Review: Elf Maximum Coverage Concealer!

Elf is a beautiful brand. Honestly. Most of the products I use from their company results in a “I can’t believe this was under $5.00” scream fest. This concealer however, had me thinking “You get what you pay for.”

First of all, the very first time I used this product, the plastic blocker came off, resulting in a huge hole that let way too much product out. Regardless, I continued to use the product, and these were my thoughts.



This product gives just okay coverage. For something that boasts maximum coverage, I was disappointed with it. I was hoping this would be a concealer that I could apply under a powder foundation. On good skin days when I didn’t have much to cover, it would have worked, except the texture of this concealer is so sticky it would attract my powder foundation so quickly, and I would be left with dry looking patches under my eyes and around my nose. Even when set with a powder, I found this concealer felt sticky, and it wasn’t pleasant to use. I used it for about three and a half weeks and finally decided just to cut the cord and get rid of it. With the broken packaging, it just wasn’t worth the hassle of using it every day, for a lacklustre result. For the amount of product that you get (20ml) and the price of it ($3.00) I am not totally disappointed. It is not something I would repurchase, however it’s not the worst concealer I’ve ever used.

Have you guys tried this concealer? What are your thoughts?




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