Review: Lancôme Grandiose Mascara!

You are all about to witness something epic. I am going to say words that will shock you – and I guarantee, I will be getting some phone calls from my girlfriends when this post goes live.

I have a new HG mascara.

There – I said it. That’s right beauties, just let that sink in for a minute. I have never found anything that gave me happiness like Lancôme Hypnose. We have been going strong for years, and after vigorous testing, Grandiose has replaced Hypnose in my makeup bag.


Everyone, meet Grandiose. The new wide angle fan effect mascara. Of course, packaging drew me into this. The tube screams luxury, and we all know how strong the lure of pretty packaging can be. The second thing I noticed was the “Swan Neck” wand. I won’t lie, when I first saw it, I thought “total gimmick”.


It wasn’t until I took the tube home with me and started testing it – that I realized that the wand truly does make application easier. Those tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners have no chance of hiding from this brush. And surprisingly, it also works well on my lower lashes.

As for flaking, smudging, or transfer, I had none of it! Being a contact lens wearer, this is rare, and very appreciated!

Now – I will say that this mascara isn’t for everybody. If you want very natural looking lashes – more focused on length and separation, Definicils or even regular Hypnose might be better for you. (The beauty of Hypnose is you have complete control of your look! It can be natural or very dramatic!) if you are more of a volume and length kinda gal, this is for you. This mascara will give your eyes that dramatic pop, and immediately makes you look more awake.

Overall, this mascara really impressed me, and it is now what I reach for daily. This is the first mascara in years that has knocked Hypnose right out of my makeup bag! If you’re a mascara junkie, I say splurge on this $35.00 CAD beauty at least once.

I must know – what is your holy grail mascara!?



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