Sabah’s Favorite Fall lipsticks!

I sit comfortably watching football and drinking a PSL from Starbucks. September is truly a wonderful month. I tend to relate it to a fresh start. A new beginning, an opinion that logically stems from years of school. January can suck it because everyone knows that September is truly the fresh start. This time of year causes me to sigh and get a bit sentimental about just about everything. I blame the cozy sweaters and above average confectionary that is available at all my favorite haunts. I digress, this is a makeup blog not the introduction to how Eat Pray Love changed my life or some such nonsense. Everyone knows that books don’t change lives, lipsticks do. As September comes to a close I want to share with you some of my new favorite lip choices.

Essence Dark Romance: Wow Essence, just wow. This new lipstick line is incredible. Dark Romance is from a limited edition collection of the same name. This is such a rich berry colour that is perfect for Fall. The lasting power of this one is about average and it is only slightly drying. But ladies it’s about $2.99. If you’re interested in darker lipsticks this is an inexpensive way to play around.

Dior Addict in Black Tie: I got this wonder last year and it was a Fall favorite last year and again this year. It is a beautiful shade and it compliments my skin tone really nicely. This isn’t my favorite Dior lipstick formula because I find it slightly drying but the colour shade really makes up for any dryness that can be battled with a decent lip balm.

Mac in Verve: Mirror Mirror on the wall I am my mother after all. My mum has been wearing this shade of lipstick for YEARS. It took a lot of reflection to accept that yes, as I get older I look and act more and more like my mother. It’s a lovely shade of workable brown that I’ve been looking for this Fall.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park: I’ve blogged about this guy before so I won’t repeat myself but I love this pencil and it really works well for Fall.

Milani in Uptown Mauve: This is borderline “too bright” for Fall but I love it too much to give it up even if it is more of a summer patio shade than a wool sweater and cute boots shade. These smell awesome and they feel really comfortable.

Revlon Superlusterous in Black Cherry: This is an iconic Revlon shade and it never really goes out of style. Revlon really knows what they’re doing when it comes to their lip products. This is just a seasonally correct shade of what is always a solid lip choice.

Well there it is, my favorite lip products for the season. Admittedly these are my favorite kinds of lip shades and I tend to pick them no matter the calendar month but I just love when everyone else joins me in the hunt for the perfect deep lips!


From left to right: NARS, Revlon, Milani, Essence, Dior, and MAC)

Tell me about the shades of lipsticks you always reach for this time of year!



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