Review: Sabah’s thoughts on Benefit Majorette!

I have no idea who designs the packaging for Benefit, but I have a bit of a crush on them. Majorette is no exception when it comes to the adorable and durable packaging of their blushes. Now that I think of it, I don’t remember any of my Benefit products falling victim to breaking or any other packaging malfunctions. Well done Gabbi! So yes, the packaging is wonderful and the blush itself smells like … Starburst? Something sweet and kinda artificial that I’m into. So the blush is a somewhat startling orange that caused a bit of disappointment for me because I’m really more into pink. Me and coral? Kinda unmixy. Alas, it is Benefit so coral or not, it was going home with me. To my shock it went on to be a bit pink. I have no explanation. It works, it doesn’t look orange on me. I use a small stippling brush to apply it like all my cream blushes. Its pigmentation is solid, not weak or daunting. I’ve heard a lot being said about pairing Majorette with another blush and I have to say that it does increase the lasting power. The paired blush needs to be applied a bit on the heavy side to really work. I have worn Majorette on its own and I do quite like it. I highly recommend trying it on, don’t assume when you see it that it won’t work on your skin tone because of the shade – because I didn’t think it would work with mine. I like it, it’s flattering and has average wear time for me. I especially like it paired with something with a bit of a shimmer to it.





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