Dior’s new Backstage Blender is Solid as a Rock!

So I’ve recently been trying to find a cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender. Being a professional Makeup Artist, I am constantly buying these babies for my kit, and they get expensive. Being aggressively cleaned and microwaved all the time, they do break down after while, and if I can find a cheaper alternative, I am all over it. I recently picked up Dior’s new Backstage Blender sponge, hoping this would be the answer. It is $6.00CAD cheaper than the Beauty Blender, plus I receive a 30% discount off of their products. Sounds perfect right?


I brought this home with me, and after some reading, I learned this sponge is actually meant to be used dry. Perfect I thought, sometimes on makeup gigs, I don’t have access to a faucet, and spraying them with thermal water takes a little while. First impressions were that the sponge doesn’t have the same squishy bouncy texture as the Beauty Blender. I have tried this sponge dry, as well as wet (out of sheer curiosity) and I have to say, it doesn’t compare to the Beauty Blender. It is such a solid sponge, and I honestly felt like I was putting on my foundation with a piece of gravel. It didn’t seem to sheer the foundation out at all, but I didn’t find the sponge ate up as much of my foundation that I was expecting. I found it hard to get into those little areas such as eyes and around the nose, because the sponge itself was really hard to manipulate.

Here is picture of the Beauty Blender (Royal Shade) beside the black Dior sponge for size.


They are almost the same size, and although the Dior sponge is meant to be used dry, I still wanted to see if it expanded at all. So here are both of them after they’ve been dampened.


As you can see, the Dior sponge really doesn’t expand at all. And if anything, getting it wet just makes the sponge itself harder. So, if you do decide to try this, I’d steer clear of water!

Overall, I was happy with the look of my foundation and concealer, but when I tried to use a darker concealer stick for contour, all it did was take the product off of my skin. I found myself really missing that bouncy light feeling that the Beauty Blender gives me, and this Dior sponge tugged on my skin a little too much for comfort. I am hoping it will help me with some Halloween makeup this year, but for everyday personal use and the sponges in my freelance kit, I will be sticking to the original Beauty Blender sponge. I am dying for a dupe of this, has anyone tried a sponge that has the same squishy feeling of the Beauty Blender?




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