Review: It Cosmetics Brow Power Brow Pencil!

I’ve reluctantly started to use a new brow pencil this past month. I picked up this It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil at Ulta, in those dreaded/lovely cubes of smaller product near the cash registers. This was $15.00 USD, and you get 0.07g of product. The shade is Universal Taupe, and is meant to be an appropriate color for everyone, no matter their hair color. For those with light hair, use a light touch and for those with darker locks, simply use a bit more pressure.



This brow pencil is double sided, and comes with a spooly on the end. It applies alright, but I find the product a little dry. Everytime I pick this pencil up, there is always at least one brow hair stuck in it, which means the pencil is so dry, it is literally pulling my brow hairs out. Not cool. As if that wasn’t enough, my next issue is the spooly brush. Once the product is laid down, it is absolutely necessary to brush it through. This spooly grabs the product and instead of softly blending it, it drags it all around the brow area. Every single day that I have used this pencil, I have had to take a qtip, and wipe all around the edges of my brow, because this spooly makes them look way over smudged. The formula is also not the best. If you’re someone who fears losing a part of their eyebrow midway through the day, this product will make that fear come true. A slight wipe with your hand or a tissue will completely take this product off, and in the rain, this product doesn’t stand a chance. The third strike for me was a couple of days ago when I opened this brow pencil, and the entire bullet of product fell out into the floor. I have put this in my travel makeup bag, that I don’t use very often, and replaced it with my lovely Elizabeth Arden Brow Pencil in Brownette, which I highly recommend over the It Cosmetics.

This was the first of three It Cosmetics products that I bought when I was at Ulta, so I hope that the other two work out much better!!

What is your holy grail brow product?



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