2014 Favorites! Skincare Edition!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an amazing holiday and are looking forward to the New Year! I have written out three separate posts for my 2014 Favorites. Skincare, Face and Body, and Makeup. I am going to start with the skincare, as I have found some really good products this year, that I will continue to use into 2015.


Clarins Double Serum: Technically I started using this product in 2013, but I have continued using it throughout this year, and it still remains a top shelf product in my opinion. My skin loves the texture of this, and I always feel hydrated when I am using it. I go through this product quickly, as I use about 4 pumps morning and night, and take it right down to my chest. The radiance this gives my skin can’t be beat!

Vichy Mineral Balm: I recently did a full review on this product. This is something that is a fairly specific product. If you are someone who works in cold conditions, or runs in the wintertime, or just have super dry skin like me, you should definitely try this. It is the perfect example of a complete barrier cream. And, I was able to put makeup on top of it, which was a nice surprise!

Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24 Eye Cream: This eye cream is so much better than anything I have ever used. Seriously, I have not gone through an eye cream as fast as I do with this one. My eyes are a problem zone for me, but if I am not seeing or feeling results, I will neglect a product. I have not missed a morning or a night application of this since I opened the jar, and I have anxiety for when it finishes. It is so hydrating, and smoothes the lines around my eyes.

Bioderma: I’ll be quick with this, as I talk about this all the time. It’s a super gentle cleansing water that removes makeup from your face and eyes. No fragrance, alcohol, parabens…. I could go on and on. This has been a favorite for years, but I just had to include it.

Clarins Foaming Cleanser: These cleansers are amazing. I have tried both the Normal/Combination formula, and the Dry/Sensitive formula, and love both. You need the smallest amount, and they work very well with my Clarisonic. These leave your skin feeling clean, but not stripped of all it’s moisture. I have repurchased these over and over all year.

La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense Riche: This was another cream that worked really well for me this year. It’s a super rich cream that still manages to feel light on the skin. It can be applied under makeup, and is a great option for sensitive skin. At $39.00CAD, this is a fairly affordable option, and truly kept my skin hydrated while I was using it. It really locked the moisture into my skin, but never felt greasy, or clogged any pores.

Those are six of my skincare favorites for 2014! I had so many products that I loved, but these were the six that really stood out to me!

What were your favorite skincare products of 2014?

Thanks for reading!



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