Review: Micro Mini Beauty Blenders!

November 11th. A day to remember and be thankful for all the people who fought for us, and the people who continue to do so. I’m hoping after Remembrance Day is over, my rage over Christmas displays will calm down a little bit, and I will start to feel the holiday spirit. I am completely against anything Christmas related before November 11th, call me a stick in the mud, but it’s crazy disrespectful to me, and I blame the monster that is retailers for it.

Anyway – after that rant, let’s brighten the mood a bit with an awesome review! I won’t lie, when I first bought these Micro Mini Beauty Blenders, I thought they were crazy gimmicky. They just seemed to small, and my first thought was “The first time I drop one of those, it will roll into the radiator and be gone forever!”

I am happy to report I have yet to lose one, and once you get these babies damp, the size is much less alarming.


On the left, we have a dampened sponge, and on the right is dry. Below is a picture of the Royal Beauty Blender with a Micro Mini beside it. (Both sponges are dry in this photo, and both will double in size when you dampen them!)


I have been using these for about a month now, and I have to say, I really like them, and they do have some functions that the original Beauty Blender can’t give you. I use them mostly for blending my under eye concealer, and eyelid primers. They perfectly fit under my eye, and they blend the product beautifully without blending the coverage away! I have also gotten used to using this with my setting powder. Just a quick dip in the lid of my loose powder, and this is the perfect tool to set my concealer. Other uses include cream contouring (they are the perfect size for the hollows of your cheeks, and I love using this to blend down my nose!) cream highlighting, and cream blush!

I have washed these several times, and have had no problem with ripping, or staining. The solid Beauty Blender cleanser is seriously magic. They dry super quickly due to their small size, and I will be adding a pack of these into my freelance kit for sure! $24.00 CAD will get you two of these gems, and I highly recommend trying these out!

What are your thoughts on this product?



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