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2014 Favorites! Makeup Edition!

Well, it’s here. The last day of 2014. As with pretty much every year, there have been some big highs, and some big lows. Alas, here we are, we got through it. Keeping on the high note, I am here to let you know some of the best makeup products that I used this year. It was hard to narrow it down this much, but only the best came through!


Lancôme Waif Eyeshadow: This shadow is amazing. Super basic, and super useful. I use this alone to conceal veins and redness on mornings that I need to be super quick. It also makes the perfect transition color, or exaggerated crease color. It has a matte finish, and I have completely finished one already. Lancôme just sent me another one along with a few other products, so I am happy to have one back in my collection!

Clarins True Radiance Foundation: This was a newer favorite for this year. This foundation gives great coverage, and a wonderful finish. It makes my dry skin glow, and really seems to neutralize redness. I use the shade 109, and couldn’t be happier with it.

Lise Watier Rouge Fondant Supreme Lipsticks: These lipsticks are so hydrating and creamy. I love that the shade names are all names of Iconic women. (I would love them to make one named after me … Hint Hint Lise Watier, I like fuchsia and pinky nude colors) They wear beautifully, and never leave me with that dreaded ring around my mouth.

Elizabeth Arden Brow Pencil: This brow pencil blew my mind. I finished the whole thing, and continue to use the spooly on the end of this product with other brow products. It blends the product perfectly, but doesn’t remove too much of it. It is by far my favorite brow product I have used this year, and if you use the Anastasia Brow Wiz, you should give this pencil a try. It’s a little cheaper, and I much prefer it.

Lancôme Hypnose Mascara: This has been a favorite of mine for years. This mascara gives me volume, length, with no clumps, and it doesn’t flake on me. I also fell in love with Lancôme Grandiose this year, but after much debate, I’ve decided to stick with the original Hypnose as my must have.

Maybelline Color Elixirs: These lip elixirs give you the most beautiful looking lips. And they make your lips feel like pillows. My favorite color from the line is Caramel Infused. These are not sticky, and they don’t gather near the edges of your lips. (Something my boss likes to call grossness) They wear so nicely, and everytime I wear these, people ask me what I am wearing.

Essence Silky Touch Blushes: I am just as shocked as you that these blushes made favorite status. I have purchased so many blushes in 2014, and I continue to reach for my Essence. These are so inexpensive, but the pigment is amazing, and they last all day on my skin. My favorite one right now is shade 40, which is now discontinued, so the anxiety about hitting pan on that is starting to creep up. These blushes made me put my hourglass blush palette away. And my Dior Glow. That is a serious accomplishment …

Benefit Porefessional: I used so much of this product this year. This product is awesome at blurring out fine lines and pores. Near the end of 2014, Smashbox launched a pore minimizing primer that I love as well, but I have to give the favorite status to Benefit. I introduced this to my mother this year, and she is now obsessed with it too. My favorite way to use this product is on days that I don’t want to wear any other face makeup. It evens out my skin texture and I swear it calms down my redness too.


Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm: First things first. Is this getting discontinued or not!? I think this is one of the worst products that “cries wolf.” It seems like people are always losing their mind that this is discontinued, but I continue to find it. And stores tell me it’s still a core product and not phased out. Either way – this lip balm is amazing. I love the scent of it, and no other lip balm has ever made my lips this soft. I wish they could make it in a stick form, as I hate sticking my finger into a lip balm jar, but this loves on my nightstand, and I’ll continue to repurchase!

Lise Watier Aurora Highlighting Powder: This is a limited edition product from the Winter 2014 collection, and let me tell you, if you get your hands on this, you are a lucky son of a gun. This is an absolute favorite for me, but if you can’t get your hands on it, opt for the Highlight 101 from Laura Mercier.

Well, that concludes the favorites of 2014. Now it’s time to get a pretty dress on, pour some champagne, and ring in the new year with those you love.

Here’s to an amazing 2015, with lots of new launches, and minimal discontinued products!



2014 Favorites! Hair and Body Edition!

I am trying my best to muster up the energy to take down the Christmas Tree. I am starting at it over my laptop right now, and let me tell you, it is my Mount Everest. I have been so exhausted lately, this holiday season in retail has really done a number on me. I feel like I need a vacation somewhere super warm. Not that it’s been overly cold here, Halifax really hasn’t seen snow yet this year and I couldn’t be happier!

Anyway, to help procrastinate with taking the tree down, I thought I’d let you guys know about my 2014 favorites for Hair and Body!


L’oreal Elnett Hairspray: The only formula I will use from the line is the unfragranced version, as the other ones smell like vintage people. This hairspray gives such a fine mist, holds my curls, and never ever makes my hair feel brittle or crunchy. You can brush it through, and use as much as you like without having to worry about stiff looking brittle hair. It is amazing, and I don’t even know how many cans I have gone through!

Aveeno Eczema Care Hand Cream: I absolutely loved this product this year. I have serious ezcema on my hands, and if I don’t stay on top of my hand creams and the occasional steroid cream, my hands are a complete mess. This hand cream is under $10.00, and worked so well for me. Even on days that everything burns my hands, this saves me. I also love the Kiehl’s hand salve, but for the price difference, Aveeno takes favorite status.

Cliniderm Nutri Comfort Soothing Body Balm: This was the best body lotion I used all year. My legs can get super dry and itchy, and I need something that is super thick. This delivered everything I needed, but also allowed me to get dressed after applying. I wear black leggings pretty much everyday to work, and some lotions leave me flipping upside down and sideways trying to pull them up over my knees. (Does that ever happen to anybody else!? Sometimes I break a sweat just trying to put my damn pants on!) Unlike thick creams that need hours to sink in, or spray lotions that just don’t deliver enough moisture, this body balm is the perfect mix of nourishing, and convenient!

Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease: I love this texture spray. It’s inexpensive, smells great, and does the job. It offers a bit of volume, but I really love it when I am wearing a bun or some sort of braids. It gives your hair the perfect amount of texture, without making it feel dirty, or greasy. My only thing that I’m not crazy about, is how it makes my hair tangle. I will continue to hunt for a texture spray, but this one was definitely the best I’ve tried in 2014.

Versace Bright Crystal: This fragrance took the top spot again for 2014. I just love it so much. It’s citrusy, mildly musky, and simply amazing. I get compliments every time I wear this, and the bottle itself is amazing!! (That matters to me!) If you guys haven’t smelled this yet, get your hands on one and give it a smell! It’s so feminine, but doesn’t smell like diabetes. (Seriously, some of the newer fragrances are so sweet, I could choke on them!)


Kerestase Heat Protectants: I have used the Nectar Thermique, and now have started trying this new (to me) formula for damaged hair. These heat protectants really did change my hair. They smooth frizz, hydrate my ends … They are beautiful. I am still on the hunt for a cheaper cream heat protectant, so if anyone knows about a good one, let me know! Until then, I will continue to use the Kerestase, because my hair loves it!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Mask: Sound the harps. This mask changed the game. Of course, I can’t get this in Halifax, so the next person I know that goes to London Drugs will have to stock up for me. This mask performed better than any higher end mask I have ever tried. It made my hair shockingly silky, and I’ve never had anything like this. I think I paid $6.00 USD for two of these last time I was in Florida. I bought one for me and one for Sabah, and we both fell in love.

Those are the standout products for 2014. What are your must have hair products!?


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2014 Favorites! Skincare Edition!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an amazing holiday and are looking forward to the New Year! I have written out three separate posts for my 2014 Favorites. Skincare, Face and Body, and Makeup. I am going to start with the skincare, as I have found some really good products this year, that I will continue to use into 2015.


Clarins Double Serum: Technically I started using this product in 2013, but I have continued using it throughout this year, and it still remains a top shelf product in my opinion. My skin loves the texture of this, and I always feel hydrated when I am using it. I go through this product quickly, as I use about 4 pumps morning and night, and take it right down to my chest. The radiance this gives my skin can’t be beat!

Vichy Mineral Balm: I recently did a full review on this product. This is something that is a fairly specific product. If you are someone who works in cold conditions, or runs in the wintertime, or just have super dry skin like me, you should definitely try this. It is the perfect example of a complete barrier cream. And, I was able to put makeup on top of it, which was a nice surprise!

Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24 Eye Cream: This eye cream is so much better than anything I have ever used. Seriously, I have not gone through an eye cream as fast as I do with this one. My eyes are a problem zone for me, but if I am not seeing or feeling results, I will neglect a product. I have not missed a morning or a night application of this since I opened the jar, and I have anxiety for when it finishes. It is so hydrating, and smoothes the lines around my eyes.

Bioderma: I’ll be quick with this, as I talk about this all the time. It’s a super gentle cleansing water that removes makeup from your face and eyes. No fragrance, alcohol, parabens…. I could go on and on. This has been a favorite for years, but I just had to include it.

Clarins Foaming Cleanser: These cleansers are amazing. I have tried both the Normal/Combination formula, and the Dry/Sensitive formula, and love both. You need the smallest amount, and they work very well with my Clarisonic. These leave your skin feeling clean, but not stripped of all it’s moisture. I have repurchased these over and over all year.

La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense Riche: This was another cream that worked really well for me this year. It’s a super rich cream that still manages to feel light on the skin. It can be applied under makeup, and is a great option for sensitive skin. At $39.00CAD, this is a fairly affordable option, and truly kept my skin hydrated while I was using it. It really locked the moisture into my skin, but never felt greasy, or clogged any pores.

Those are six of my skincare favorites for 2014! I had so many products that I loved, but these were the six that really stood out to me!

What were your favorite skincare products of 2014?

Thanks for reading!


Christmas Morning Makeup! (Actual Christmas Morning!)

So … First of all, Merry Christmas Eve. One more sleep until Santa comes!

I was actually searching for a post or a YouTube video on Christmas morning makeup, and all I found was mostly heavy makeup, with winged liner and red lips. Beautiful makeup, but I’m after more of a “make me look semi decent in case I get caught in a photograph” look. Serious basics! Anyone with kids, or animals that refuse to sleep past 5AM on Christmas morning know that a red lip and a winged liner are not in the cards. So let’s aim for something reasonable. Let’s aim to look alive, and have some sort of pyjamas on that don’t have stains or rips in them. I decided to do the post myself, and I managed to cut down to 6 products. You could get away with only 5 products if you’re having a good skin day!


Step one: I am showing Benefit Porefessional here, since it’s one of my favorites, but what you need to be on the lookout for while shopping in store, or shopping your collection, is something that will even out the texture of your skin. This will smooth lines and hide pores, and I find it helps reduce some of my redness as well. It makes your skin look instantly better, and can be applied in seconds with your fingertips. If you are lucky enough to be having a great skin day, skip this next step.

Step 2: This step is optional, or you could simply use a concealer where needed instead of an all over product. This is a super light foundation, that provides some coverage, but feels like nothing on the skin. It has a natural finish and doesn’t require to be set with a powder, so it’s perfect for non fussy days.

Step 3: This cream blush from Elizabeth Arden is perfect for this look. It’s a subtle flush of pink, can be applied in a flash with your fingers, and can double as a lip color if needed. It’s perfect to give you a little wash of color to take away from the zombie that lies beneath. This is an important step because adding some color to your cheeks will liven you up immediately.

Step 4: Brows. I don’t care how quick you need to get ready. You need brows. No brows are never an option. If you have a fire in your house, you secure your animals and children, grab your limited edition makeup products that you can’t replace, fill your brows in, and then get to safety. Recently I’ve been using the Lise Watier brow pencil in Universal Brun. It comes with a spooly on one end, so you don’t require an extra brush!

Step 5: Mascara! Even if you do the slightest coat of mascara, it will widen your eyes, and wake up your face. This is the Lancôme Doll Lashes, but whatever mascara you have will work just fine!

Step 6: This step isn’t really needed if you decided to double duty your cream blush, but if you want an actual lip color, opt for something that isn’t too heavy on the color, and something that has a very hydrating formula. No one wants dry flaky lips.

If you do these really quick simple steps, I guarantee you will look amazing in your Christmas photos. But not too made up! Another tip, is wear something flattering! I am always one to rock a flannel onesie, but Christmas Morning I will probably be rocking some black leggings and an oversized plaid shirt. It seems to be my uniform for holidays!

I hope absolutely everybody has an amazing holiday! Whatever you celebrate, I hope it’s filled with love, family, and limited edition makeup value sets.

Happy Holidays everybody, and thank you so much for reading!


Review: Elf Small Stipple Brush!

Hello everybody! I am back after what feels like a lifetime long break. The holidays are getting the best of me, but I finally found a slice of time to sit down and tell you guys about a new product I’ve been using and absolutely loving.


The Elf small stipple brush has been an absolute god send for me. This brush retails for $4.00 CAD at Target, and if you have any cream or liquid products to use on your cheeks, you need to have this.

I have used this brush for liquid highlighters, blushes, stains … Anything that has a cream or liquid texture will pair beautifully with this.


This is the brush next to a MAC 187 for size reference. It is the perfect size for the apples of your cheeks, and the duo fibre bristles make it so easy to blend cream products without disturbing your foundation underneath. This is the perfect blush to use with Benefit’s High Beam, or any of their famous tints, which can be a little intimidating to apply.

I honestly don’t have one negative thing to say about this brush. The size is perfect, the handle is super comfortable to use, it blends products like a dream, and it cost the same as a latte from Starbucks. Seriously – buy yourself your own stocking stuffer and make sure you get this before the holidays!

How have you guys been? Ready for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below what is on your Christmas list this year!


Where have I been? Updates and holiday stress…

Hey everyone! I wanted to check in with everyone and just let you know I am still alive! I took a short break from blogging because the holidays are seriously consuming me. I have officially finished my holiday shopping, and all of the wrapping is done too! The dog is not enjoying his stocking very much, as he just wants to rip everything apart, so waiting for Santa Clause is never easy for him.

I went to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on the weekend. Indulged in a lot of holiday festivities, and came out with a picture of me and Sabah that I love!


I am spending my day doing laundry and trying to get the house back together, then it’s back to work tomorrow. Christmas when you work retail means pretty much no change in your schedule, if not more hours. I managed to get Christmas Day off, so my holiday vacation will be an absolute blissful one day of relaxation.

I am reflecting a lot today. I watched The Family Stone today and that movie gets me everytime. As some of you know, my grandfather is very sick right now, so of course he is constantly on my mind, especially this time of year.

Anyways, I wanted to jump on here quickly and let you know that things will be going back to normal very soon for the blog.

How is everyone’s preparation going!? Is anyone going to brave the malls on Christmas Eve?


Review: Vichy Mineral Balm!

I write this review, having finished this entire bottle of product. And ironically, finishing it was the only thing I didn’t like about it. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves … Let’s get to the review!

Flash advice. This is not a moisturizer for just anyone. This was a unique product that I think would cater to very specific needs. If you have normal/combo or oily skin, I can’t imagine you would like this too much. Dry skins, or even normal skins in different situations, would love this.

I think of this more as a glove for my face. My super dry flaky skin loved this. It works similarly to a barrier cream, and by that I mean it creates a seal over your skin. Let me try to explain this for you guys so it makes sense … If you apply this product to only half the face, and then wave a magazine in front of your face, the half with this product on it, will feel the slightest bit of wind, while the half that has no product on it, will feel the wind is a lot stronger. It will actually seal the moisture in your skin and not let any of it escape. Paraben free, Fragrance free and Colorant free, this cream did not irritate my skin at all. In fact, it made it feel super soft and I didn’t have to battle with my dreaded dry skin moustache even once when I was using this. I used this morning and night, but was sure to use a little less in the morning, and apply it ahead of time to allow it to sink into my skin before applying makeup.

I think this cream would be amazing for people who are outside often, especially in the colder months. I would apply a thick layer of this before walking my dog outside, and I would come home with soft skin that didn’t feel chapped or tight at all.

I want to stress my disclaimer again, that this is a specific cream for a specific type of skin. As a skin protectant it is amazing, but I can understand why someone who doesn’t battle with dry flaky skin wouldn’t like the texture of this cream. It is quite heavy, and leaves quite a bit of shine on the skin after application.

My only negative thought about this cream was there is absolutely no way to tell when it will run out. It happened to me one morning, and I was really upset! I have since started using the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty, so we will see how that goes!

Do you think you have a need for a skin balm like this in your life?


You can’t win em’ all: Three products that didn’t work out for me!

Perfect timing to follow two empties posts. I love to finish my beauty products. That last pump, or that last swipe of product gives me a feeling like I could conquer the world. And it helps with the guilt that I’m sure all beauty bloggers have. When you have a ridiculous amount of product that one person would never need in a lifetime, and you actually finish a product, it makes you feel like you’re making a dent in your collection.

Alas, sometimes I start to use a product, and I just know that it is not for me. They have no chance to get to an empties post, because the thought of having to finish them, makes me want to pull my hair out. These are the products that I will take with me to work, and try to find them a home. These three products did not work for me at all, and I’m going to tell you all about why.


Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion: I am not wonderful at using a toner. Beauty confession #1. I have yet to find one that works for my skin, and I thought I had the issue solved when I picked this one out. Wrong. This toner felt nice on my skin, but it was so fragrant, that I couldn’t stand to put it on my face any longer. The scent lingered for way too long, and it made my eyes water when I put it on. I am talking super strong scent. Liquid fragrance on a cotton pad strong. I didn’t even get a chance to see if this helped my skin out, because I couldn’t stand to use it for more than 5 days. This is my official cry for help, tell me if you have a favorite toner for dry skin!!

Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer: The reason I picked this up, was because it claims to cut your blow dry time. That’s a legit lie. I actually timed my blow dry with and without this product several times, and every time I applied the product first, it took me longer to blow dry, because my hair felt like an oily mess. I didn’t overuse it, and I’m not someone who is scared of oils in my hair, so I was really disappointed with this. I’m using an Alterna leave in cream now, and I have a back up of my favorite Keratase heat protectant lined up for after that. Hopefully whoever I give this product to likes it more than I did!

Garnier Deconstructed Beach Chic Texture Spray: Another hair product that didn’t work for me. Unlike the Deconstructed Texture Tease spray from this same line, this product did nothing for me. It smells nice, and didn’t make my hair crunchy which was nice, but it just didn’t make my hair wave, or really do anything to it. I work with a girl who recently chopped a lot of her hair off (for Locks of Love!) so I am going to pass this off to her and see if she has better luck.

Did you guys try anything recently that didn’t work for you? Let me know about it!


Empties Post: Part Two!

Yesterday I showed you guys some recent skincare empties, and I wanted to follow up with some makeup products that I have finished as well!


Lancôme Hypnose Mascara: I continue to love this mascara, it is definitely HG status. Volume, length, separation… Seriously this stuff does it all and doesn’t smudge on my eyes. I already have several back ups of this, and plan to keep using it!

Strivectin Extreme Cream: This is my second jar of this cream, and while I liked it, I had to use so much of it to make my skin feel hydrated. I went through two jars of this cream in just over one month, and at over $100 CAD a jar, it just wasn’t worth it for me.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream: I am so glad this product is finished, because it really did nothing for me. It didn’t reduce my lines, or even really hydrate my eye area. I won’t be repurchasing, I’ve already gone back to my HG Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24.

Quo Brush Cleaner: This brush cleaner does the job. It’s inexpensive, and I will continue to repurchase. It’s great to have on hand just when you need to spot clean your brushes!

Benefit Porefessional: This must be my fifth tube of this product. I absolutely love it. But, as a makeup primer, it does nothing for me. Wonderful as a touch up product, but my favorite way to wear it is on days that I wear no makeup. It makes the skin look super smooth, and finishes my redness. I am currently trying out some other products, but I am sure I will go back to this soon!

Benefit LolliBalm: Yes I actually finished this entire tube. And I have already repurchased another one. Of all the balms, this one is my favorite. It gives a subtle hint of color, but is one of the most hydrating lip balms I have ever used!

Vichy Essentielles Lip Balm: This was a great lip balm. I loved it under my lipsticks, and it was nice on it’s own as well. Lip balms are something that I like to try, so I won’t repurchase this, but I would recommend it to somebody for sure!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: Another one bites the dust. I absolutely LOVE this lip product. Everytime I wear it people ask me what I have on. It has been discontinued in Canada and I have three back ups left. The anxiety is real.

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait: I was surprised that I actually finished this, because I didn’t really like it. It had too much glitter in it for me, and when the color was gone, I was left with dry lips full of glitter. I highly recommend the lip butters, but would avoid this shade!

Maybelline Color Elixir in Caramel Infused: So sad that this is gone. I will repurchase for sure. This is a perfect “your lips but better” color for me, and the formula is truly amazing. The tubes must be colored, because you never know when you will run out of this! I scraped the sides for a good two weeks before deciding it was time to move on! Highly recommend these!

Phew – that was a lot of empties! A few duds and a few true favorites. But, the only way to know, is to try them right!

Thanks for reading everybody!


Empties Post! Part One!

Hello Everybody! Who has been panicking about the holidays? It’s all I’ve really had on my mind lately, and thankfully I have a basket full of empties to distract me for a little while! Before we start, I would like to take a second to recognize Almira! She posts blogs on here randomly, and is truly one of my besties! It is her birthday today so everybody send her some love! Happy Birthday Almira, can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Let’s get into the empties! This first segment will be mostly skincare products, and tomorrow’s post will be more heavy on the makeup side. I get super excited when I finish a makeup product! Sometimes I feel like it takes me forever to see the bottom!


Psssst! Dry Shampoo: This was an okay product. Nothing I would repurchase, as I definitely love the Batiste dry shampoo a lot more. You can’t buy this in Canada so Id be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that it didn’t really knock my socks off …

Bioderma Micellar Water: I’ll save my raves about this product as we all know by now how I feel about this product. It is liquid gold and I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s one of my rare staples that I will never be caught without!

Vichy 2 in 1 Aqua Destock: This is a cellulite product that I tried in hopes of finding a cheaper alternative to my Clarins High Definition Body Lift. I will say, this product felt nice, and definitely helped me on those days when my legs were feeling heavy, but as far as helping cellulite, this did nothing. I wouldn’t repurchase, and I will be going back to my Clarins for sure!


Vichy Cellu Destock Expert: This was another product that didn’t work for me. I loved the packaging, it dispenses itself and allows you to massage it in with a triple ball roller head. But it didn’t give me any tightening feeling at all – and absolutely no improvement in my cellulite. I’m glad I tried it, but again, the Clarins worked much better for me!

La Roche Posay Toleraine Cleanser: I loved this product. I was actually really surprised how fast I went through it. Everytime I used it, I felt like the product was getting lower and lower in the bottle. Not until the end of it did I realize there was a huge crack in the bottom of the bottle, and most of it had dripped out of my shower caddy and down my drain! This worked well all over my skin, and didn’t irritate my eyes at all! I would repurchase this again, it was great for those times I jumped in the shower and forgot to Bioderma my makeup off first.

Aveeno Eczema Care Hand Cream: This is a drugstore must have for me. It works just as well as the Kiehl’s hand cream and I got mine on sale for $6.99 CAD. Anyone who has dry hands, or in my case Eczema, should have this on hand, especially in the colder months!!

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps: This lotion was amazing, and I am really upset that it’s gone! It’s not something that’s easy to find in Halifax, so I won’t be repurchasing this anytime soon, but the next time I can get my hands on it, I will be buying the largest bottle I can find!

That’s it for the skincare portion of the empties … I do have two other skincare products that I will talk about tomorrow!!

What have you guys emptied out lately?