Review: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask!

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and enjoying buying all of the makeup that I’m not allowed to buy. (If you read my blog regularly, you know I am on a cosmetics purchasing ban!)

I have a review for you guys today, for a product that people ask me about all the time. Now, I consider myself a serious lip treatment junkie. My lips (like everything else) get super dry, and in the dead of Winter, I pretty much shed my skin similar to a snake.

The amazing reviews on this product lured me in, and I have loved everything from Bite that I have come into contact with. But this product my friends, is glorified Vaseline.


First of all, I need to talk about the sheer frustration of the 15g packaging. It is a decent amount of product, but it is so bloody hard to squeeze out of the tube. I literally brought this product to Sabahs house, so she could feel how hard you need to squeeze to get some of the product out. While I appreciate the reminder of how weak I am, and how badly I need to go to the gym, I don’t need the embarrassment from a lip balm on the daily. When the product finally does come out, you need the smallest amount. This has the texture of what can only be described to me as melted car tires. It is thick, and goopy, but the uncomfortable feeling soon goes away after you apply it , and your body heat warms the product. This is definitely not a lip balm/treatment that you throw in your bag, or top up your lipstick with. This was exclusively a nighttime product for me. I would apply it before bed, and wake up with dry lips that didn’t have the remains of any hydration. I get much better results with my trusty Aquaphor, which is so super cheap! This 15g tube retails for $30.00 CAD, and I will more than likely pass this off to one of my sisters to try.

If you are someone who likes a higher end fancy lip balm to apply, I would definitely stand by the Christian Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, but if you’re on a budget, simple Aquaphor will do the trick.

This one stings me, because I could have purchased something amazing with $30.00. A classic case of money directly down the drain.

Like I said, this product gets amaZing reviews online, what did you think of this product?




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