Philosophy Purity Cleanser!

My face is a disaster. I have a chin full of breakouts that is reminiscent of my mid-teens. When your face looks like a before picture for Accutane, you really get down to the basics. The products you know work well for you. Enter Purity. The first time I got this was when I got my Clarisonic and I’m not exaggerating when I say the smell gets me kind of emotional about my journey with my face cleaning machine…..(don’t judge me even when I deserve it.) I have talked about this cleanser in an empties post I’m sure, but I’ve never devoted a whole blog about it. Total oversight on my part. This is a wonderful product. It is strong enough to take my face from full post night out smoky eye, to squeaky clean. I need a product that can do the full face removal. I don’t want to have to add extra steps if I can avoid it. It won’t take off waterproof mascara but let’s be fair, few cleansers will. The smell is subtle, the texture is creamy. Sara credits this product for breaking her fear of products with oil in them. If you ever actually read the ingredients, about half of them are some sort of oils! When someone is looking for an amazing cleanser, this is almost always the one I recommend. This is a fantastic cleanser, it’s the right amount of frothy. Also worth noting is that it doesn’t taste bad, I doubt I’m the only one who sometimes ends up with cleanser in their mouth and appreciates when it doesn’t taste like chemicals and shoe laces.


What are your go to HG skincare items? (And yes Sara – before you comment, we know yours is Bioderma!)



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