Urban Decay Pulp Fiction lip pencil!

As stated in our post about the Pulp Fiction palette I am a massive fan of the 90’s movie. Specifically the Mia Wallace character. When I saw the collection, the palette was a given but I was pretty sure I wanted the lipstick too. Oddly I settled on the lip pencil instead. My makeup collection is nothing to sneeze at but my lip liners? I am not exaggerating when I say I own three. Two Gosh ones and now Mia. I am not someone who reaches for liners often. My lips are pretty small and I had an aunt who always rocked the dark liner with a lighter lipstick. Stuff like that sticks with a girl. I’m finally starting to get over this and have decided to try some. (Totally open to recommendations)

To match my odd liner avoidance I also have a red lipstick aversion. (This one has more to do with a fear of yellow teeth) I’m a bit more experienced with the red. Poor Sara, she’s been watching me try reds forever. This Mia Wallace liner is awesome. I use it to colour in my whole lip and then apply a bit of a gloss on top for hydration. If I don’t have a full blown meal I can get about five hours out of this look. That’s huge for me, no long wear lip product is ever truly that long wearing on me. Maybe I lick my lips a lot? Should I be self-conscious about this? That’s weird right? Anyway Mia survives my lips for a long time which is a feat all its own. Super smooth and creamy and the colour is a really great red that doesn’t turn pink on me nor does it make my teeth look yellow. All in all I’m super happy with this bad boy and just might end up buying the lipstick to match.

The remaining items left from this collection are now marked down pretty drastically, so if you haven’t gotten on board yet, now is your chance!!



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