Review: Vichy Mineral Balm!

I write this review, having finished this entire bottle of product. And ironically, finishing it was the only thing I didn’t like about it. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves … Let’s get to the review!

Flash advice. This is not a moisturizer for just anyone. This was a unique product that I think would cater to very specific needs. If you have normal/combo or oily skin, I can’t imagine you would like this too much. Dry skins, or even normal skins in different situations, would love this.

I think of this more as a glove for my face. My super dry flaky skin loved this. It works similarly to a barrier cream, and by that I mean it creates a seal over your skin. Let me try to explain this for you guys so it makes sense … If you apply this product to only half the face, and then wave a magazine in front of your face, the half with this product on it, will feel the slightest bit of wind, while the half that has no product on it, will feel the wind is a lot stronger. It will actually seal the moisture in your skin and not let any of it escape. Paraben free, Fragrance free and Colorant free, this cream did not irritate my skin at all. In fact, it made it feel super soft and I didn’t have to battle with my dreaded dry skin moustache even once when I was using this. I used this morning and night, but was sure to use a little less in the morning, and apply it ahead of time to allow it to sink into my skin before applying makeup.

I think this cream would be amazing for people who are outside often, especially in the colder months. I would apply a thick layer of this before walking my dog outside, and I would come home with soft skin that didn’t feel chapped or tight at all.

I want to stress my disclaimer again, that this is a specific cream for a specific type of skin. As a skin protectant it is amazing, but I can understand why someone who doesn’t battle with dry flaky skin wouldn’t like the texture of this cream. It is quite heavy, and leaves quite a bit of shine on the skin after application.

My only negative thought about this cream was there is absolutely no way to tell when it will run out. It happened to me one morning, and I was really upset! I have since started using the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty, so we will see how that goes!

Do you think you have a need for a skin balm like this in your life?




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