Exfoliating Gloves: Something everybody needs!

The whole idea for this blog was inspired by a lovely woman I was speaking to not too long ago. I was telling her how I couldn’t live without my exfoliating gloves, and when I gave her a tip on another way to use them, she was visibly shaken, and excited to get herself a pair. These are the reactions that I love. I have a lot of posts coming on ” Non Beauty” things, that I use for beauty purposes. But this is the opposite. A beauty product that I do use for beauty, but it has a wonderful purpose in my home, that I will never stop using.

These small inexpensive gloves will change you life. Plain and simple. Using these in the shower with your body wash will keep your skin glowing and healthy, and they are a must for sloughing off dead skin before you self tan.
When my first pair of these gloves started to look a little gross, I decided it was time to get rid of them. While in the shower, I looked down and saw that dreaded ring starting to form around the tub…

Now for a side story. So I used to work for Royal Canadian Pacific, in Calgary. I was an attendant on the luxury train, and with that came a ton of responsibility. One of them was, obviously housekeeping, which included us having to clean our personal rooms at the end of a trip. There was never a crazy amount of time on the train, so I got in the habit of spraying my shower down as soon as I was done using it for the last time. And let me tell you, nothing is easier to clean than a hot steamy shower. The grime just wipes away, and there is no need to scrub and scrub. We had squeegees and everything to ensure not one water spot was left! It was pretty serious business.

Back to my personal shower at home, while I don’t use a squeegee to ensure there are zero flaws, I do enjoy a clean shower! So this particular day, my old train habits kicked in, and before going to throw my exfoliating gloves out, I gave the shower a good wipe down. Let me tell you, nothing has ever taken that ring away faster. These have become my number one bathroom cleaning staple. Obviously, use an old pair that you intend to throw out, or do what I do now, and just buy separate colors. (Turquoise is always for my body, and pink is for the bathtub!)

Seriously, do yourself and your tub a favor, and get youself a pair of these. And if you have an extra pair kicking around, throw them on before tackling that dreaded ring around your tub. You can thank me later!


Any beauty items that have a complete non beauty related use for you?




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