Clarins Ombré Matte Shadows!

Something about Fall … As soon as I feel that crispness in the air, I run to get my boots, scarves, and my eyeshadows. I enjoy a pumpkin spice or chai latte, and I contemplate cutting my bangs. To make things easier for me this year, Clarins have launched an eyeshadow collection with my name all over it. 6 neutral shades, 5 matte and 1 shimmer. They also launched a new eye primer, which I have been testing for awhile now. The eyeshadows retail for $24.00 CAD, and the shades are as follows:

01 Nude Beige
02 Nude Pink
03 Taupe
04 Rosewood
05 Sparkle Grey
06 Earth


As you can see in the photo, shades 01 and 02 are so boring, but so necessary. The primer is also swatched at the very top. (Isn’t it dark!?) Depending on your skin tone, either one would make a great base shadow. I prefer the 02 shade because it is more brightening on my eyes, and I find the primer is a little dark for my skin tone. (It works beautifully, I just wish it came in another shade option!) All of these shades are matte with the exception of 05 Sparkle Grey. I’ve been wearing these lately with and without an eye primer, and I have had zero problems with creasing. They are the definition of “get out the door fast” shadows, and more often than not, I apply these with my fingers. They blend together with hardly any effort, and I will be reaching for these for the whole fall season. If you guys get a chance to check out the ladylike collection from Clarins, check out the model. She is stunning, and has the perfect fall sweater on!

Do you prefer matte or shimmer shadows?



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