How to prevent and deal with frantic mornings!

There are some things in life that everybody can relate to. No matter where you come from, or what your lifestyle is, everybody in the world knows that feeling of waking up late. Or waking up super gracefully, only to realize your alarm didn’t go off, and you are supposed to be somewhere in 20 minutes. I honestly want to know, how many of you have had that jolt of electricity run through your veins? You go from a completely normal, semi sedated person, to a blanket throwing, multi tasking psychopath in about .38 seconds.

Well, I dread those mornings like nothing else, so I have put together some of my favorite tips to make the morning run smoothly for you, and everyone else in your household. (Even though the funniest part of mornings like that, are when you trample over your spouse to get out of bed, thus waking them up and sending them into a morning frenzy!)

1.) Shower at Night: I know a lot of people like taking showers in the morning, but for me, I would rather have the extra 15 minutes of sleep. Plus, if you shower at night, you can braid your hair, or put some product in it and throw it up in a loose bun, resulting in a tousled messy look when you wake. This way, you also diminish the chances of being so late, you have to skip your morning shower. And in that case, nobody wins.

2.) Pick your outfit out the night before: This is something I do mostly every night. Everything down to my bra, socks etc will be laid out on my ottoman in my bedroom. (Or in the wintertime, I tuck my outfit under my duvet while I sleep, so I change into warm clothes. Being cold is just not an option for me.) This is a huge time saver for me, as all females know, it can be a process to put together a single outfit.

3.) Cut makeup routine down to the most basic possible: Multi tasking products are your best friend in a situation like this. BB creams that can stand in as moisturizers, cream based products that can be used on cheeks and lips … These are the things to grab for. Me personally, I will apply Benefit Porefessional, fill my brows, apply my Baby Lips in Cherry Me, and a quick coat of mascara. Everything else can be dealt with later throughout the day.

4.) Play music: Another thing that eases my mornings all the time. Sabah does this too. If you are feeling groggy and just can’t pull it together, put on some music. If you don’t feel a little more energetic when Beyoncé comes on (or G-unit if you’re Sabah) consult your physician immediately.

Other things I do include turning on my lamp as soon as my alarm rings. (It’s impossible for me to get up when it’s still dark – I need light!) Putting my things (purse, keys etc) by the front door so I am not frantically looking for them in the morning, and packing my lunch the night before.

I hope these tips help you have a smoother morning, they sure help me!

Are there any other tips you guys have to share?




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