Mascara Review: Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara!

Another mascara fail coming at you folks. Let me start by saying this might be the perfect mascara for someone, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Clinique lash power feathering mascara boasts “out to there length” and a feathered look, with separation and definition. What the package should really say, is “This will paint your lashes black, and give you an extra 0.01 millimetre of length.” Everytime I try this mascara I am disappointed. I love the Clinique High Impact mascara, and like I have mentioned before, mascaras are one of the most personal things when it comes to makeup. I will say this did not flake on me, or irritate my eyes in the least, and it was easy to remove with my beloved Bioderma. It has a strange stringy formula, that I have learned I am not a fan of ( any “tubing” mascara has never worked out for me.

If you are someone that is looking for very natural lashes and need zero help in the length department, you might actually like this. I would love to hear some more opinions on it, as I am always open for new tips and tricks.

On a better note, the New England Patriots got slaughtered in last nights game … Nothing could really ruin my mood at the moment, not even this completely non event mascara.

How was everyone’s weekend? Any fun stories to tell??






  1. Ugh I hate when I get a product that I’m super excited for and it turns out less then great. I don’t know if you already tried but if not definitely go for they’re real mascara from benefit honestly it’s amazing and adds soooo much length to your eye lashes!

    1. I did love the Benefit They’re Real! I found it was tricky to get off at the end of the night so I stopped using it, for fear of ripping my eyelashes out. But I go back to it from time to time! Thanks so much for your feedback!

  2. I’m a freelance artist for Clinique and this is my least favorite of the mascaras. In fact, it might be lower then high definition and high lengths. It was 5 giant steps backward after the successful release of high impact extreme volume. No customers request this (I’ve found), and I don’t really suggest it. If they want a tubing mascara, lash power is superior.
    For the record, I have long lashes and this made my lashes look shorter and crispy. Thumbs down.

    1. I agree! I think I even prefer the high lengths over it, and let’s be honest, that mascara is super odd! The original High Impact mascara does really well for me. Thank god Clinique has launched those new flower blushes, or I’d be worried about who is producing these products! 😉 thanks so much for reading!

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