Sabahs Favorites: Number 7 Makeup Wipes!

So logically I know that my makeup wipes aren’t smug. Logically I know I don’t hear them saying I told you so every time I repurchase them. I know logically that they don’t know I have been kind of sluttling around with other wipes before I come crawling back to them. I know this, but my wipes are totally smirking and telling me I told you so every time I come back to them after a reaction or insufficient makeup removal or just frustration with anything but them. My No7 wipes are amazing. They never let me down.

I have said in numerous empties posts that I love these but I’ve never just devoted an entire blog to the wonder of these treasures. I like trying new products and wipes are an inexpensive avenue to travel when wanting a product that you can blow through and move on to something else. I’ve tried almost all the drugstore brands and between every package I come back to No7 Beautiful Skin wipes. So here is what you really need to know…

1. The Closure: This has a click closure ensuring they don’t dry out quickly and even the last wipe is still damp.

2. The Dampness: This is my favorite level, they aren’t so wet that it’s weird like the Olay ones and they aren’t dry like gas station paper towel on your face.

3. The Smell: They have a faint fresh smell which to me is associated with my nighttime routine and resting.

4. The Price: These are less than $10 for 30. That’s about as good as you’re going to get.

The only real question is why I ever use anything else? Because I’m an ungrateful wretch who just wants to see what else is out there while knowing that I have already discovered my HG makeup wipe.


Do you guys have a favorite makeup wipe?



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