Sabahs Review: Benefit They’re Real Push up Liner!

Let me start by saying I am behind on this product. Sara reviewed this months ago, but it took me awhile to get to it, and now that I’ve tried it, and heard so many mixed things about it, I thought I would throw my opinion in the mix too!
I have weird eyes. I haven’t figured out exactly what my issue is, if I’m just uncoordinated, or my eyes actually have a hard shape to line. I don’t know, but I do know, I am so bad at applying eyeliner. I don’t like applying it because I have to stretch my eyelid out, which causes me to hear Sara in my head screaming about giving myself lines. When a situation requires liquid liner, I almost always went to my Stila Stay all Day. And then Benefit launched They’re Real liner. I had to have it, obviously. It’s Benefit, and my self-restraint with anything from this line is extremely minimal. So the new gel liner came home with me where it sat, on my counter. For weeks. I justified not opening it because I wanted to use up my Stila first and I also wanted a solid opinion on a pencil liner I was trying. I put off what I feared would be an epic failure of makeup application. I had heard that this guy was……challenging to apply. I felt like I had no chance of this working for me. Then one day I had a fit of bravery and jumped in and haven’t regretted it since. The first thought that went through my head was, damn I’ll never be without this guy. It was a bit of a nightmare as I thought I was inducing carpel tunnel as I clicked and clicked and clicked waiting for the liner to come out. Legit, it takes forever to make it come out, don’t return it assuming it’s empty. Once the liner graced me with its presence (it’s uber black matte presence) I applied it to my eyelid, and it was over. That’s it, super easy, right on my lash line. This flawless jet black line right on my lash line. No tugging and no anxiety about it being uneven. Crazy, I have no idea why people struggle with the application. After every time I use it I wipe it down and make sure it’s clean for my next use. I don’t know if that is necessary but I have concerns about liner drying around the little opening where the product comes out. Like its big sister mascara, this liner is a total bitch to take off. An oil based remover seems to do the trick. I have yet to use the remover that they launched along side of this … Even with the more tedious removal, I still end up using this product all the time, which is a big thing for me. My final judgement is, go for it. Don’t let all the scary reviews stop you. Less is more with this beauty, so start slow and enjoy the most black, most matte, liner you have ever tried!




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  1. Great review! I have this eyeliner as well too. I usually can make it work for me but of course there are always the occasional off day where nothing turns out right. I like it though! 🙂 xo

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