Beauty Blender Bombshell!

So not too long ago, I wrote a post on the Micro Mini Beauty Blenders. I love these little neon green gems, and I have been using them for just about two months now. Mine held up really well, but as I washed all of my sponges and brushes today, I was squeezing the water out of one, and I could feel a definite difference. It seems to be breaking down! For some reason I went and got the packaging and sure enough I find this…


“With proper care, Micro Mini will last 90 days.”

Well that sucks! These sponges are not cheap, and I’m really disappointed that I didn’t know this before I purchased. My original Beauty Blenders seem to be indestructible (except the ones that came in the BFF duo, both of those sponges felt super different than the sponges that are sold separately!) I’m still not convinced they didn’t put all the reject sponges in those duo sets! But my regular pink ones, and my royal shade one have held up extremely well. Even the ones that I carry in my freelance kit! (And trust me, those get beat up! Constantly being cleaned and microwaved, and they still look brand new!)

I do appreciate that I got two of these micro sponges, but had I known that they would only last 90 days, I might have spent that money on something else.

Has anyone else had these little sponges give out on them yet? If you have, let me know! And all of you that want to purchase these, keep in mind that they come with an end date in mind 😦




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