Sabah’s Newest Obsession: Aussie 3 minute miracle!

So sit down, I have something truly wondrous to tell you. I have found the best hair mask/conditioner I have ever used, like ever. My hair is fried. I dye my hair with box dyes pretty regularly, it’s curly and I have a lot of coarse grey hair. Oh and I use mousse, like a lot. I compensate for not going to the salon for hair colouring by using hair masks like conditioner. I have used everything I could get my hands on. I really liked a Kerestase one I had used but the price is truly daunting. Cue Sara and Almira going to Florida. They brought back a wild array of products for me, and this was the one I was least excited about. (Honestly I was more along the lines of asking if Sara had lost her mind when she decided to lug a $4 hair conditioner all the way from Florida to Nova Scotia) I was enormously ungrateful. I tried it and almost jumped out of the shower to call Sara when I was still drenched. My hair INSTANTLY felt better, smoother, tangle free and calmer. I shit you not this is the best mask I’ve ever used. Not the best for the price but the best ever. If you suffer from dry hair you need to make a trip to an American drug store and get approximately every bottle they carry. Now the sad part of this tale, it is only available in the US and I am in Canada. Is this a reason for immigration that would be accepted? As of right now I am sending my poor brother-in-law on the hunt in November. I just hope I can wait until then.


Seriously, I need about 175 bottles of this.

What are your favorite hair masks?




    1. It is really amazing – I have tried it as well and I really like it. The funny thing was, when I brought this back for Sabah, she was so disappointed. She was so happy for everything, but when I showed her this, her face dropped. It was like she couldn’t believe I would waste her money and room in m suitcase bringing two of these back to Canada. Just goes to show you – don’t judge something until you try it! XX

  1. London drugs sells it in Canada. If you have one of those near you, I would definitely check. I live in Vancouver and we have them here for roughly 50 cents to a dollar more. Not bad at all!

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