Marc Jacobs gave disappointing Lip Service …

Some of you die hard beauty lovers may remember this 1000 point set by Marc Jacobs. As soon as I saw the two full sized Marc Jacobs lippies, I jumped onboard, and gladly handed over my points. In this set I received a Lip Vinyl in 316 Shooting Stars, and a Lip Gel in 146 Cabaret. Both of these have some pros and cons – but let me say in short, I am glad I didn’t actually pay money for these.


(I actually ended up switching my Lip Vinyl for a different shade, because the one that came in my kit was cracked, and leaked everywhere, so the shade pictured here is called Boom Boom.)

Let’s start with the Lip Gel. First of all, the packaging of this is incredible. Total purse proud product. And the shade is absolutely stunning. My issue with the product is the wear time, and the texture. As soon as I applied this product, I felt the need for a lip balm. It was crazy drying on my lips. Fair enough – pairing a lip balm under a lipstick isn’t enough for me to totally snub a product. The wear time of this as what really turned me off. I got maybe 25 minutes out of it before my colleagues were warning me that I had the dreaded lipstick ring of color around my mouth. And with it being a stronger color – let me tell you – it was not pretty. I had to constantly reapply, and that made my lips completely dry out. I pulled out all the stops. Apply, blot, reapply … I used a tissue with some loose powder, but this stuff avoided my lips like Lindsay Lohan avoids Rehab. Expensive products should not be this high maintenance – and I will not be purchasing anymore of these.

Now for the Lip Vinyl. First off, the color range of these are very limited. Some have sparkle and some are a cream finish. Almira found a perfect shade for her with a cream finish and she loves it. Unfortunatly, my experience wasn’t the same. I get maybe 40 minutes of wear time out of this, but all I am left with at the end of it, is a mouth full of glitter in my dry flakes. And, the glitter travelled all over my teeth as well. Rubbing glitter off of your teeth with a tissue is not something I am prepared to deal with, when using a super high end product. I also had trouble with the package leaking, but after looking closely, I saw that it was cracked, and I was able to switch it for another color of my choice. (I was really pleased with the service!) The new color is still just OK on me, however it is a cream finish and I definitely prefer these to the shimmer finishes. These do feel nice on the lips, they are slightly cooling and minty. However, other companies do better with these types of products. Shiseido Lip Laquers, and Rimmel Apocalips to name a few. These are just not worth the price in my honest opinion, but I will be keeping the beautiful packaging in my collection for sure.

So far the Marc Jacobs line has just been so-so for me. I do want to try the Genius Gel Foundation though …



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  1. From reviews that I’ve read, I’ve heard its best to stay away from Marc Jacob’s makeup. Sorry it didn’t work for you though. xo

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