Sabah’s October Favorites!

Oh October, your dark mornings and warm drinks. Oh and children going door to door to beg for candy, a practice that we spend the rest of the year teaching them is a bad call. I don’t typically do favorites, especially lately since I’ve been on product lockdown trying to get through some of my collection before the Christmas explosion of collections. This month I have surprisingly fallen in love with some of the things I had back burnered. A lot of these guys are things I was just trying to finish but rediscovered along the way.

Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder: I have had this powder so long it might be getting dodgy. I love it, use it at least three times a week. Can I still see the Chanel logo on the top? Yes. This might be a magical product from Diagon Alley. It will not die. I’m not complaining, and if you’re looking for a powder you won’t go through super fast, this is the one for you. It advertises as being mattifying and maybe it is on oilier skin types, but on me it sill lets a natural glow come through. There is the right amount of coverage so that you don’t get cake face if you pair it with a full coverage foundation. I wouldn’t use it alone unless you’re a lucky girl who has pretty good skin. This is an excellent powder to use to set your foundation in place. If it ever dies I will likely buy another one. Chanel isn’t always a guarantee and with the price tag you might be a bit nervous but this is a solid choice.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen: I have super dark lids so if I want to wear a lighter eye shadow, a primer with a bit of pigment is a must. I really like this base, I have zero issues with creasing and the colors of my shadows aren’t distorted by the base. I bought this blindly and have reviewed it before but it is almost always a favorite. Laura Mercier has never been a brand I’ve lusted over because of glam or packaging, but I seem to love every product I try. I really think she has a very solid brand.

Nivea Lip Balm in Olive Oil and Lemon: This is another random product that Sara and Almira brought me from Florida (I couldn’t have shopped for myself better than they did for me.) This is a really nice lip balm that does an excellent job of soothing my lips without causing you to be really aware of it. Wonderful base for drying lipsticks.

Nars Blush in Outlaw: I have owned this for a while and when Fall was coming, I felt a little lost… like I was forgetting something. I then ran into a friend and asked what blush she was wearing. It was Outlaw, and I had an A-Ha moment. This is what was missing from my Fall life. I pair this with a cream blush from Make Up For Ever and it is like a match made in heaven. Like cookies and milk, but for your face.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: Words can’t capture how I feel about the smell of this product. Delicious. It’s super effective at sloshing off all my dead skin without being drying. I have already done a post on the set that this product came in and I’m still using and loving this mask. Definitely recommend this, and the other two masks that come in the set.

Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation: Holy Hell, another product that won’t die. I’ve always really liked this foundation. It has excellent coverage, and super long wear. I don’t see break down until about 8 hours in. When I bought this I was worried that I would go through it really quickly. That is not the case, a little bit goes a long way.

Frizz Ease Unwind Curl: I use this as a curl cream. Weird right? I know, use straightening products to relax my curl a bit more into a wave. This is a really great product for taming my hair without making it crunchy. It’s even great to help hold curls that I put in with a curling iron. For the price, this is one of the better curl products I’ve used.


What are you loving this month?

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