You can’t win em’ all: Three products that didn’t work out for me!

Perfect timing to follow two empties posts. I love to finish my beauty products. That last pump, or that last swipe of product gives me a feeling like I could conquer the world. And it helps with the guilt that I’m sure all beauty bloggers have. When you have a ridiculous amount of product that one person would never need in a lifetime, and you actually finish a product, it makes you feel like you’re making a dent in your collection.

Alas, sometimes I start to use a product, and I just know that it is not for me. They have no chance to get to an empties post, because the thought of having to finish them, makes me want to pull my hair out. These are the products that I will take with me to work, and try to find them a home. These three products did not work for me at all, and I’m going to tell you all about why.


Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion: I am not wonderful at using a toner. Beauty confession #1. I have yet to find one that works for my skin, and I thought I had the issue solved when I picked this one out. Wrong. This toner felt nice on my skin, but it was so fragrant, that I couldn’t stand to put it on my face any longer. The scent lingered for way too long, and it made my eyes water when I put it on. I am talking super strong scent. Liquid fragrance on a cotton pad strong. I didn’t even get a chance to see if this helped my skin out, because I couldn’t stand to use it for more than 5 days. This is my official cry for help, tell me if you have a favorite toner for dry skin!!

Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer: The reason I picked this up, was because it claims to cut your blow dry time. That’s a legit lie. I actually timed my blow dry with and without this product several times, and every time I applied the product first, it took me longer to blow dry, because my hair felt like an oily mess. I didn’t overuse it, and I’m not someone who is scared of oils in my hair, so I was really disappointed with this. I’m using an Alterna leave in cream now, and I have a back up of my favorite Keratase heat protectant lined up for after that. Hopefully whoever I give this product to likes it more than I did!

Garnier Deconstructed Beach Chic Texture Spray: Another hair product that didn’t work for me. Unlike the Deconstructed Texture Tease spray from this same line, this product did nothing for me. It smells nice, and didn’t make my hair crunchy which was nice, but it just didn’t make my hair wave, or really do anything to it. I work with a girl who recently chopped a lot of her hair off (for Locks of Love!) so I am going to pass this off to her and see if she has better luck.

Did you guys try anything recently that didn’t work for you? Let me know about it!




  1. Sorry to hear none of these worked for you. My favorite beach hair spray is Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray. I am almost out of it actually and need to go buy some more. I really love it! 🙂

  2. My favorite toner for dry skin is Clinque Clarifying lotion in number 1. I picked it because back in the day I was told to use number 2 but it so strong and it felt like my skin was burning. So I downgraded and the number 1 type is for dry and sensitive skin. I like it. I also tried Juice Beauty they are more natural but it does have a smell, not a floral fragrance but a fragrance none the less.

    1. I’ve tried the number 1 clarifying lotion and even that was a bit drying for me! The one that has no number on it worked for me but you can only get it in department stores so it’s harder for me to get! XX

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