for your face.”

“Smashbox Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation provides two filter effects in one portable compact. It features a double-sided sponge, and it lets you create a buildable and customizable, sheer or full finish. The Light Filter Technology acts as a photo filter to leave skin looking flawless: transparent particles diffuse light in various directions, blurring imperfections while still keeping the subject in focus. Non-drying, non-caking, and non-settling, the particles in this oil-free foundation are translucent so that the pigment’s true color always comes through.”


Upon first swipe, I immediately said to Sabah, “I hope this doesn’t give me tight face!” The coverage was serious. The first day I tried this was New Years morning, so it’s safe to say that my skin was by no means in great shape. Sabah and I were rushing to the theatre and I didn’t even make myself put a moisturizer on. I won’t lie, with no moisturizer on, I did start to feel my skin tighten up a bit after application. Alas, it was my own fault. I know better than to not moisturize my skin every day and night religiously.

I wore this product alone, no concealer, no blush… Nothing. And let me tell you, my skin looked awesome. It didn’t overly cling to my dry patches, and when I went to wash my face that night, I still had coverage. I agree with the eight hour wear time, and I was also surprised to see that the double sided sponge actually made a difference. When you see the sponge for the first time, you can see that one side is slightly more fluffy, providing more sheer coverage, and the flip side is more of a traditional sponge that will provide more coverage. That being said, as soon as both sides of the sponge have powder on them, it gets hard to tell which side is which. And honestly, I’ll use the sponge for about a month, and then I’ll throw it out and replace it with a new one anyway.

After using this with a moisturizer underneath, and realizing that it completely took away my sensation of dryness, I have given this my stamp of approval.

My only word of caution for you, is the colors seem to swatch much darker on the skin than they look in the pan. Originally when I saw the full color line, I picked up shade 4 for myself. I have a talent for being able to judge what color I need for a foundation without actually having to apply it. But when I tried shade 4 it looked so much darker on my skin. I ended up with shade 2, and that’s a great match for my un-self tanned skin. I always find that Smashbox foundations run darker, so I guess that is no surprise.

This product retails for $48.00 CAD and in my opinion, is totally worth it. Like I said, get yourself to a counter if you can, and match yourself, rather than guessing your shade online.

Will you be trying this new foundation?



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