September Favorites!

It’s officially October. We have been having some really beautiful fall weather, and it’s finally Football season. I have no complaints, so let’s get into my September favorites, and enjoy this lovely time of year before the dreaded winter comes.

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Body Lotion: Almira brought this back for me during one of her recent trips, and I absolutely love this lotion. It feels so smooth and silky, and you can get dressed right after application. It is not sticky or greasy at all, and I love the soft scent that it has. Of course, this is a product that I can’t buy where I live, so I have some research to do, because mine is almost gone! She also got me a sample of the hand salve and I am absolutely loving that as well …

Clarins Double Serum: This is an older favorite of mine, but it got pushed to the back burner while I tried other things, and I recently went back to it. I love rediscovering products, and my skin is very happy that I went back to this. If you are looking for an anti aging serum, or something to hydrate your skin and give you a super radiant looking complexion, give this a try!

Michael Kors Watch: This was a birthday gift from a few friends of mine this year, and I have been wearing this almost every day this month. I love black and gold together, and the spike detail through the middle of the band is just what I was looking for in a watch.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation: This foundation works very well for me, and I have to say, it’s one of my favorite foundations from the drugstore. Again, I cannot buy this where I live (or in Canada at all) so that is super frustrating. But – everytime I visit the States, I will be sure to pick this baby up. I have a review coming very soon on this foundation so stay tuned for that!

Essence Longlasting Lipsticks: I have a full review on these here … these lipsticks are simply amazing. And not even in a “they were only $2.99” kind of way. I can compare these to some of my high end lipsticks, and in some cases, they even perform better. They are not drying on the lip, have such saturated color, and the packaging is awesome. Next time you are at the drugstore, have a look for these little gems.

Clarins Ombre Matte Shadow in Nude Pink: This eye shadow is super boring, and right up my alley. I have been using this all over my lid this month, and I absolutely love it. I also have a full review with swatches of this eyeshadow line here.

And the random favorite in the background. The Chicago Bears. Not only are Sabah and I beauty junkies, we are also football fanatics. Both previous Ravens fans, we decided to branch out this year to pick different teams, after all of the Ray Rice drama. I originally picked the Vikings (as I look wicked in purple) and then Adrian Peterson took care of that. I decided to go back to my roots, and cheer for the Bears. They have always been my fathers favorite team, and Brandon Marshall made it easy to choose the team!


Are any of you guys Football fans? Who is your favorite team?



One comment

  1. Love your favorites! Looking forward to your review on the Neutrogena Foundation. I am also a Michigan Wolverines Fan. I like college football. 🙂 xo

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