Review: Lise Watier Blush Fondant Supreme!

Sometimes, good things just happen. A deserving family wins the lottery, Sophia Vergara hooks up with Joe Manganiello, or in this case, a company makes a limited edition product that you LOVED, part of their regular line. Enter Lise Watier Blush Fondant Supreme.

First introduced in the Eden Tropical collection, these cream blushes left a huge impression on me. They are so light, they have the perfect texture that allows seamless blending, but still leave you with an even application. The lasting power is great, and the color range has something for everybody. These are an absolute home run. I prefer to apply them directly with my fingers, but I have used smaller stipple brushes, and also a regular blush brush, and was satisfied with the results from both.



From left to right: Corail, Peche, Natural, Baie, Terracotta, and Rose.

These blushes retail for $30.00 CAD and will more than likely be my go to blush this winter when my skin gets out of control dry. My personal favorite is Baie, but I love Peche and Rose. I will be reaching for those shades come Spring time!

Lise Watier has been absolutely killing it lately, I am super impressed with her products!

What are you favorite Lise Watier products?




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