Where have I been? Updates and holiday stress…

Hey everyone! I wanted to check in with everyone and just let you know I am still alive! I took a short break from blogging because the holidays are seriously consuming me. I have officially finished my holiday shopping, and all of the wrapping is done too! The dog is not enjoying his stocking very much, as he just wants to rip everything apart, so waiting for Santa Clause is never easy for him.

I went to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on the weekend. Indulged in a lot of holiday festivities, and came out with a picture of me and Sabah that I love!


I am spending my day doing laundry and trying to get the house back together, then it’s back to work tomorrow. Christmas when you work retail means pretty much no change in your schedule, if not more hours. I managed to get Christmas Day off, so my holiday vacation will be an absolute blissful one day of relaxation.

I am reflecting a lot today. I watched The Family Stone today and that movie gets me everytime. As some of you know, my grandfather is very sick right now, so of course he is constantly on my mind, especially this time of year.

Anyways, I wanted to jump on here quickly and let you know that things will be going back to normal very soon for the blog.

How is everyone’s preparation going!? Is anyone going to brave the malls on Christmas Eve?



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