Sabah’s thoughts on Kat Von D Immortal Lash 24hr Mascara!

Sara and I recently split a kit from Kat Von D, I wanted the mascara and she the liquid eyeliner. I really wanted to try this because the wand was so bizarre. As many of you know I am always itching to try new mascara. I sometimes feel that my hunt for HG mascara may be a life long journey of the proportions of Homer’s The Odyssey. Back to the mascara. The first time I used this mascara my first thought was “How long do I have to use this before I can throw it out without feeling guilty?” I HATED this mascara the first time. I’m shocked that it ever got beyond a first use, like truly shocked with myself. Upon the second try I paired it with my Cils Booster from Lancôme, Cils makes everything better. And with this it did too, but only just barely. Eventually I managed to determine that with multiple coats I could get a decent lash out of it. The issue I had with the multiple applications was that if I wasn’t completely careful they would totally look spidery and deformed. The weird wand that had so intrigued me to begin with also is super frustrating. The wand seems flimsy somehow, like I may be bending it to get it back into the tube? It does now have a funny angle that I don’t think it had when I got it. The one redeeming quality of this mascara is that it comes off really well. Sad state of affairs when the best part of a product is the speed in which you can remove it.


Will I ever find a mascara that just works for me? What is your HG?



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