Sara’s October Favorites!

Fall is such a bittersweet time for me. I love the season. I love fall fashion, the trees look so pretty, and everybody loves a good pumpkin spice. But Fall means that Winter is coming, and I turn into an unreasonable sociopath in the Winter. The cold, the bad road conditions, having to wear 17 layers everywhere I go … It’s just a mess. I am a cranky bag from November until Spring. I clearly need to leave Canada for about 6 months of the year! (Any readers that live somewhere super warm? I’ll clean your makeup brushes as rent!) Luckily, I have my favorite products to get me through! Let’s get into them!

Caress Body Wash “Passionate Spell”: This was something I wanted to pick up when I was in Florida, because all of the You Tubers I watch rave about this. They weren’t lying when they said it was hard to find. I had to go to three stores before I found one that wasn’t sold out. This smells amazing, and it doesn’t dry my skin out. It is definitely on my list of things to purchase when I am in the US.

Grandiose Mascara: I have a full review of this product here. Not much more to say about it! Everybody has to splurge on a tube of this at least once.

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Bath: What an absolutely perfect product this is. I am OBSESSED. I fell in love when I saw that it came with a wooden honey stick, and the first time I used it, I thought “Why didn’t I buy five of these!!??” Again, something that you cannot buy in Canada. I am using this so sparingly, for fear of running out. I need more Laura Mercier bath products in my life. This bubbles so nicely, not too much. And it leaves my skin feeling like a silk sheet. I cannot rave about this enough!!

Maybelline Color Show polish in A Walk in the Park: This is more of a favorite because of the color, because I truly am not a fan of the brush of this polish. I am actually thinking about buying the Julep brush that you can use with any polish, because I cannot stand these skinny brushes on nail polishes. I prefer the Sally Hansen brushes! Anyway, this shade looks black from far away, but up close or in the light, you can tell it’s the perfect shade of forest green. I have been wearing this almost all month!

Kerestase Nectar Thermique: I knew from the start that I loved this product – but somewhere along the lines, I started taking it for granted because now it is so close to being empty, and I started using a new heat protectant from Redken (Review coming!) and the frizz in my hair is now out of control. I have recently cut my bangs and colored my hair super dark (I regret both of those things, can’t wait to go back to long bangs with ombre!) but none the less, something is off and I can say for sure that the frizz happens when I am not using this product. The price kills me, so if anyone has found a cream heat protectant from the drugstore that they love, PLEASE let me know! This stuff is so pricey, but I don’t have a choice but to repurchase because it is SO good!

Aveeno Eczema Hand Cream: This was an awesome find in October. I have very bad eczema flare ups on my hands and this is the first cream I’ve found that doesn’t sting me at all when I am in a flare up. I love the Caudalie hand cream to maintain, but when they are in their worst state, this stuff really takes care of them, and is much cheaper. It is also steroid free, so that gets bonus points!

Essence Bloom me Up! Duo Pencil!: This is a little mean, because this was a limited edition product from the Essence Spring collection. BUT- there is a dupe for it! This product is very similar to Benefit’s High Brow. I use both sides of this pencil (One side is a milky pink color for highlighting under your brow etc, and one side is a nude inner rim liner, that is also great to line around your mouth with!) I use this honestly every single day, and I plan on stealing Sabah’s because I know she bought it, and she never uses it. It’s creamy, so brightening, and lasts all day on my skin. This is your last warning to pick up the Essence limited edition collections. They have so many amazing products, and they are cheaper than dirt!


Tell me some of your October favorites! Also – remember the giveaway I am doing on Instagram! Simply follow @girlmetblush show me your costume using #girlmetblushhalloween and leave me a comment telling me your absolute favorite product in the whole world!




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