Cosmetic Lockdown: The challenge begins!

How is everybody? I am coming off of a very relaxing hour, drinking tea and watching cat videos on You Tube. Seriously, it’s the small things. I felt like I needed something light hearted to prepare me for the monster news I am about to share. I have made a very difficult decision, and I am hoping with your support I can muddle through this somehow.

I have vowed not to purchase any cosmetics until January 2015.

Take a minute and let that register …

You must be thinking … “She’s crazy!! She’s a beauty blogger who is refusing to buy cosmetics during the PEAK retail season for holiday sets!??” I know I know, and those are all valid points.

Something strange happened to me the other day. I went to the mall, during a VIB Rouge 20% off event, and I left EMPTY handed. I am talking not one single thing in my hands. And believe me when I say I tried so hard to buy something. Sabah and I must have done 25 laps around the store, and I just couldn’t bear to bring home any more cosmetics knowing what a ridiculous stash I had at home waiting for me. It doesn’t matter what I picked up, I knew I had plenty at home to open up and try. And to be honest, I’ve already picked up the holiday sets that really attracted me. I wasn’t too overwhelmed with the sets this year. NARS and Tarte were disappointing for me, and I already have the Too Faced A few of my favorite things palette, which came with so much I feel like I will never need another Too Faced product again … And let’s not even get into the disappointment of the Superstars kit. It is so similar to last years kit, that it just wasn’t worth the purchase. I’ve just hit a point that I need to focus on getting through what I have, before I bring new stuff in. I have boxes and boxes of product that I was so excited to try at one point, but somehow they have just gotten put to the side and forgotten about! Does anyone else ever feel like this??

Anyway – of course there have to be loopholes. And these are mine:

1.) Bioderma, Shiseido Cotton, and Elnett Hairspray. These are three things that I use daily, and I will never be without them. Ever. No exception.

2.) Gifts: Things given to me by companies, friends, family will not count, as this is also a financial decision, to help me save some cash! If I don’t have to pay for it, it doesn’t count!

3.) Optimum Point redemptions: As all Canadians know, there is nothing better than the Optimum program. With my ridiculous point balance, and redemption events happening over the holidays, I may need to break down and get some stuff using my points. (In which case I only pay the tax!)

4.) If NARS magically relaunches the Danmari cheek palette, the bet is off. Chances are slim, but I need to cover all of my bases.

5.) A zombie apocalypse: If those nasty flesh eaters take over Halifax, and I need to be in hiding for awhile, I’m going to need to purchase everything left on the 50 things to buy before you die list, from Allure magazine. (Looking at you Mason Pearson brush and La Mer cream…)

I hope you all understand! The blog will continue as normal, reviews, favorites etc. This will be a great way to discover some products that I haven’t yet tried! And Sabah will still be here to review things that she picks up over the holidays!

What do you guys think? Is anyone interested in taking the challenge with me? I feel like I need to start a support group.



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