Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation!

Makeup shopping in the States, is like being in a warm fleece snuggy, with a bottomless glass of wine. Heaven for me. When I am able to shop for products not available in Canada (or at least here in Halifax) my heart beats a little faster, and time seriously flies by.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin contains an SPF 20 and retails for $14.99 USD. The texture is a classic liquid. Not overly thick, but not so fluid that it’s hard to work with. This can apply quite sheer, or can be built up where needed to provide more coverage. I’ve applied this all sorts of ways, but I’ve found that my hands or my Beauty Blender work best. What you are left with – is natural looking skin. The finish is really nice, but be aware that some imperfections will still show through this foundation. Reach for your favorite concealer because buddied up with this foundation, the result is beautiful. This is by no means a long lasting foundation. I get between 5-7 hours of wear before I feel the need to touch up. My dry skin loves the way it sits on the skin, and doesn’t catch on my dry patches. My only issue with this is the obvious gripe of having no pump. If Rimmel and L’oreal can provide a pump, so can you Neutrogena. Cough up the cash and give us a pump!

This is by far one of my favorite drugstore foundations, and it made it to the list of things I will be stocking up on during my next trip to the states.

Has anyone found a generic pump that fits this foundation? I’d be over the moon if I was able to find one. This has launched my curiosity of Neutrogena makeup, which sadly isn’t sold in Halifax!


The shade I use is Nude 40, and it worked for me when I was in my self tanner mode, but also now that I’ve decided to embrace my pale skin for awhile. (Seriously, I’m translucent …)

What do you guys think of Neutrogena Makeup? What else do I need to try?




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